Universal Mercenary System
11 Chapter 11
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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11 Chapter 11

Waking up in the morning, Len Feng felt something off with his body. It wasn't anything bad, but it felt a bit weird, as if his body was always ready for something to happen. Confused, he checked his Status to see if anything changed.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Steel

-Strength: E

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E-

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: D

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Sword Arts

-Points: 20

-Stat Points: 0]

'Hm? What is this Sword Arts skill? I know for sure I did not buy that... Perhaps this is the reason my body felt weird when I woke up?'

[Correct. Your Sword Arts skill is the reason your body felt weird to you, as it changed your muscle usage without you knowing it. As for why you have the skill, it is due to you already training in the skill since young, and since you used it again last night, you obtained the skill.]

'Hm. No wonder. Well, I already mastered the Sword Arts, so it doesn't matter much to me. It increases my strength anyhow, so it is fine.'

Lin Feng went downstairs and made a simple breakfast. Lin Min and Lin Fu joined him downstairs shortly after breakfast was made, and they all sat at the table eating. Lin Feng had nothing to do today, so he decided to take Lin Min to school, since he hasn't in a while due to missions.

When he told her that, Lin Min was obviously very happy. A little while later, Lin Feng and Lin Min left the house and went towards her school while Lin Fu stayed home to train his martial arts. Waving Lin Min goodbye at the school, he left and took a walk around the city.

Unknowingly, Lin Feng found himself at an abandoned factory. Shrugging, Lin Feng turned around to leave the area and head back home when the System issued a mission to him, stopping him in his steps.

[A new mission has been issued by the System. A group of 10 12 year old children have been trained as assassins since they were 6. They are all within the abandoned factory near you. Your task is to slave them from their 'trainers' and bring them under you.]

'What does issued by the System mean? It's different from other missions.'

[This mission was created by the System, as it is useful to Host. Other missions were received by clients at a website created by the System. The website is very popular among those clans and families, so if anything happens, they send a request to the website, which gets turned into a mission for you to complete.]

'I see. I had been wondering how I get missions from people without them asking me, so this is how.'

Lin Feng got his answer, so he went to the abandoned factory. Looking at his map, he found there to be 20 red dots and 10 green dots, meaning 20 enemies are in there. Not minding the amount of enemies, Lin Feng enters the factory.

He didn't mind the amount of enemies since there is no way all 20 of them would be as strong as that middle aged man. Maybe one or two might be, but he has ways to beat them if they are as strong as the middle aged man.

Following the map, Lin Feng found a hidden door on a wall and he pushes around on it and eventually managed to open it. Looking at the stairs that appeared behind it, Lin Feng sighs before walking down them.

At the bottom of the stairs, Lin Feng can hear the 'trainers' yelling at the kids. He hid himself behind a few crates and peeks out from one side, looking towards the voices. He sees a small group of 3 kids, and 5 adults, who are probably the 'trainers'.

One of the kids messed up in the training, which resulted in him getting punched in the stomach by one of the 'trainers'. Looking at this, Lin Feng remembered how he found Lin Min. Although the situation is very different, it is also similar in how they were forced to do things.

Scanning around him, Lin Feng doesn't see any other groups nearby, or any cameras, so he removes his sword from the Inventory and sneaks up to the 'trainers'. Thanks to his agility, Lin Feng easily appeared behind them before they could react.

He slashed out with his sword a few times before pulling it back and putting it back into his Inventory. The 'trainers' who were still yelling at the kids suddenly had their heads removed from their bodies.

Looking at the scared kids in front of him, Lin Feng smiled slightly. He pat the head of one of them and waited for them to calm down slightly before he spoke to them.

"There is no need to worry. You all don't have to stay in this place anymore. I will go and save the other 7 kids and then we can leave this place. Just wait here, okay?"

The kids looked at each other and eventually nodded, agreeing to stay here and wait for him. Smiling, Lin Feng followed the map and went towards another group. This one has 4 kids and 8 'trainers'

Still smiling, Lin Feng takes out his silenced pistol and began firing at the 'trainers' while also rushing at them with his sword in hand. A few moments later, all the 'trainers' are dead, and Lin Feng told the kids to head towards the first group while he went to the last group.

Looking at them, the final 3 kids and 7 'trainers' are here. Looking closer, it seems that these 3 kids are the most talented ones at becoming assassins, from what he could hear from the 'trainers'. Seeing them look at the kids like they are toys, Lin Feng was annoyed and rushed out.

He instantly separated the heads of 3 of the 'trainers' before they could react, and he ran at the other 4 straight after. The final four 'trainers' took out knives and tried to fight back, but they were way too weak to do anything to Lin Feng, so he easily cut their heads off as well.

"Come. I already saved the other groups of kids, and you are the final group. There is no need to stay in the place any longer, and we can leave any time."

After he saw the kids nod, Lin Feng led them back to the other kids. He waited for a while to let the kids get aware that they are free from this place before he led them outside. When he was here earlier, Lin Feng already saw a van which can hold all of them in it, so he had them get into it and he drove it back to the house.

Since his house isn't really near any other houses, Lin Feng easily got back to his house. Seeing nobody around, Lin Feng opened the van and led all 10 kids out of it. Lin Fu was surprised when he saw all the kids, but when he explained the situation, he nodded and led the kids to the basement.

Lin Fu had changed the basement a few days ago, making it into some sort of training room. It is big enough for 40 kids to live in, not to mention 10. Lin Feng brought down a bunch of blankets and pillows before he left the house to go and buy a bunch of clothes for the kids.

Returning with 30 sets of clothes, Lin Feng found that Lin Fu had already won the kids over somehow, causing him to smile. After handing the clothes over to them, Lin Feng went back upstairs and sit on the sofa, looking at the screen that came up.

[You completed the mission. You obtained 3 Stat Points and 70 points.]

Looking at his 3 Stat Points, Lin Feng wondered where he should put them. He thinks for a while nad eventually puts one into Dexterity and 2 into Intelligence.

[Dexterity increased from E- > E.]

[Intelligence increased from F > E-.]

Lin Feng instantly felt something change within his mind, allowing him to think smoother and come up with better ideas. When he remembered back to how he actually forgot to search the bodies of people he killed for stuff, he slapped his forehead and cursed at himself for being a retard.

'I can't believe I actually forgot to loot the dead people... I feel so damn stupid now. I should of increased Intelligence earlier, hah...'

Looking at his 90 points, Lin Feng looked at the skills list and decided to buy the cooking skill for 45 points, leaving him with 45. Looking at the time, he went to the kitchen and began cooking a lot of food for the kids to eat.

Looking at the food that should belong in a 5 star hotel, Lin Feng felt his mouth twitch. Lin Feng found out that no skill is worse than any other from the System due to this. His cooking from before and compared to now is like dirt compared to a building. You just can't compare them.

Bringing the food to the basement, he found Lin Fu training all 10 kids, and it seems that they like him, which is good. When Lin Fu saw him, he told the kids to stop training and brought them over to the table that has all the food on it.

The kids saw the food and they gulped down saliva, but none of them went to the table. Sighing, Lin Feng went over to the kids and began explaining to them.

"You guys can eat it all. This isn't like when you were being trained under those people from before, you can get good clothes and good food, as well as a place to live in properly. So, go ahead and eat."

After hearing his explanation, the kids eventually ran over to the table and began eating the food happily. Looking at that, both Lin Feng and Lin Fu smiled. They both felt happy that the kids were getting used to them this quickly, which is probably because Lin Feng saved them from the factory, while Lin Fu trained them nicely.

After he went back upstairs, Lin Feng left the house and silently put the van into the Inventory, so that it isn't being an annoyance. He then walked over to the school to pick up Lin Min, who was happily telling him about how her day went.

Listening to her, Lin Feng felt quite happy that he has this little family of his. Even now, he just gained 10 new kids who can become part of his little family, which will liven up the house more. As for Lin Min, when she saw the 10 kids in the basement, she was dumbfounded.

After Lin Feng explained the situation to her, she grinned and happily ran over to the group of kids to introduce herself. Hearing how she claimed the leader spot, Lin Feng could only shake his head and laugh.

Lin Feng sat down on a chair and watched as all the kids trained together with Lin Min and Lin Fu, feeling happy about their change in situation. Before, they would be beaten whenever they messed up, but now, they were only laughed at and their mistakes were pointed out for them to fix.

Watching the kids training hard, Lin Feng began wondering why the System suddenly gave him the mission to bring the kids under him. Does it want him to create a big group in the future? Sighing, Lin Feng leaned back on the chair and brought up his Status.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Steel

-Strength: E

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: D

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: E-

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Sword Arts, Cooking

-Points: 45

-Stat Points: 0]

Seeing how nearly all his Stats were all E- or above, Lin Feng was happy. After all, the higher his Stats are, the stronger he gets. Lin Feng once again went upstairs to cook dinner and brought it down to the basement for everyone to eat together.

After dinner, Lin Fu called out to Lin Feng and began talking about the kids. It seems that they have very good talent for becoming assassins in the future, and Lin Fu recommended that they train them to become assassins, as it would be a waste not to.

"I also agree with that idea. I will most likely create my own organization in the future, and we can have these kids being the main assassins of it in the future. You are more experience as an assassin than I am, so you do the training for that."

"No problem. I will make sure you have top tier assassins by the time you create your organization. Just leave it to me!"

Nodding, Lin Feng stayed in the basement for a while longer to watch the kids train, and then took Lin Min with him up to their room to go to sleep, as it is late already. The group of kids also went to sleep since they are still young and very tired from training with Lin Fu, Laying on their bed, both Lin Feng and Lin Min quickly fell asleep.
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    《Universal Mercenary System》