Universal Mercenary System
12 Chapter 12
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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12 Chapter 12

Lin Feng woke up early and began cooking a large breakfast for the three of them, as well as the 10 kids in the basement. He didn't have that many ingredients, so he just made some basic meals, but with his cooking skill, it is still a lot more delicious compared to others.

Since it was the weekend, Lin Min didn't have to go to school, so she followed Lin Fu to the basement to train with the group of kids, with Lin Feng following shortly later. They spent the next few hours training, and Lin Feng was suddenly given a new mission.

[A new mission has been tasked. A special person has tasked you to be his bodyguard for 7 days, until he reaches his destination. Follow the map to find your client.]

Lin Feng frowned. He didn't expect that he would be given a mission that makes him leave for a week so soon, but there was nothing he could do about it. He sighed and pulled Lin Fu over to explain the situation, and asked him to take care of Lin Min and the kids while he was gone, which Lin Fu agreed to.

He left the house and walked along the street while following the map, reaching the meeting point a few minutes later. He jumps atop a nearby building and looks around, eventually finding a group of people sitting at a few tables nearby.

Most of them are wearing black suits, presumably bodyguards as well. There are a few with mismatched clothes among the group, which Lin Feng assumes are payed bodyguards, similar to himself. In the center of the group sits a group of 3, 2 males and 1 female.

The first male is tall with bulging muscles all over his body, and from looking at the way he is presenting himself, he is probable to be a bodyguard as well. The other male was in his early twenties. He has golden hair and green eyes.

As for the female, she also has golden hair and green eyes, and when Lin Feng sees the golden hair and green eyes, he is a bit stunned. He really did not expect that he would be guarding his families rival, but he shrugged it off since his family has nothing to do with him.

"Brother, who are we waiting for? He is making us wait for so long!"

"Qi Su, just patiently wait. The one we are waiting for is an extremely strong person who agreed to by our bodyguard for the trip."

"I don't believe he is stronger than Uncle Zhu!"

Lin Feng could clearly hear the conversation between the siblings, and he was already starting to get a headache. If this little girl was going to act like this the whole week, he would probably cut her tongue off before the end of it.

The tall man with bulging muscle slightly lifted his chin up when he heard what Qi Su said, appearing to be pleased with the praise. Lin Feng looked closer at him and then shook his head in disappointment. He thought that the guy would be strong, but he is just a simple weakling.

'I guess I should probably head down now.'

Lin Feng thought for a moment before using his Inner Energy to leap from the building, dropping down beside the group of three gently. Needless to say, they were startled to see a person in a black robe with a mask on suddenly appearing beside them, and the tall man instantly threw a punch at the person.

Lin Feng slightly raised his hand and pushed his palm against the tall man, causing him to be pushed back 13 steps before he regained his balance. He was stunned for a moment before he raised his head and stared at Lin Feng in astonishment.

"I am the person you payed to be your bodyguard for the week. When are we leaving?"

Lin Feng ignored the tall mans astonishment and asked the question to the golden haired green eyed man who is staring at him with interest in his eyes, which Lin Feng could clearly see but chose to ignore.

"Nice to meet you. You probably know who I am, but let me introduce us. My name is Qi Han, this is my little sister Qi Su, and this is Zhu Cao. Could you tell me your name, or what title you would prefer us to call you as?"

"Just call me Reaper."

Lin Feng thought for a while before saying that. He didn't feel like telling anybody his name, and he just decided to randomly create a name for himself when he is doing missions, since it is convenient. Qi Han nodded and pulled out his phone and told someone on the other end that it is time to leave.

Shortly later, a group of cars and trucks appeared, which everyone boarded. Lin Feng was in the same car as Qi Han, Qi Su and Zhu Cao, which didn't surprise him. After all, what would be the point in paying for a strong bodyguard who isn't always around you?

Nothing happened during the first day, but Lin Feng still kept his guard up the whole time. For the next 4 days, nothing happened at all. Finally, by the sixth day, Lin Feng felt something was wrong and quickly turned the steering wheel to the side suddenly, causing the car to drift to the side.

Just as the others were about to question what he was doing, the place their car was going to pass by just earlier suddenly exploded into a fiery storm, causing them to shut their mouths and quickly jump out of the car.

Qi Han pulled Qi Su with him towards the large group of bodyguards that just departed from the trucks and hid themselves in the middle of the group of bodyguards, while Lin Feng and Zhu Cao stood near them.

Lin Feng twitched and pulled both Qi Han and Qi Su back by their collars, making them dodge two sniper shots, which appeared in the spots they were standing at just then. Seeing the bullet holes, both of them had cold sweat covering their bodies, and even Zhu Cao was full of cold sweat, since he didn't find anything wrong.

A group of people carrying rifles suddenly ran out from the forest and behind walls along the road, firing constantly at Lin Feng's group. He pulled Qi Han and Qi Su with him to hide behind a truck, while Zhu Cao jumped over himself.

A massive group of the bodyguards were shot to death instantly, leaving less than half of them alive Lin Feng pulled out two pistols and killed 6 people that tried to sneak up on him and the Qi siblings. He jumped over and grabbed two assault rifles and then jumped back to cover behind the truck, handing Zhu Cao a rifle while keeping one for himself.

Lin Feng checked the magazine and saw it was full, so he began shooting it in single shots, hitting 30 people with 30 bullets. Even so, there were still a massive amount of enemies left, while the people on his side numbered 30 at most.

Lin Feng grabbed 2 grenades from his Inventory and chucked them at the enemies, blasting a good chunk of them into oblivion. By his estimates, there should be about 50 or so enemies left, with 20 or so people on his side.

He eventually ran out of ammo for his pistols, and there were no more guns he could pick up near him. He knew there was still 30 or so people alive by this time, and with no guns, it would be hard to live.

Lin Feng sighed and suddenly pulled out his sword from the Inventory, and then used his Inner Energy to leap into the air and he jumped through the air to reach the enemies. He began slashing out with his sword, and every enemy he passed by would either lose their head, or have they hearts stabbed through.

By the time Lin Feng killed the remaining enemies, he was shot 4 times in the legs, twice in his left arm, and once in his stomach. These wounds that would be fatal to others were just basic wounds to Lin Feng.

Only a few minutes passed by when the bullets lodged inside his body fell out with a plop and his wounds were completely healed by the time he walked back over to Qi Han, Qi Su and Zhu Cao, who were all staring at him like he was some sort of a rare monster.

They were just despairing about the situation when 'Reaper' suddenly pulled a sword out of thin air and then soared over to the enemy group, landing in the middle of them. They watched in shock as he cut peoples heads off constantly with his sword while also dodging most of the bullets fired at him, causing them to hit the enemies instead.

Naturally, they also saw his insane regeneration, which left them even more shocked. They thought that he was seriously injured when all of the sudden, all 7 bullets in his body popped out and his wounds healed at a pace that their eyes could see clearly.

"What are you guys looking at me with such shock? Never seen a high ranking martial artist before? We can easily deal with a group of people like that and have faster healing than normal. Not such a big deal."

Actually, Lin Feng knew that other martial artists had healing that was nowhere as strong as his, reaching barely 40% of his healing rate, which is only obtainable to him due to the Stat Points. Still, he felt uncomfortable about their stares and came up with a lie, which somehow managed to convince them.

They got on the car while the remaining few bodyguards got into the truck and they continued to drive for the next day until they reached their destination. Luckily, no more enemies attacked after they survived the attack yesterday, so they easily got to their destination without any other fight.

Lin Feng didn't bother much with the location they were at, since he couldn't care less about it. He simply received his payment from Qi Han, which was 5 million dollars. He was pretty happy at the amount, and he took a car from the place and drove it far enough out so that they couldn't see him any longer, and he put the car into his Inventory and suddenly found himself back in the city.

He was glad that the System teleported him back to the city, since he would need another week or so to drive back from that place, which he didn't quite feel like doing, since he said he would be away for a week only, not two.

Lin Feng walked to the house and entered it, not finding Lin Min anywhere. He saw the time and realized she was at school, so he sat down on the sofa and brought up the screen from when he completed the mission.

[You completed the mission. You gained 3 Stat Points and 130 points.]

[Your rank increased from Steel > Silver.]

When Lin Feng saw the second screen, he was a bit surprised. He only ranked up to Steel not that long ago, and now he is already Silver, which is a nice surprise. He smiled and then used his 3 Stat Points.

[Endurance increased from F > E.]

Lin Feng didn't quite know what exactly Endurance does, but he knows that it increases his stamina and body toughness, both of which are very good for him. He sighed and brought up his Status.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Silver

-Strength: E

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E

-Endurance: E

-Vitality: D

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: E-

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Sword Arts, Cooking

-Points: 165

-Stat Points: 0]

He used 10 points to buy two grenades during the fight, so he is at 165 now, which is still good. Now, he only needs to increase Wisdom and everything will be E- or above, making him not a little weakling with F grade stats.

Lin Fu brought Lin Min home shortly later, and she instantly pounced upon Lin Feng when she saw him, complaining about him leaving for so long without telling her. He smiled and patted her head for a while before he got up to cook dinner for everyone.

He brought the dinner he just made down to the basement along with Lin Fu and Lin Min, and put everything down on the tables that are down there. Ever since the kids were 'adopted' by Lin Feng, they would always eat together down in the basement.

Everyone happily ate dinner and then quickly went back to training. Lin Feng saw that the group of kids were already very strong, and they were getting even stronger with each day passing by, which greatly surprised him.

'Sure enough, kids kidnapped by an assassin group wouldn't be weaklings. They could probably reach the standard of the Lin family by the time they are 14, so in 2 years. Considering that nearly all of the assassins and bodyguards of the Lin family are in their mid twenties to mid thirties, the kids sure do have a lot of talent.'

Lin Feng did feel bad about bringing the kids under him and making them into assassins, but the System is the one who had him do so, and he couldn't really deny what the System said, and he found no reason to do so himself.

Sure, training the group of kids to be assassins would be too much, but what else could they do? They were already being trained as assassins since they were young, and if Lin Feng released them, where would they go?

He sighed and shook his head. He trained along the group for the next few hours and went upstairs with Lin Min in his arms, placing her on the bed. He took a quick shower and then joined her on the bed after, falling asleep shortly later.
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