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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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8 Chapter 8

Lin Feng was awoken in the middle of the night by the System being loud. He was confused and looked at the screen that popped up, and then found out why it was waking him up.

[A new mission has been triggered. An important person has been kidnapped in your area and a task has been issued to you. Save the important person while killing all the kidnappers.]

His drowsiness disappeared completely when he read the screen and he silently got out of the bed and put on a pair of black clothes he keeps in his Inventory. He also decided to check his Status while he was changing.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Iron

-Strength: F+

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E-

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: F

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship

-Points: 45

-Stat Points: 0]

He notified Lin Fu that he was going out for a mission then quickly ran out of the house, rushing towards the green dot on the map. He ran at his fastest speed, so he managed to get to the site where the important person is being held captive at in 10 minutes, which saves a lot of time.

It seems to be an abandoned building, considering there is grass growing everywhere around it. He checks the map and finds 2 red dots near the entrance while the rest are further into the building, so he sneaks towards the two red dots while hiding his body in the grass.

He spots the two people keeping watch eventually and takes out his silenced pistol and aims before firing two shots. With a soft sound, both bodies fell to the ground with a bullet in their foreheads, not knowing how they died.

He was disappointed that they only had pistols so he ignored them and headed further into the building. He looks around for a while and finds a set of stairs that lead down to somewhere, so he silently walks down them while making sure his footsteps are light enough to not cause the stairs to creak.

He reaches the bottom of the stairs and barely hid in time before one of the kidnappers looked at the stairs. He felt a bit surprised but then realized it was just a random glance, which calmed him down. He looked at the map and saw there was 4 kidnappers down here, but he only saw 3.

He looked closer at the map and realized the fourth one is going to the bathroom, so he silently heads there while hiding behind boxes that are in the basement area they are in. He spots the fourth guy standing in front of a toilet and silently walks behind him while bringing out his dagger.

He quickly covers the guys mouth and slashes his dagger across his throat, leaving a deep gash that bled heavily. He kept his hand on the mans mouth for a few moments before letting go and gently placing the body onto the ground.

He could hear the other 3 talking and found they were trying to contact the important persons family to get a ransom. He peeked at the tied up figure and was given a shock. Wasn't this his damn brother?

He looks closer and he is indeed his brother. The silver white hair and purple eyes are something only his family members have, and his face looks just like his own. He didn't expect that his own brother would be the one kidnapped.

'No wonder the System would randomly give me a mission in the middle of the night... Can't believe my third brother got kidnapped. Although he is the weakest of my brothers, but he has good martial arts.'

Lin Feng was greatly confused. His third brother may be weaker than his second and eldest brother, but his martial arts were strong enough to place him in a championship, and his marksmanship was also decent.

He shook his head and sighed to himself. It doesn't matter how his brother got kidnapped, all it matters right now is for him to save him and complete his mission at the same time. Apparently one of the guys got impatient that the guy Lin Feng just killed was taking too long so he stomped over to the bathroom.

Lin Feng positioned himself behind the door, and as soon as the guy entered the door his mouth was covered and throat slit just like his companion. His eyes stared straight at Lin Feng, and he was given a great shock when he saw his features.

'Heavens! This guy looks just like the one we kidnapped... Just who did we mess with.....'

That was his last thought before his mind went blank and he limply fell to the ground. Lin Feng didn't bother waiting now that he knew who the kidnapped one was and left the bathroom. He pulled his silenced pistol out of his Inventory again and took a few shots at the last 2 kidnappers.

He stepped over their dead bodies and looked at his third brother who was looking at him in disbelief. Lin Feng didn't say anything and simply cut the bindings off of his brother and then turned around to leave, but was stopped by a shout.

"Wait! Fourth Brother, where have you been all this time? We looked at your shed and you weren't there and Father sent some people to search for you, but nobody found you! And how did you get this strong? What exactly happened!"

Lin Xi was waiting for his Fourth Brothers answer when he suddenly disappeared like a shadow, which gave him a shock and confused him. His Fourth Brother was known as trash and couldn't use Inner Energy at all, so how the heck is he able to fight like this?!

He yelled out but only silence greeted him back. He got angry and hurriedly left the building and rushed back to the clan residence. He had to report what he just saw to Father, who knows what Fourth Brother has gotten himself into with his new skills.

As for Lin Feng, he was already halfway home at this point. He felt annoyed that his Brother was the one he had to rescue, because he is for sure that he will tell their Father about him, which will inconvenience him.

[You have completed the mission. You gained 2 Stat Points and 50 points.]

Lin Feng shook his head and let out a quiet sigh before he continued to run back home. He figured it was about time he got himself an outfit that can hide his face and hair from sight, or else things might get annoying in the future. He thought for a moment before putting both Stat Points into Dexterity.

[Dexterity increased from E- > E+.]

He could feel his senses increase greatly as soon as his Dexterity hit E+, and it nearly caused him to trip to the ground. Although his senses increased with each upgrade before, this is many times greater than before.

He thought for a while and figured it was because his Dexterity hit E+, which was the peak of Mortals, and at the border of the Evolved, as he calls them. He was nearly home but a sudden feeling of danger caused him to jump back a few meters.

The spot he was about to step onto now has a hole on it created by a sniper rifle. He can recognize it, since it is similar to his own sniper rifle. He instantly rushed into an alleyway nearby and hid in a dark area while checking the sudden screen that popped up.

[A sudden mission has been created. A group of people have been sent to assassinate you by someone. Survive the assault and kill the assassins.]

He let out a quiet sigh and already knew who sent these assassins at him. His Father. Only his Father would send assassins after him, and the timing is just about right. His Third Brother should have explained his sudden skills to their Father, which would cause him unease, resulting in this situation.

The assassins his Father sent out were pretty strong, but they were not strong enough to deal with him. Perhaps they could deal with his Third Brother, but not him. He pulled out his silenced pistol and shot twice at an assassin that suddenly appeared above him.

A hole appeared in both his chest and head, and he heavily fell onto the ground near Lin Feng. His eyes were wide open in shock, wondering how exactly their target found him. He wouldn't be able to find out now though.

Lin Feng shot down another three assassins that came at him and shot at a fourth when his pistol made a click sound, saying it needs bullets. The assassin took this chance and appeared in front of Lin Feng, stabbing his dagger towards his chest.

Lin Feng twisted his body and narrowly dodged the stab while thrusting out his leg, which landed directly on the assassins chest, sending him flying into a wall. The assassin tried to stand up, but his ribs were broken and he couldn't move properly.

Lin Feng didn't give him a chance and reloaded his pistol before inserting a bullet into the assassins head. He looked at the map and saw there was still 15 more assassins, which annoyed him greatly. His Father sent 20 assassins after him, huh.

He climbed up a building and 6 assassins appeared, surrounding him. The other 9 appeared on the few buildings surrounding the one he was on, all staring at him. Lin Feng felt glad that none of them seemed to have guns except for that sniper at the beginning.

'Wait, sniper?'

Lin Feng suddenly thought of something and at the same time his Danger Perception kicked in, roaring at him to move from his spot. He was about to jump back from his spot, but the 6 assassins surrounding him all jumped at him at the same time, not giving him the chance.

He grit his teeth and dodged the bullet that shot at him, but in exchange, he was stabbed in the stomach, causing him to groan slightly. He retaliated by shooting down two assassins and swapping his pistol for his dagger, blocking another assassins dagger with his own and kicking the one who stabbed him in the stomach, sending him flying.

The last assassin appeared behind him and stabbed towards his head heart from behind, but a dagger suddenly found itself embedded into his own chest, bringing him no short amount of confusion.

The one who stabbed him, Lin Feng, killed off the other assassins he hit away and looked straight at the 9 surrounding him, while also making use of his senses to search for that sniper. He managed to find him 5 buildings away, waiting for a chance to snipe him again.

Lin Feng sneered internally and brought out his pistol again, aiming it straight towards the sniper and firing 4 shots in succession. The sniper saw what happened and quickly blocked in front of him with his sniper, which blocked three bullets, but the final bullet managed to find itself in his head, bringing him a huge amount of shock.

As for the remaining 9 assassins around him, they saw what happened but didn't react. Lin Feng aimed his pistol at them and began firing his entire clip before throwing it back into his Inventory. He managed to shoot down 4 assassins, but the remaining 5 all charged at him now that his pistol was empty.

Lin Feng picked up another dagger and dual wielded daggers against the remaining assassins. He blocked one dagger with his left dagger and stabbed the assassin with his right one before flipping back and dodging two stabs while also kicking an assassin in the head, cracking his skull.

He landed and threw one of his daggers at another assassin, and the assassin was forced to stop and block it, but he suddenly saw Lin Feng appear in front of him and pierce his chest with a dagger while picking up his thrown dagger.

He turns around and looks at the remaining 2 assassins and rushes at them, and they also rush at him. He stabs out twice and stabs the chest of one of them and the other got stabbed in the arm. The remaining assassin let out a groan and stabbed his dagger even more fiercely, and it stabbed into Lin Feng's right chest.

It was originally about to pierce his heart, but Lin Feng managed to twist his body at the last second and changed the target to his right chest instead. He bared with the pain and stabbed his dagger into the throat of the assassin before he could dodge, killing the final assassin.

Lin Feng fell to the ground and covered his chest with his left hand and looked at the screen that popped up after killing the final assassin.

[You have survived and completed the mission. You gained 3 Stat Points and 70 points.]

Lin Feng grit his teeth and put all three Stat Points into Vitality right away, hoping it would help his situation, which it does.

[Vitality increased from F > E.]

As soon as his Vitality entered E, his injuries on his stomach and chest began healing quickly, and barely 40 minutes later all that was left was a scar. Lin Feng let out a sigh of relief and stood up. He collected the daggers from each assassin, as they are better than his own dagger and put them into his Inventory, while also collecting the snipers sniper rifle.

He made sure there was nobody around and then left the area and quickly ran home, as he is dead tired right now. As soon as he got home he checked the time and saw it was only 4 am, so he lay down beside Lin Min and held her to his chest and quickly fell asleep.

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