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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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5 Chapter 5

He woke up early and made breakfast for Lin Min and watched T.V with her for a while before he took a taxi to the villa. He was lead to the same room again and saw the Shen president sitting down on a chair with a slight smile on his face.

It seems he is very happy that Ao Batian, his rival, died. He sat down across the Shen president and drank his coffee while waiting for him to speak.

"Thank you for killing Ao Batian so quickly! As agreed, here is 1 million. I hope you can assist me in the future if I need you to, and I will also lend you a hand if you need something in the future."

"No problem. As long as I get a reward, I don't mind assassinating someone else. I could even act as a bodyguard if need be. I will let you know if I need anything in the future."

After chatting with him for a bit, Lin Feng left the villa and headed back to the house. He entered and saw Lin Min chasing Zhin around, which is the puppy be bought for her. They both stopped and ran to him when they saw him come home and happily greeted him.

Lin Feng laughed slightly before he cooked a simple lunch for him and Lin Min while giving Zhin his food as well. They sat in front of the T.V after eating and Lin Feng checked the screen that came up after completing the mission.

[You perfectly completed the mission. You gained 1 Stat Point and 25 points.]

He was glad he was nearly at 100 points, he just needed a few more and he could buy the skill. What surprised him was the other screen that appeared randomly afterwards.

[You have been promoted from Copper > Bronze rank.]

He did not expect to get promoted to Bronze rank so quickly, but he is also very excited at the fact he already got promoted to Bronze. He put his Stat Point into Agility and then brought up the Status Screen.

[Agility has increased from F > F+.]

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Bronze

-Strength: F+

-Agility: F+

-Dexterity: F+

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: F-

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: None

-Points: 90

-Stat Points: 0]

He looked at his stats and figured he should probably increase his Vitality before any others since it is the lowest stat, while it is also an important one. The higher his Vitality is, means the longer he is able to live and how quickly his wounds would heal. It also stops him from getting illnesses in the future, which is even better.

He fooled around with Lin Min and Zhin for the rest of the day before they went to sleep. Lin Feng woke up early again and washed up. He cooked breakfast before waking Lin Min up and they ate together.

They watched T.V for a while before they went out for lunch at the same restaurant as last time, since Lin Min found the food there to be very good. She was excited when Lin Feng told her they were going there to eat again and basically flew up the stairs to change her clothes, causing him to laugh.

They passed by a school on their way home and Lin Min looked at it for a while before they went home. Lin Feng didn't say anything about it and sat down on the couch with her when a screen popped up.

[A mission has been tasked. Enroll Lin Min into Elementary School to fulfill her wish.]

Lin Feng was surprised when he read the screen and looked at Lin Min, who was quietly watching T.V beside him. He thought for a while and then spoke up to her.

"Lin Min, do you want to enroll into school? I can take you to do that, if you want."

She looked up at him surprised when she heard him, and hesitated for a while before she slowly nodded and spoke out.

"Yes... Can I? I saw people playing while looking happy earlier and I always wanted to go to a school but couldn't."

Lin Feng felt sad when he heard her and nodded his head repeatedly to her and told her they would go and enroll her into school tomorrow, which cheered her up and she turned back to her normal self, which caused Lin Feng to let out a sigh of relief.

The day passed by quickly and Lin Min was still excited when they went to sleep, causing Lin Feng to have to calm her down so she could fall asleep. The next day he made breakfast, and as agreed they went to a school after eating.

He made a call to the school yesterday about enrolling her into the school, which went well. They just needed to meet with the principal and the teacher that teaches the class she would join in and she could join school the same day.

The met up with the principal and teacher an hour before school started and they talked about the enrollment for a while before everything got finished. Lin Min was officially enrolled into the elementary school and she was given a few books, which she put into the backpack Lin Feng bought for her the day before.

Lin Feng spoke with the principal and teacher for a while longer while Lin Min looked at the books given to her. A little while later Lin Min followed the teacher to the class after I told her I would pick her up after school ends.

I watched her enter the classroom before leaving the school and heading home. The school wasn't far from our house, just a 10 minute walk, so there was no need to take a taxi back. When I got there I fed Zhin before sitting down on the couch and checking the screen.

[You completed the mission. You obtained 1 Stat Point and 15 points.]

Lin Feng smiled slightly since he has enough points to buy the skill now. He put the Stat Point into Vitality and then purchased the skill right after.

[Vitality increased from F- > F.]

[You purchased the skill Danger Perception: Danger Perception allows you to feel any danger that targets you or those around you with an alert in your mind, telling you the direction and cause of danger.]

He only had 5 points left after buying it, but he doesn't mind and is smiling slightly after buying it. He opened his Status and checked the skills tab to see if it was there.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Bronze

-Strength: F+

-Agility: F+

-Dexterity: F+

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: F

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: Danger Perception

-Points: 5

-Stat Points: 0]

He was a bit confused at why the Inventory skill wasn't in the skills section like the Danger Perception is, but then he remembered that it wasn't his skill, it was something built into the System, so it makes sense it wouldn't show up in his skills list.

He lazed around until it was 3 pm and then left the house to walk to the school to pick up Lin Min He waited at the school entrance for 10 minutes until school ended and saw Lin Min running out. She spotted him and quickly ran over to him with a big smile on her face.

She explained to him how she made a few friends in the class and that everything is interesting during class. She never went to a school before but she was taught a bit of the basics at the orphanage, so she understands most of the stuff taught.

He was happy for her that she made a few friends already, since she has been pretty lonely even though she has Zhin now. He won't have as much time to spend with her in the future when he is given missions, so her having friends to play around with will be good for her.

Who knows if he will get a mission where he will need to be away for a few days? If something like that happened, he couldn't just leave her home alone. Like this, she could hopefully stay at a friends house for the few days he was away, which would be helpful.

He doesn't get a mission for the next 3 days, so he was pretty relaxed. He got a mission just before he took Lin Min to school, so he told her to play with her friends for a while and that he would pick her up when he was done working, which she agreed to happily.

After seeing her off to school, Lin Feng walked back to the house and sat down on the sofa while checking the contents of the new mission.

[A new mission will begin now. The third son of the Zhu clan was kidnapped an hour ago and you were asked to help in saving him. You will get a reward from the master of the Zhu clan once you safely deliver the third son back.]

Lin Feng checked his weapons before following the map to a building in the center of the city. He didn't enter through the doors but rather climbed up the building by using the pipes on the outside of it. He peeked at the top of the roof and saw a few people there.

He saw a 10 year old boy filled with fear being held by someone who has a dagger at the kids neck. There were 3 others with him and they were arguing with a group of people that are staring at them at the other side of the roof.

Lin Feng could hear the group of 4 asking for a helicopter and he saw a bag of cash on their backs, which told him they probably just robbed a bank. He could see a 50 year old man in the center with 7 people in black suits around him speaking with the kidnappers.

Lin Feng climbed up onto the roof while motioning for the 8 people to keep quiet about him and he quietly moved up behind the group of four while taking his silenced pistol out of his belt from behind.

He pointed it at the man in the middle that is holding the kid hostage and shot his head. Nobody could react fast enough and by the kidnappers reacted, Lin Feng had already grabbed the kid while shooting another guy in the chest. The other two pulled out guns but were quickly shot down by the guys in black suits.

Lin Feng brought he kid over to the group, and the kid hugged the middle aged man while crying loudly. The middle aged man looked at him in surprise while thanking him before ordering people to clean up the bodies.

Lin Feng followed the Zhu master and entered a bullet proof car and entered the Zhu clan mansion with them. He was served some tea while he chatted with the Zhu master for a while.

"Thank you for your assistance in helping me save my third son. As promised, I will give you a reward. Here is $750000. Thank you once again for helping us."

"No problem. I do whatever my task is as long as I get payed."

[You completed the mission You gained 1 Stat Point and 35 points.]

Lin Feng chatted with the Zhu master for a while before he left the mansion. He was given a ride home by a driver from the Zhu mansion and he headed over to a nearby house. This house belongs to one of her new friends from school, which is where Lin Min is currently at

He knocked on the door and a young woman opened the door. She smiled when she saw me and lead me inside to get Lin Min. The one who answered the door was of course the mother of Lin Min's friend.

Lin Min played with her friend for a little while longer before we left and headed home. She kept talking about what they were playing, such as a princess board game and playing with a few toys, which caused him to laugh slightly at her moving her arms around while explaining.

He made dinner for them and they played with Zhin for a while before Lin Min got tired and they headed up to their room and Lin Feng tucked Lin Min into bed before taking a shower and then he joined her in sleeping shortly after.
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    《Universal Mercenary System》