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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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3 Chapter 3

Lin Feng is suddenly awoken by the sound of gunfire, which also woke up Lin Min. He told Lin Min to be quiet and listened to the gunfire. He could tell that the gunfire was happening on his floor, which shocked him.

The heck is going on? Is someone important being attacked? Lin Feng wonders. He gets off the bed and Lin Min follows him in leaving the bedroom. He could hear people coming closer to their room, so he had Lin Min cover her mouth and hid her inside a closet.

"Hide in here for now. I will be fine, I just don't want you to get caught, just in case. Don't make any noise until I come back, understood?"

She was about to agree, but she covered her mouth with her hands and nodded to him, so he closed the closet tightly. He brought his dagger and pistol out from his Inventory and held them in both his hands.

[A mission has been triggered. Save the president of the Shen Company from being killed in this attack. There are 17 people still alive attacking him, and his bodyguards number 4. Go now.]

He nodded to the screen and carefully listened outside of his room. When he heard nothing near it, he slowly opened his door and peeked out. Sure enough, nobody was around his room. He followed the map which led him to a green circle, which he assumes is his target for saving.

He is led to a staircase, which he walks up. He spots 3 dead people with masks on their faces, so he guesses they are the enemies. He picks up their guns and magazines and puts them into his Inventory, just in case he needs them.

Once he stepped onto the floor, he could hear the fighting, which tells him it is on this floor. He peeks around the corner and sees a few people in a similar outfit to those dead on the stairs, so he sneaks up behind them.

There were 3 in total, so he quickly shot all 3 in the head so they couldn't alert the others. Now that he killed these 3, there should be around 14 left, assuming none died to the bodyguards. He walks around a corner and sees the rest of the enemies firing at a corner.

There are 12 enemies left and he can see 2 dead bodyguards, so he knows that there are only 2 left. He could see a few people walking towards the corner where the Shen president should be, so he is forced to attack early.

He grabs a second pistol from his Inventory and holds it in his other hand and walks out from around the corner. He points both pistols at the enemies who are to busy attacking the other corner and starts shooting at them.

He managed to kill 4 instantly and hit 6 others and injuring them before they hid in rooms near them. The other 2 people that were heading towards the Shen president got killed by his bodyguards, and he hid back behind the corner when people started peeking out of rooms, shooting towards him.

He reloaded his pistol and then threw the empty one as a distraction, which worked. When the enemies shot at the empty pistol, he came out from the corner and shot 6 bullets out, killing 4, while the other 2 bullets missed those who dodged them quickly enough.

Now there are only 2 of them alive, so Lin Feng pulls out another pistol and holds both in his hands while walking towards the enemies rooms, pointing one at each door. One of them peeked out and was about to shoot him, but he was hit in the head before he could raise his gun fully.

Now that there is only one left, Lin Feng rushes towards the room he is hidden in while shooting bullets from an extra gun to distract the guy inside. He made sure that the guy could hear the click of the gun, indicating he was out of ammo.

And that guy indeed took the bait. He instantly peeked out of the room when he heard the click, but what waited him was a bullet to the head from Lin Feng's other gun. He throws aside the empty gun and picks up 4 more from the dead enemies and put them into his Inventory before he spoke out.

"Shen Company president, you can come out now. The enemies are dead. You could send a bodyguard out first if you need to, I have no interest in killing you since my mission was to save you."

A few moments after he spoke out a person walked out from around the corner, spotting Lin Feng leaning against a wall. The person who came out was a bodyguard, and seeing all the dead enemies on the ground, he was astonished. He thought that another squad came to their assistance, but it was only one person.

He snapped out of his daze shortly after and made a signal to the corner. Two more people came out from the corner, one being another bodyguard, and the other being a 20 something year old young man with a cold face.

He looked at the dead bodies on the ground without a change in his expression and then finally looked up at Lin Feng, who was leaning against a wall. He stared at him for a while before he spoke.

"Thank you for saving me. I don't know who sent you to do so, but thank them for me. If you ever need help with something, come pay me a visit at my villa."

After he spoke he saw Lin Feng nod, so he led his two bodyguards and walked past him and headed down the stairway, leaving the hotel without looking back.

Lin Feng looked at the young man silently before he also went down the stairway and rushed back to his room where Lin Min was waiting for him. Once he entered the room he locked the door behind him and walked over to the closet, opening it.

Lin Min instantly leaped at him when she saw who it was, and she started whimpering into his stomach, most likely having heard the gunfire happening after he left. He felt bad about that, so he picked her up and carried her with him to the couch and they sat down.

"There is no need to worry, see? I am perfectly fine. I am very strong, after all."

He spoke while rubbing her head slightly and she eventually stopped whimpering, but she still hugged him tightly. He looked down when he didn't feel any movement and saw she fell asleep, most likely because she was very worried about him.

He was only gone for 40 minutes, but it must have felt a lot longer for Lin Min, who was hiding in the closet. He looked at the time and saw it was only around 12 pm, so he lay her down gently on the bed and sat down on the sofa.

[You completed the mission perfectly. You gained 1 Stat Point and 20 points.]

He noticed he got 20 points again, so he wonders if it is because his rank is Copper now rather than nothing. He shrugs before he uses his Stat Point again, increasing his strength.

[Strength has increased from F > F+.]

'Status' when he saw the increase of his stat he finally opened his status, checking the changes on it.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Copper

-Strength: F+

-Agility: F-

-Dexterity: F+

-Endurance: F

-Vitality: F-

-Wisdom: F

-Intelligence: F

-Skills: None

-Points: 50

-Stat Points: 0]

He sees that he has 50 points and decides to check out the shop, since he hasn't done that yet. He only bought money and that was something he just needed to search up, rather than looking at the shop.

[System Shop






He doesn't need food, armor or weapons, so he decides to check out the skill shop, to see what is in there. He heard from the System that skills can increase his strength a lot more than weapons, so he got quite interested in that.

[Skill Shop

-Marksmanship(70 points)

-Sword Mastery(60 points)

-Spear Mastery(60 points)

-Axe Mastery(60 points)

-Knife Mastery(60 points)

-Driving(50 points)

-Piloting(80 points)

-Martial Arts(120 points)

-Night Vision(100 points)

-Hawk Eye(150 points)

-Stealth(200 points)

-Shadow Movement(250 points)

-Summon Wings(720 points)

-Danger Perception(100 points)

-Healing(350 points)

-Cooking(45 points)

-Blink(500 points)]

Looking at all the skills, Lin Feng felt quite interested in most of them. He isn't going to buy any right now since all he can buy is either Driving or Cooking, both of which are not needed at all right now. He decided to buy Danger Perception as his first skill, since it would be very helpful for surviving in dangerous places.

Without it, there is a high chance for him to get killed by something like an ambush or a sniper, there are also many other possibilities, such as mines and so on. He just needs to complete 3 or so more missions and he would be able to buy it.

He closes his status and leans back on the couch thinking. There are still 2 days left to the time they have left in this hotel, so they will stay here for another 2 days. Which means he needs to find a good house to buy for them. He got the $500000 from that delivery mission, which will work to buy a good enough house.

Lin Min wakes up around 2 pm and she is very hungry, so he orders lunch for them to eat, and she quickly gobbles it down and fills herself up. He found it strange nothing like the hotel closing down happened due to that incident, but he figures it is due to the Shen president doing something.

Whatever it is, it works for him. During the next 2 days he didn't get any missions, so he just lazed around the hotel room with Lin Min while also searching up places to buy with a laptop he just purchased.

He found a decent house he can purchase for $435000, which is a good price to him. The house isn't a villa or mansion or anything, it is just a house with a lot of property, which is why he bought it. The property that he could own from buying the house deeds would be a good place to have, as he can do a lot with it in the future.

The check out of the hotel and head over to where the house is by taking a taxi and meet up with the seller. The process went smoothly and he gave the seller a suitcase with exactly $435000 in it, while the seller gave him the land deeds.

Lin Min seemed excited at having their own house, so she ran around and inspected it completely while Lin Feng was with the seller. A little while later the seller left and they officially owned the house and the massive land around it.

He went out with Lin Min and purchased many needed things, such as a T.V, a couch and 2 chairs, a few tables, plates, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, and other daily necessities they found while shopping around. They also bought frozen food and fresh food to cook when they are hungry.

Lin Feng cooked dinner for them and although it didn't taste bad, it was just average. He swore he would buy that cooking skill eventually, so Lin Min can eat delicious food everyday. Lin Min declared she will still sleep with him on the same bed, and he found nothing wrong with it since he thought it was because she was scared of being alone still.

He carried the tired her to their bedroom which is big enough to fit 3 or 4 beds into and placed her onto the bed, tucking her under the blankets. He also lay down beside her and she grabbed onto his arm as soon as he did and held it when she slept. He quickly fell asleep shortly after she did.

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