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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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9 Chapter 9

Lin Feng woke up due to someone shaking his body, so he opened his eyes and saw Lin Min staring down at him in dissatisfaction. He quickly checked the time and saw it was 7:30, so he apologized and got up to make breakfast quickly.

Lin Fu joined as soon as breakfast was made and silently ate it with them. He looked at Lin Feng after breakfast was over for a while and spoke up shortly after.

"You should rest. You seem tired from your mission. I will take Lin Min to school for you, so stay here and recover."

Lin Feng nodded his head and knew that Lin Fu saw he had been injured during his mission. Thankfully, Lin Min didn't know and just thought he was tired. They left shortly later and Lin Feng was home alone, and sat on the sofa while checking his Status.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Iron

-Strength: F+

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E-

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: E

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship

-Points: 165

-Stat Points: 0]

Seeing his points, he got excited. Now that he has 165 points, he can buy the third skill he wanted to get. He quickly brought up the System Shop and found the skill he wanted to buy all this time.

[Martial Arts(120): Buying this skill will allow you to have the martial arts at the peak of martial arts.]

He quickly bought it and his points dropped from 165 to 45, but it was well worth it. He instantly felt something huge change in his body, and it felt like some sort of energy was spreading throughout his body, which confused him.

[You have purchased Martial Arts.]

[Inner Energy detected in your body.]

[Inner Energy has been sealed!]

[Unsealing Inner Energy!]

[Inner Energy unsealed!]

[You have gained 50 years of Inner Energy!]

Lin Feng was shocked. He instantly felt something shatter within his body and a massive amount of Energy spread throughout his body. It was so much that he thought he was going to explode and he even panicked slightly, but the Energy eventually calmed down and collected near his navel.

He read the screens and finally found out what happened. What confused him was that he indeed had Inner Energy, but it was sealed. Why exactly was it sealed? What purpose did it serve? Is this the reason why he was trash all his life?

He didn't know, and he didn't want to find out. All he knew was that his Inner Energy has been unlocked, and he has so much of it at that. The amount of Inner Energy he has currently is as if he has trained in Inner Energy for 50 years, which is how the System explained it to him.

He wondered if it was sealed because his body couldn't handle it, but he didn't think much further into it. He was just glad that he has Inner Energy now, as it would make him even stronger, which is always a good thing.

When Lin Fu got home, he instantly felt something was off. He looked towards Lin Feng who was sitting on the sofa and could feel waves of Inner Energy being released from his body briefly, but it disappeared as soon as he spotted it, and he nearly thought he was hallucinating.

He shook his head and just figured that Lin Feng was trying something, which resulted in Inner Energy waves being released like that. How could he possibly know that Lin Feng actually just got his Inner Energy and only just figured out how to hide it?

Lin Feng found that now that he has the Martial Arts skill and Inner Energy, he could see many flaws in the way Lin Fu trains. He remembered about his promise to train Lin Fu, and decided now was the best time.

"You are doing it wrong. Your posture should be like this, and your Inner Energy should flow differently. Do it like this."

As such, for the next 5 hours, he taught Lin Fu how to properly rotate his Inner Energy and how to perfect his Martial Arts. Thank to the new Martial Arts skills of his, even Inner Energy was something easy for him to understand, which helped train Lin Fu.

As for Lin Fu, he found that his strength actually increased slightly when he trained the way that Lin Feng told him to, and he was shocked at this discovery. When he saw this, he was glad that he chose to follow Lin Feng in the end, as his strength will increase quickly like this, letting him get revenge sooner.

Lin Fu went to pick up Lin Min while Lin Feng began cooking dinner. By the time they were home, Lin Feng had finished making dinner and they all sat at the table to eat, and Lin Min explained about her day to them and they listened in interest, since her stories are actually pretty interesting.

They tidied up and watched a movie before they went to sleep. Lin Feng woke up early and took a shower and then made breakfast right after. All three of them ate breakfast, and after Lin Fu sent Lin Min to school, Lin Feng began asking the System some questions.

'System, can I use you to create me an outfit for points?'

[Yes. You can pay with points to have a custom made outfit created by the System based on an image in your mind.]

'Great! How many points would I need to spend to create something like this?'

Lin Feng thought of an outfit he wanted created. It was a black robe with red flowers and a purple dragon covering it, a pair of black pants and boots, as well as a black mask with a red flower covering half of it.

[You would need to pay 40 points to create this.]

He let out a quiet sigh of relief and readily payed 40 points for his outfit. He was glad that it didn't take more points than he had, and even took a bit less. The outfit he imagined appeared in front of Lin Feng and it looked exactly like how he wanted it to.

He looked over it and felt happy with it and put it into his Inventory, ready to use it for his next mission. He trained Lin Fu once again as soon as he got home and a few hours into the training a new mission came up, so he told Lin Fu and left the house.

[A new mission has appeared. The Second Daughter of the Wu Clan, Wu Yue, has been attacked. Save her from the assault before her bodyguards all die.]

Lin Feng quickly changed into his new outfit and felt a bit excited about using it for the first time. Making use of his new Inner Energy, he jumped from roof to roof and managed to reach the location Wu Yue is being assaulted at within a few minutes.

When he got there he could already see that it is like a battlefield. The cops are already at the site and are firing at the people assaulting Wu Yue. From his estimates, there should be about 50 of them. He looked where Wu Yue was and saw that she was crouching behind a thick wall with about 10 bodyguards firing back at the assailants.

Lin Feng made use of his last 5 points to buy a grenade and leaped over to the enemies. He threw the grenade straight into the center of them and the blast killed at least half of them, while the rest were injured. Only a few lucky ones outside the range were unharmed.

The sudden explosion shocked everyone, and they all looked up to the black figure standing on a nearby building. All they could see was the person taking out two pistols from somewhere and shooting bullets down on the assailants.

The ones left alive were quickly shot down by the pistols and the black figure leaped near Wu Yue and said something only she could hear. After hearing it, her pale face got somewhat better and she nodded, which resulted in the black figure disappearing from the area.

Lin Feng got home a few minutes later and found he only used about 7% of his Inner Energy, which was interesting. He thought a bit and realized he only used his Inner Energy to jump around and not fight with it, which is why it was so low. He lay on the sofa while checking his rewards.

[You completed the mission. You gained 2 Stat Points and 40 points.]

He was a bit disappointed by the low rewards, but since the mission was an easy one, he didn't think it was wrong. He shrugged and put both Stat Points into Strength, bringing it out of the Mortal range and into the Evolved range.

[Strength increased from F+ > E.]

He could feel his muscles tighten and an explosive force was hidden between his blows that caused wind to appear whenever he punched out. He felt satisfied with his strength and lazed around his house for a few hours.

Lin Fu picked Lin Min up again and he took her to the backyard to train her. Lin Feng observed the training and found that he changed it up and added the areas the Lin Feng changed into it, which caused him to nod slightly.

'No wonder he was the Number 4 assassin, he is pretty smart. I only briefly explained and he has already implemented changes into his way of training. Like this, Lin Min should be as strong as my Third Brother in around 2 years, which will be enough to keep her safe, hopefully.'

They trained for 3 hours before Lin Feng got up and made dinner for them. They ate while Lin Min began her daily stories to them, so the meal was merry. After they ate, Lin Min played around with Zhin while Lin Feng and Lin Fu sparred in the backyard.

Lin Fu suddenly asked to spar with him, so Lin Feng a bit surprised but agreed nonetheless. They looked at one another for a while, when Lin Fu suddenly rushed out and kicked towards Lin Feng's chest.

He easily dodged and retaliated by punching at his knee, which caused Lin Fu to twist his leg to dodge, and Lin Feng took this chance to kick Lin Fu in the stomach, which sent him back a few meters.

He quickly got up but found Lin Feng in front of him with another kick, which sent him flying once again. This repeated a few times before Lin Fu was too exhausted to continue. He looked at Lin Feng with grievance in his eyes, which caused him to laugh loudly.

Lin Fu grumbled about something before Lin Feng helped him up and they went back inside. They put a movie on and Lin Min got tired halfway through it, so they ended it and decided to just head to sleep.

Lin Feng carried Lin Min to their room while Lin Fu went into his room downstairs. He placed her on the bed and covered her in the blanket before he washed himself and joined her in the bed shortly later.

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