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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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6 Chapter 6

He woke up early like usual and washed himself up in the bathroom before heading downstairs to make breakfast. By the time he finished making breakfast Lin Min was already sitting in her chair, which surprised him that he didn't need to wake her up.

They ate breakfast and watched T.V before Lin Feng took her to school. On the way home he got a new mission, so he read it once he got back home.

[A new mission has arrived. A mass murderer escaped from prison and is holding people as hostages to blackmail the police who captured him into appearing before him for revenge. Your task is to assassinate him before the police responsible appear.]

Lin Feng walked out of the house and began running towards the direction of the red dot since he doesn't have that much time until those police would appear before the murderer. He ran at full speed for a few minutes and could finally see the scene.

He climbed up a building when nobody was around and took out his sniper rifle from the Inventory. He placed the front of the sniper rifle onto a part of the roof and took aim. He slowed his breathing and aimed at the man holding a person hostage.

If he failed his shot and hit the hostage, he would fail the mission. He doesn't know what happens when he fails missions, but he isn't wanting to find it out. He pressed down on the trigger and the bullet pierced the shoulder of the murderer.

Lin Feng then fired a second bullet as soon as the murderer let go of the hostage and it entered his chest, leaving behind a big hole. Lin Feng left after that shot since he knows that the murderer can't survive that. By the time he got home and sat on his sofa the mission was completed.

[You completed the mission perfectly. You obtained 1 Stat Point and 40 points.]

Lin Feng was a bit surprised that he got 40 points, but then he remembered his rank increased to Bronze, so the rewards would naturally be higher. He thinks for a moment and puts the Stat Point into Agility.

[Agility has increased from F+ > E-.]

He was going to increase Dexterity first, but what would happen if his body couldn't react to his senses? That would be horrible for him and very dangerous, so he chose to upgrade Dexterity last this time.

He saw it was only 11 am, which meant he didn't take that long for the mission, which made sense. He didn't feel like cooking so he left the house to head to a restaurant around to buy something to eat instead.

He ended up buying a burger with some fries for lunch since he didn't feel hungry enough for a large meal. He finished his food and left the restaurant shortly after, deciding to take a walk around since he has nothing else to do.

He sees a few shops he didn't see before and decided to look at some of them to see if there was anything interesting. He didn't find anything that was interesting to him, but he did find a few things for Lin Min, such as school materials and some toys.

He put them into his Inventory and started walking home. He passed by an alleyway a little while later and a screen popped up, notifying him he got a new mission, which confused him, since he had one just 2 hours ago.

[A new mission has been triggered. A professional assassin was betrayed by his organization and is dying nearby. Your task is to save him and bring him under you.]

Lin Feng found it weird that the System wanted him to save and take care of a professional assassin, but if it wants him to, then he will. He enters the alleyway since this is where he just passed by when he got the mission, so the assassin is probably in here somewhere.

Lin Feng was correct. He found a person in black clothes with a black mask on leaning against a wall between two buildings with blood all over his body, and his breathing is faint, telling Lin Feng he is about to die.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes slightly and purchased a healing medicine from the System Shop for 35 points. Although it is just a basic grade healing potion, it would be enough to keep this guy alive and not die.

The assassin could feel Lin Feng's presence and tried to get up and leave, but his body was too broken for him to be able to. He saw a young man with silver white hair appear from around the corner, and although he looked young, he could still feel a lot of danger being emitted from the young man, causing him to resign himself to death.

'The organization really wants me to die, huh? They even send a young expert after me, haha... If there is a next life I swear I will take revenge!'

That was his last thought before he passed out from exhaustion. Lin Feng took the chance he was passed out to take off the mask and feed the potion to him. The assassin was pretty handsome but he had a deathly pale face.

After Lin Feng fed all of the potion to him he could hear the assassins breathing getting better, so he knew it worked. He didn't get a mission completed screen yet, so he picked up the assassin and carried him back to his house while passing through alleyways, since he doesn't want a lot of people seeing him with a dying person on his back.

By the time he got home it was already 2:40 pm, so he didn't have long until he had to pick up Lin Min. He carried the assassin to the extra room and put him on the bed after removing the bloody clothing. He put one of his random pajamas onto the assassin and then left the house afterwards to go and pick up Lin Min.

He got to the school by 3:05 and waited for around 10 or so minutes until Lin Min came out of the school running towards him. He held her hand and listened to her speak of her day. She also showed him her test, which had 90 points on it, so he was happy for her and congratulated her, causing her to laugh.

"Lin Min, there is someone I saved in the extra room and he is badly injured, so don't bother him, okay? Let me know if you see him waking up so I can go and speak to him."

Once they got home Lin Feng told Lin Min about the assassin he picked up, of course, he didn't tell her he was an assassin, and just said he was someone he saved. Lin Min was a bit confused but agreed anyways, which looked so cute that he pinched her tiny little cheeks, causing her to pout.

He laughed again and played around with her and Zhin for a while before he went to make dinner for them. He decided to cook Lin Min's favorite since she got 90 points on her test, so he took out some fish from the fridge and cut it up before putting in onto the stove.

It took him around an hour to make the meal but he didn't mind and Lin Min was excited when she heard that he was making her favorite meal so she was patient in waiting. As soon as Lin Feng put the food onto the table though, she was hurriedly eating it up, causing him to laugh loudly.

Lin Min tried saying something, but since her mouth was full it just sounded like grumbles, which caused Lin Feng to snort at her before laughing again. She just chewed the food up and swallowed it before giving a humph and eating her dinner again.

'I'm... not dead?'

The assassin opened his eyes slowly a little while later and was heavily confused when he saw an unfamiliar roof. He could hear a T.V outside of his room along with a child laughing, so he was even more confused.

'Did I get saved by someone? But how? That young man was very strong...'

He could feel that his body was nearly completely healed, which shocked him since he was heavily injured all over. He took the blanket off of his body and saw a pair of blue pajamas on him, causing him to wonder just who saved him.

He walked to the door and slightly opened it, but it still caused a slight noise. He saw a sofa in front of the room and a little girl on it. When the door was opened and made a noise the little girl turned around and saw him up, and he could see surprise on her face before he started yelling.

"Brother! The person you saved is awake!"

That's all she said before she looked back to her T.V show without caring about him, which confused him even more. He was a professional assassin, okay? Why is she not scared of him? Whatever, let's just wait for that Brother of hers, he thought while walking back into the room.

A little while later the door opened and a young man walked in. What shocked him was the young man who walked in was that young man with silver white hair who he thought was going to kill him. He could still feel danger coming from him, so he put his guard up as the young man sat down on a chair and looked at him.

"Well, I saved you. Someone wanted me to save you, so I did. I don't know who it was, but I could care less. I know you are an assassin, but I don't care since I assassinate people myself. Well, I am more of a mercenary, but most of my missions are assassination ones."

He was a bit surprised when he heard the young man say someone wanted him to save him, so he thought deeply for a while before he could think of someone.

'Could it be her? But why? Isn't she the one who sent people after me? Ah, I don't know! I will find out when I get my revenge on the organization...'

He looks back at the young man who is sitting on a chair in front of him. He looks normal besides his silver white hair, but he knows, if he makes even a single move to attack, he would lose his head instantly.

Knowing this causes him to feel a bit of fear as well as admiration. He is, after all, the number 4 assassin of the organization. For someone to be able to kill him instantly, not even the number 1 assassin is able to do that yet.

"You can't go back to your organization, and you don't stand a chance against them alone. So how about this, why don't you work for me? I could train you in the future and I could also help you in destroying your organization when you go to get revenge. How about it?"

He was startled when he heard what the young man said and was about to decline, but he thought about it deeper. He knew that the young man was right, he couldn't go back and stood no chance against them.

He doesn't know who this young man in front of him is, but since he saved him he shouldn't have any tricks going on. He is so strong after all, if he wanted to kill me he could of just done it when he saved me as well. He thinks for a little while before he spoke to the young man.

"I agree. I will work for you, and in exchange, you will help me get stronger and destroy the organization in the future."

The young man smiled when he heard him speak, and got up from his chair, stretching his hand towards him. He took the young mans hand and shook it while the young man spoke.

"Welcome aboard, I guess. My name is Lin Feng and the little girl outside is my adopted sister, Lin Min. Ah, what is your name? I can't call you assassin, now can I?"

"I don't have a name... Everyone just calls me Number 4, which is my rank in the organization."

The young man thought for a while when he heard what he said, and spoke up a little while later.

"Then, from now on your name will be Lin Fu. You can be apart of this little family of mine. Now, get a good rest. I will explain what I want you to do tomorrow afternoon, so rest up."

The young man left while closing the door behind him, leaving a dumbstruck person behind. He did not expect to get a name, nor did he expect to be added to this little family, which caused him to be confused. He thought about it for a while before he gave up and lay back down on the bed to sleep, since he wonders what the young man will tell him tomorrow.

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