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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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4 Chapter 4

He woke up early in the morning and took Lin Min off his body and placed her back onto the bed before he got up. He washed up in the bathroom before he exited it and he saw Lin Min staring at him unhappily when he came out, which confused him.

She lifted her arms at him, so he realized she wanted a hug, so he picked her up and she happily snuggled into his embrace. Lin Feng chuckled slightly at her action, which caused her to be embarrassed.

He made a simple breakfast for them and they sat down on the couch while Lin Min watched a show she found interesting with Lin Feng sitting beside her. He is lazing on the couch when he heard the System, indicating a new mission is starting.

[A new mission will begin now. The person who wants to kill Shen president has not given up and has sent more people after him and directly attacked his villa. You will head over and assist in defending him.]

Lin Feng stared weirdly at the screen when he read that he was saving the Shen president again, but he didn't mind since it was a mission and got rewards for it. He looked at Lin Min and patted her head while talking.

"Lin Min, I need to head out and do a mission now. Can you behave and stay at home while I am gone? I will be gone for 2 or 3 hours at most."

"Ah... I can do it! I will wait for you again, make sure you come back quickly!"

She was hesitant but still agreed in the end, which caused Lin Feng to be happy that he is getting better already. He makes her a bit of food to eat when she is hungry and leaves the house. He took a taxi to a spot nearby the villa and could hear the gunfire and explosions after running for a few moments.

He opens his System Shop and looks at the Misc Shop and looks for something he can use against the 40+ people, since he can't just shoot them all down with a pistol again. He eventually finds something which can help him perfectly.

[Basic Military Grenade(5 points)]

Be bought 2 of the grenades for 10 points and quickly ran to the villa. He could instantly see a large group of people with assault rifles and pistols firing at a group of bodyguards that are also firing back at them. The bodyguards are losing due to having less people than the enemies.

Lin Feng saw that the enemies were grouped up in 12 or more people put into 3 groups, so he was excited. He purchased a third grenade and then tossed all 3 into the middle of each group. His increase in dexterity caused him to have amazing aim, and it also helped with his shooting.

A few people noticed the grenade and tried to escape but were too slow. They got caught up in the blast and were burned and blown to bits. Lin Feng had already hid behind a wall the instant he threw the three grenades, so he was fine.

A little while after the grenades blew up he walked out from behind the and saw a bunch of burnt bodies and also bodies missing many parts of their bodies. He felt a little nauseous seeing that but he forced it down and walked towards the villa.

The bodyguards who saw him aimed their guns at him but the two bodyguards from the hotel were there and explained Lin Feng was the one who saved the Shen president before, so they lowered their guns and welcomed him in.

Lin Feng was led by a bodyguard from the hotel while the rest cleaned up the huge mess and dealt with the cops that came. He was taken to a room and he saw the Shen president inside of it, sipping on a cup of coffee.

When he saw Lin Feng come into the room a bit of surprise flashed by his eyes but quickly disappeared, and he motioned for Lin Feng to take a seat. After Lin Feng sat down he spoke to him.

"It seems I have to thank you again. I am somewhat curious who sent you to save me, but I won't ask. I don't want to be in debt, so is there something you would like as a reward for saving me twice?"

Lin Feng thought about it carefully. He could buy anything that exists in the shop with points, but gaining them isn't fast. He decided to ask for something he would be using eventually, and came up with a good item.

"Then, could you possibly get me a sniper rifle? I could get one on my own, but it probably wouldn't be as good as one you could get."

The Shen president looked a bit surprised when he heard was Lin Feng wanted, but he felt it made sense. He could tell that Lin Feng was probably some type of assassin or mercenary, so having a good sniper rifle is a must. He thought for a moment before agreeing.

"Okay, that is fine. I will get it ready for you in 3 days. Give me your phone number, I will get someone to notify you when it is ready for you to get."

Lin Feng wrote down his phone number and thanked the Shen president before leaving the villa and taking a taxi back to his house. He was a bit sad he couldn't grab an assault rifle, but getting a sniper rifle by using 15 points in exchange in a good trade for him.

When he entered the house Lin Min ran at him and hugged onto him tightly, and he carried her to the couch and sat her down on his lap while turning on the T.V for Lin Min to watch her show. She eventually calmed down and happily started watching her show, which made Lin Feng feel relieved while he checked the screen that came up.

[You completed the mission perfectly. You obtained 1 Stat Point and 30 points.]

Lin Feng was a bit surprised when he got 30 points instead of 20, but he didn't complain about it. He put his Stat Point into Agility before bringing up his status.

[Agility has increased from F- > F.]

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Copper

-Strength: F+

-Agility: F

-Dexterity: F+

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: F-

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: None

-Points: 65

-Stat Points: 0]

He was happy with his main stats increasing this much already, and his points are nearing the amount he needed to purchase the Danger Perception skill, which is even better for him. He cooked dinner for him and Lin Min and they went to sleep after eating.

Lin Feng woke up early again and washed up in the shower before cooking breakfast for him and the sleepy Lin Min who just came out of the room. She drowsily sat onto the chair and slowly ate her breakfast while Lin Feng quickly ate his.

He sat down on the couch afterwards and looked through his Inventory. He found his own pistol, 5 other pistols he picked up from dead people, his dagger, around 230 bullets in total for his pistols, there was also around $60000 inside it which is all he has left.

Lin Min sat down on the couch beside him shortly later after having finished her food. Lin Feng didn't think he would get a mission today, so he felt they should do something but he doesn't know what. Since he couldn't figure it out, he decided to ask Lin Min.

"Hey, do you want to go somewhere today? I don't know what we should do, so you can decide if you want to or not."

When she heard him ask his question, her eyes lit up and sparkled She stared at Lin Feng for a while before she happily chirped out.

"Let's go watch a movie!"

When Lin Feng heard what she wanted to do, he quickly agreed. He could tell she was very excited about seeing a movie, since she hasn't seen one before. They quickly changed clothes and left the house before taking a taxi towards the nearest movie theater.

Lin Min looked at all the movies and found one she was interested in and pointed at it. Lin Feng looked at it and saw it was a movie about a princess, so he agreed. He purchased two tickets for the movie and then they bought popcorn and a drink.

They sat down somewhere and waited for the movie to begin, which happened shortly after they sat down. The movie was 2 hours long and Lin Feng didn't pay much attention to it, he was just glad that Lin Min seemed to enjoy it and was happy.

All through the movie she was excited and nearly shouted out multiple times but covered her mouth before she did, which he found somewhat funny. After the movie ended she was still excited and kept talking about the movie to Lin Feng, who just silently listened to her.

They stopped at a restaurant on the way home since they were hungry and they ate a big lunch, and Lin Min seemed to enjoy it a lot. Lin Feng was glad she was this happy since he was worried she would have problems after what happened to her.

By the time they got home it was already 5 pm, which meant they were gone for 4 hours, which is surprising to Lin Feng. He didn't mind though since he has nothing to do until he gets a mission, anyways.

Nothing happened for the next 2 days beside Lin Feng taking Lin Min to an amusement park and taking her shopping to buy whatever she wanted. She ended up purchasing a puppy, and Lin Feng agreed since it can keep her company while he is away doing the missions.

It is around 3 pm when Lin Feng finally gets a call from one of the Shen presidents bodyguards, informing him his sniper rifle is ready. He informed Lin Min he was going away for a little while and took a taxi over to the villa again.

He was guided to the same room as last time and saw a huge bag on the table, which is most likely holding his sniper rifle. When the Shen president sees Lin Feng come in he instantly unzips the bag and exposes what was inside, and it was indeed a sniper rifle.

He didn't know what kind of sniper rifle it was, but he could tell it was obviously very good just by looking at it, so he was pretty excited. The Shen president and him spoke for a while before he asked Lin Feng something.

"I found out who it was that sent all these people to kill me, so can I ask you to do something for me?"

Lin Feng agreed since he did just get a good sniper rifle from him, so he found no reason to decline. It's not like anything that would be against him would be asked, anyways.

"Thanks. The person who wanted to kill me was Ao Batian, and he is my business rival. I want you to assassinate him for me. Of course, I will pay you 1 million if you succeed in doing so."

Lin Feng wasn't surprised about this being asked of him and agreed to it. He could tell that the Shen president was relieved when he agreed to it, so they chatted a bit more before he left and took a taxi home.

[A mission has been triggered. Assassinate Ao Batian without leaving behind anything to trace to either you or your client.]

He cooked dinner for Lin Min and put her to sleep early before he left the house with his sniper rifle in his Inventory. He followed the map and found that Ao Batian was at a restaurant with a few other people, so he took position on a building across from the restaurant.

He took out his new sniper rifle and lay down on the roof of a nearby building before aiming the sniper rifle at the restaurant. He saw a young man which he could recognize as Ao Batian from a picture provided by the Shen president.

He held his breath and aimed at his head before pulling the trigger. He felt a huge impact against his body when he shot the sniper rifle, which told him just how strong it really is. He saw Ao Batian's head blow up when he was speaking to someone, so he silently put his sniper rifle back into his Inventory while leaving the place and heading home.

He sent a message to Shen president saying he completed the task and that he would stop by the villa tomorrow afternoon. He put his phone away after sending it and took a taxi home, before quietly laying down on the bed beside Lin Min without waking her up and he soon fell asleep.

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