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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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7 Chapter 7

Lin Feng wakes up early as usual and washes up in the bathroom before he goes down to make breakfast. He just took everything out when the door to the guest room opened and the assassin he named, Lin Fu, came out.

Looking at him, it seems his injuries have almost completely healed, which is good. Lin Feng waves his hand at him before he starts cooking breakfast. Lin Min came down around the time it was finished, and was somewhat startled when she saw Lin Fu, but then remembered about yesterday, so she calmed down and sat on a chair.

Lin Feng made enough food for all 3 of them and brought Lin Fu to sit at the table as well and they began eating in silence once they all sat down. Eventually, Lin Feng began speaking.

"Lin Min, he is similar to you, an orphan I adopted, in a sense. I gave him the name Lin Fu, like I gave you the name Lin Min. You can just call him Uncle."

Lin Min looks up at Lin Feng in confusion before she looks over to Lin Fu and just stares at him for a while. Just when Lin Fu was getting confused by her stare, she called out.


Lin Fu heard her and nearly choked on his food. He just saw her staring at him for a while and was wondering what it was, but she was just deciding whether or not to call him Uncle! He drank some water and began eating again.

"Well, I have missions to do and I can't always be around you, so I decided he will be your guardian while I am on missions. He is pretty strong, so there should be no problem, if anything did happen. You can just have him call me if you want to speak to me."

This time it was Lin Fu who looked at Lin Feng in confusion, wondering what was going on. He wanted to speak, but he saw Lin Feng give him a signal that they will speak later, so he swallowed the words back down and simply nodded.

As for Lin Min, she was a bit sad that Lin Feng couldn't be with her a lot, but she was also happy to of gotten a new Uncle who can play with her, which excited her.

Lin Feng saw that and was glad, as he was worried that Lin Min would not accept Lin Fu for a while, but it seems she is smarter than normal, which helps him a lot. He can't look after her forever, after all, he does have the missions to complete, and who knows if they would take longer times eventually.

So, in a sense, getting Lin Fu to take care of her is to basically fill his position for when he is not there to take care of Lin Min. He let out a silent sigh and they all finished their breakfast shortly later. Lin Feng played with Lin Min and Zhin for a while until school is starting and they all headed to the school, including Lin Fu.

The reason he brought Lin Fu along as well is because he wants him to remember the paths and have the people at school remember him so that if he ever comes to pick up Lin Min, it would be easier for him to not have to explain anything.

After seeing Lin Min off to school, they both went back home. The walk back was silent as Lin Feng didn't feel like talking about anything until they got back home, and Lin Fu didn't think it was safe to speak in the streets, as a result, both were silent.

When they finally got home, Lin Feng made them both a cup of coffee and sat on the sofa.. They were silent for a while until Lin Fu took the initiative to speak to Lin Feng.

"Why am I taking care of the little girl? You said that you would train me and help me take revenge against the organization, which is why I followed you."

Lin Feng was silent for a while, still drinking his coffee. After a few moments, he placed his coffee onto the table and replied to Lin Fu.

"The reason I need you to take care of Lin Min is simple. My missions will require me to be away for longer amounts of time, and I cannot just leave Lin Min alone. Also, do you really think that it would be as simple as training you and then taking revenge? Too laughable. Your organization has at least 49 people stronger than you, not just 4. Nearly all of them are hidden members, while the rest are random members. With your strength, any 49 of them could kill you within a minute."

When Lin Fu heard him, he got a huge shock. At first he didn't believe it, but after seeing Lin Feng's serious expression, he had to believe it. The fact that there were so many more people stronger than him in the organization gave him a shock, while also making him depressed.

"Don't get depressed. I told you, I would help you get revenge eventually. It just won't be soon. It will probably take up to 3 or 4 years, but by that time, you would be strong enough to take care of almost all of those 49 people, so cheer up. At least it isn't 10 years, right?"

Lin Fu thought for a while and agreed. Indeed, so what if it takes 3 or 4 years? He could get his revenge in a few years, which is better than many years later! He thought of it like this and his depression was swept away.

"Also, I want you to train Lin Min. I don't want her to become some assassin like us, but I want her to be strong enough to survive even if assassins get sent after her. I know that I will annoy people in the future when doing my job, so people will probably send assassins or people to kidnap Lin Min to threaten me in the future. I can't be with her much, so I want you to be the one to train her. Train her in martial arts mainly, and I will train her in marksmanship in the future."

"No problem. I also thought about this problem when I saw her for the first time, since I could not feel any Inner Energy in her body even though you are so strong, so it confused me. Now I know why, it is probably because you are not with her a lot. No worries, I will train her properly in Inner Energy and Martial Arts, so you go do your missions."

Lin Feng smiled at Lin Fu on the outside, but was also surprised on the inside. He did not think he would hear about Inner Energy, as he though that wasn't something that existed, but when he thought about it, how could assassins and martial artists be so strong without it?

Now that he found out about it, he would have to ask the System about it at another time, since he thinks it will be useful to him, very useful. He chats with Lin Fu for a while before he leaves the house, reason being he got a new missions.

[A new mission has arrived. A militia has been ambushed outside of the city on the way to their base and are in dire need of help. Your task is to assist them to safely reach the base.]

Lin Feng began running but it awsn't fast enough to get there without a vehicle, but he couldn't just steal one that easily. He began thinking shortly before he remembered he didn't check to see if that earlier mission got completed, so he searches the System for it.

[You have completed the mission, You gained 1 Stat Point and 30 points.]

Lin Feng lets out a sigh since he almost forgot about this mission completion, which wouldn't be good. He focused and put the Stat Point into Agility and then brought up his Status to see it.

[Agility has been increased from E- > E.]

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Bronze

-Strength: F+

-Agility: E

-Dexterity: F+

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: F

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: Danger Perception

-Points: 75

-Stat Points: 0]

Looking at his points, he remembers the second skill he wanted to buy and quickly opened the System Shop and brought up the Skills Shop and searched through it shortly before he found the skill he wanted to buy.

[Marksmanship(70 points)]

Although he can make use of his Dexterity to have a near perfect accuracy, but it isn't as good as having a 100% confidence of having perfect accuracy. He continues running through the city while buying the skill, and by the time he bought the skill he was already near the exit of the city. Living closer to it helped, too.

[You have purchased the skill Marksmanship: Marksmanship allows all of your shots to have perfect accuracy and as long as it is within your vision, you are able to hit the shot, no matter how far away it is.]

After buying the skill he could feel something change within him, but since he couldn't pinpoint it, he forgets about it since he has already left the city. His current speed is just lower than a world champion at running, which have E+ Agility, sometimes D- Agility, according to the System.

According to him, D- rank stats are when your stats officially leave the Mortal existence and enter a Evolved existence. Though, that is just what he calls them since he doesn't know what they are actually named.

He ran along the road and through a small forest before he finally got near the red and green dots on his map. There are probably around 30 red dots and only about 15 green dots, which means the Militia is in a lot of danger currently, so he speeds up his pace.

He could hear gunfire nearby, so he looks over and can finally see the Militia. They are hiding behind trees, abandoned buildings or their vehicles, whatever they could use. Opposite of them, there is san armed group loaded with assault rifles, all firing away at the Militia.

Lin Feng hides himself at a further away broken building. He is surprised at the broken buildings, but then he remembers that there was a war that happened near here before, so this is probably part of the aftermath.

He quickly brought out his sniper rifle and lay down on the somewhat intact roof of the building before aiming at the armed group. He could see them all clearly, which relieves him somewhat. He aims at one of them that seems to be giving orders and presses down on the trigger.

The one giving orders has his head explode, shocking everyone else, including the Militia, at the sudden sniper. They all quickly ran to hide behind stuff, but most were too slow. By the time the armed group hid, 7 other members had their heads explode, leaving around 20 left.

The Militia found that nobody on their side got shot at, which relieved them since they figured they had reinforcements now. Thinking like this, they became a bit more energetic and took the lead in firing towards the armed group hiding themselves.

One of the armed group people was hiding behind a broken wall and thought he was safe for now, when the wall suddenly got pierced and a bullet destroyed his head. He didn't even know what happened when his mind turned blank.

Lin Feng was a bit worried when armed group hid behind broken walls or in broken buildings, but when he found he could shoot through the walls with his sniper rifle, he began firing where he saw people hide behind, and the result was perfect.

Since he could shoot them through their hiding spots, what reason would they have to still hide? They ran out of their spots and began firing at the Militia, but none of them got killed, since Lin Feng sniped the armed group down quickly, and with the help of the Militia, the armed group got exterminated very quickly.

Lin Feng looked around through his sniper rifle and saw no more enemies, so he picked up his sniper rifle and strapped it onto his back before heading towards the Militia. The reason he strapped it onto his back is because they would become wary if he suddenly appeared with no weapons even though he just saved them with a sniper rifle.

They quickly spotted him, and when they saw the sniper rifle on his back, they quickly ran over and began thanking him. He conversed with them for a while before he went with them towards the Militia base. Thankfully it wasn't that much further away, so they got their quickly.

Lin Feng spoke with the leader at the base for a while and was driven back to the city by one of the Militia. He was excited by the rewards he would get from this mission and got home before checking it. He found Lin Min and Lin Fu in the backyard training a bit of martial arts, so he was glad Lin Fu was doing as he agreed.

He sat down on the sofa after greeting them and relaxed for a while before he brought up the screen for completing the mission.

[You perfectly completed the mission. You gained 2 Stat Points and 40 points.]

Although he was excited at the extra Stat Point and points, but excited him even more was the next screen that came up afterwards.

[Your rank has increased from Bronze > Iron.]

Yes, his rank increased after completing that mission, which excited him a lot. He knows that the higher his rank is, the better the rewards are. Although the missions also get harder, he should be able to be fine by increasing his stats with the Stat Points he gains. Speaking of Stat Points, he uses both of them.

[Agility has increased from E > E+.]

[Dexterity has increased from F+ > E-.]

Now that his Agility is finally at E+ he figured it was time to increase his Dexterity also. After he upgraded his Dexterity to E-, he found his decision to increase Agility first was a good one. He felt all of his senses increase by many times, including his eyesight. His reactions became stronger and he found that it was slightly hard to react properly with his body even with his E+ Agility, so he is glad he upgraded Agility first.

He cooked dinner a while later and all 3 of them ate happily. Lin Min actually liked that she was being trained in martial arts by Lin Fu, which reassured Lin Feng. He thought that he would be upset that he suddenly had her start training, but she was happy that she could get stronger.

Her reason being she wanted to help her Brother, Lin Feng, with his missions in the future when she get strong. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry at her reason, since he doesn't think it would be possible for her to help with his missions.

Of course, he didn't say that to her, and neither did Lin Fu, as they did not want to disappoint her much. They watched a movie after dinner and they all headed to sleep after it was finished. Lin Fu went into the guest room after saying good night and Lin Feng carried the nodding Lin Min upstairs to their room before they lay on the bed. They both quickly fell asleep shortly after laying down.

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