Universal Mercenary System
10 Chapter 10
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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10 Chapter 10

Lin Feng woke up and felt something was off, so he left the house and began walking around the streets. He eventually entered an alleyway and walked around it for a while before a screen popped up.

[A new mission has appeared. A Silver grade assassin has been sent after you. Keep yourself alive and slay your enemy.]

Lin Feng felt shocked secretly, as Silver grade was higher than his Iron grade, but he isn't sure if they are linked or not. He felt danger from his left, so he pulled out two daggers and blocked to his side. He felt an impact and he felt his body being sent flying, crashing into a nearby wall.

He nearly spat out a mouthful of blood, but he swallowed it down as spitting it out wouldn't be good for him now. He looked at the middle aged man in front of him, and was secretly shocked. The force behind that attack should be E+, possibly even D- in strength.

Both his daggers broke when he blocked, so he threw them away and brought out two new daggers and watched the assassin. He felt an enormous threat from the middle aged man, so he grit his teeth and revolved his Inner Energy.

The middle aged man suddenly rushed at him, and if he didn't use his Inner Energy, he wouldn't of been able to dodge the fist that aimed at his forehead. He stabbed forward with both his daggers, but the middle aged man easily dodged them.

Lin Feng rushed at the middle aged man and kept stabbing his daggers at him swiftly, and the middle aged man continued to easily dodge his attacks, causing him to knit his eyebrows in frustration.

This is the first time Lin Feng had an enemy he couldn't even injure. Even when he was surrounded by 20 assassins, he still won with just two injuries, but for this middle aged man, not only can he not hit him, but he is barely able to dodge his attacks even when using his Inner Energy and full speed.

He grit his teeth and threw a dagger at the middle aged man and pulled out his silenced pistol, aiming it at the middle aged man and firing the whole clip instantly. The middle aged man frowned slightly and made use of some weird movements to dodge the bullets, but two still managed to hit him in the stomach and arm.

He hissed slightly in pain and stared at Lin Feng with anger in his eyes. He didn't expect that someone he thought of as an ant actually injured him, and he felt his pride taking a hit. He snorted and rushed straight at him, kicking out multiple times.

As for Lin Feng, he could barely make out the shadows of his kicks, not to mention the actual kicks. He crossed both arms in front of his chest and felt a massive impact crash against his body, sending him flying dozens of meters until he smashed into a wall, breaking it into pieces.

He spat out a large mouthful of blood and his face turned pale. He could instantly tell that he has major internal injuries, and his Inner Energy nearly got depleted by blocking that attack. If he didn't make use of Inner Energy and just used his arms to block, he would already be dead.

The middle aged man looked surprised that he didn't kill the kid in front of him, but he snorted unhappily and walked over to Lin Feng to make the final blow.

Lin Feng grit his teeth and brought up the shop, buying 3 grenades. As soon as the middle aged man was close enough, he threw all three grenades at him and then made use of his remaining Inner Energy to jump his body away.

The middle aged man shouted 'not good' in his mind and quickly jumped back, but can he be faster than exploding grenades? All three grenades exploded directly beside his body and sent him flying into a nearby wall.

He suffered major internal injuries from the blasts, not to mention all the lead that entered his body from the grenades. He clenched his teeth and spat out mouthfuls of blood. He could tell he was going to die in a few moments, so he shakily got up and ran over to where Lin Feng jumped.

He looked around and didn't find sight of him at all, causing him to get angry and he smashed his fist into a wall beside him, crushing it into small pieces. He really didn't expect that he would die due to a small kid not even half his age.

He finally dropped to the ground and he felt his world turning black. He was angry he couldn't bring that brat down with him, but he is also looking forward to the kids future, as he wonders how strong he could get.

Lin Feng had barely managed to hide behind a building further down the alleyway before the grenades blew up, so he didn't take much damage from the grenades, only getting a few cuts on his body.

The injuries on his body were severe. If that middle aged man doesn't die and he can't get Stat Points to upgrade his vitality, he is most likely going to die. He lay against a wall and heard the middle aged man looking around for him and felt despair.

He held his breath as much as he could and hoped that he wouldn't be found. Shortly after, he could hear the middle aged man falling onto the ground, and his breathing stopped. Lin Feng felt amazed that the middle aged man actually did die.

[You completed the mission. You gained 3 Stat Points and 90 points.]

[Your rank has increased from Iron > Steel.]

Lin Feng wasn't surprised at the high rewards, as the middle aged man was extremely strong. He was a bit surprised about his rank increase, but he didn't think much of it and put all 3 Stat Points into vitality.

[Vitality increased from E > D.]

He felt a burst of life force enter his body and rapidly heal all his internal and external wounds, and even his Inner Energy recovered somewhat. About 40 minutes later, all his injuries healed and he let out a sigh of relief when he saw that.

He was excited because he could feel a new energy in his body, but he can't make use of it. Rather, it is a type of life energy from what he can tell. He figures it would activate automatically when he gets seriously injured and heal him, which is good. He chuckled softly and brought up his Status.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Steel

-Strength: E

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E-

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: D

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts

-Points: 170

-Stat Points: 0]

He was happy to see he had 170 points, and decided to buy a better weapon. His common daggers were good enough for him up to now, but after fighting this expert, he found he needed a good weapon more than anything.

He brought up the System Shop and browsed through the weapons for a while before he found one that was perfect for him, and he happily purchased it.

[Flexible Dragon Sword: A sword that was forged using the fang of a Dragon. The sword is extremely flexible and can be worn as a belt. If Inner Energy is put into the sword, it can make use of the Inner Energy and shoot out a powerful beam of energy.]

It costed 150 points, but it was extremely worth it. No matter how he looked at it, it was an extremely strong weapon. Not only can he wear it on his body as a belt, it is also an extremely strong sword that can make use of his Inner Energy.

A black sword with a green line directly in the middle of the blade appeared in front of him, and he picked it up. He pulled on the blade, and indeed, the blade actually bent with his movements. He was excited and swung the sword around for a while, cutting apart some walls in the alleyway.

He happily put the sword into his Inventory for now and looked down at his body. His clothes were torn and covered in blood, so he twitched his mouth and brought out a new set of clothes from his Inventory and replaced his torn ones with them.

He left the alleyway and went back home. He entered and saw that Lin Min was already at school, and was glad that Lin Fu knew how to cook and made her breakfast in his absence. He ate lunch and joined Lin Fu in the backyard to train him for a while.

Lin Fu eventually left to go pick Lin Min up and he decided to bring out his sword to train with it. He swung it around elegantly, leaving gusts of wind with each movement. Although he was considered trash by his family, he at least could properly train in the sword technique of the family, which is what he is currently using.

He swung his sword in difficult patterns and even though he wouldn't be able to fight that middle aged man yet, his strength isn't that far off from him now if he used the sword. He continued to practice the technique until Lin Fu and Lin Min got home before he put the sword back into the Inventory.

Lin Min instantly jumped at him, blaming him for suddenly disappearing before she woke up. He laughed loudly when he saw her puffing her cheeks out and picked her up before pinching her bulging cheeks, eliciting a laugh from her.

Now that they are home, Lin Feng makes a snack for them before Lin Fu begins training Lin Min again. This time Lin Feng joins in as well, pointing out mistakes every now and then. He observed Lin Min closely and was astonished to actually find Inner Energy in her body.

Although it is a tiny amount, it is still there nonetheless! How long has she been training? 4, 5 days? Is this something called talent, or what? Lin Feng felt his mouth twitching strongly when he found that she already had Inner Energy.

Although he got Inner Energy instantly by buying a skill, he knows that even experts at martial arts take up to 5 years at the least to get a bit of Inner Energy, but Lin Min took 5 days... If this were to reach the ears of those experts, wouldn't they directly come and kidnap her?

It seems that Lin Fu didn't notice yet, so he doesn't see a need to speak about it yet. Although he is surprised by the discovery, there is nothing wrong with this. Rather, it is actually very good. He originally thought she would take 2 years to reach his Third Brother in strength, but if it continues like this, it would take 4 months at most.

He decided that he would properly train her in Inner Energy in a month. The wanted to begin now, but her body is still too weak for it, so training in basic martial arts to strengthen her body for a month would make her capable of training her Inner Energy properly.

They continued to train until it was 7 and Lin Feng went back to the house to make dinner. Lin Min and Lin Fu came in shortly later when dinner was about done and sat down at the table after washing their hands.

He brought dinner over and everyone began scarfing it down quickly. Lin Min and Lin Fu are tired from the training they just did and are very hungry, and Lin Feng is tired due to using the life force to heal his injuries earlier today, which apparently made use of his bodies energy, leaving him starving.

They didn't even watch a movie tonight since everyone was tired, so they simply all went to their rooms to sleep after washing their bodies in the shower so as to clean the sweat off their bodies.
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    《Universal Mercenary System》