Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
384 Chapter 376: Descent of Terror!
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Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
Author :_Ramzey_
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384 Chapter 376: Descent of Terror!

Casually telling us to go home, how we envy this simple life of yours..

It must be good to be that strong that you could even indirectly slight your emperor like that..

The Xian and Yuan experts almost had the urge to break down and cry right then and there with the current decision they had to make in front of them.

While it was true that each of them were powerful individuals with big and influential family behind them, it was also their biggest weakness!

After all, if they were to abandon their duty and slapped their superior as well as the Emperor himself like what the other party suggested, they could still escape with most of their life intact with the many life preservation means they have in their disposal.

But their family that they left behind? If they were not beheaded or hanged to death, then they might be sold as slaves!

That would be way too unfortunate!


We ourselves would love to live such an unfettered way of life, with history of slapping an Emperor that would make an exhilarating story to be told to our grandchildren, but with such a tragic outcome like that, how could we possibly agree?

Would we even have grandchildren left to tell such an epic story by the end of it all?

Realizing how their life was actually chained down like that, they could not help but to feel powerless despite their powerful cultivation realm!

Just like the law of the world, everything has a balance, and their rise in power was deeply rooted with the help of the resources from their empire!

Destroy the balance, and they would have to pay a very steep price!

However, choosing to disregard the Supreme Elder in front of them was also a bad idea and they could very well lose their life!

Going back home would mean that we have forfeited our future but going against him would also spell our damnation..

Oh Heavens, just what in the name of hell should we do?

"O-Oh powerful immortal, the most benevolent and exhalted existence in the Tian continent.. if you would allow me to speak.. I, the lowly one have a suggestion.." somebody among them suddenly said, attracting everyone's attention.

"Hmm?" Duan Li turned towards that man, nodding in approval with how the latter was addressing him.

"You can just call me Supreme Elder from now on, and yes, you may speak!" Duan Li replied with an indifferent tone like an otherworldly being from a different dimension.

The man gritted his teeth and clapped his b*tt tight to summon up his courage.

"S-Supreme Elder, why don't we have a duel? Eleven of us versus Eleven of them! This way, it would be fair for both sides!"

"Ah?" Duan Li uttered, his displeased tone behind his helmet was like a grandfather that was about to scold his grandson!

Realizing that he would be in deep trouble if he did not explain soon, he swiftly continued, "S-Supreme Elder, our high position simply does not allow us to return home empty handed. Its e-either victory or defeat, but retreat would definitely be the end for us and our family! P-Please, we beseech you to understand!" he said with stuttering voice.

Meanwhile, the rest of the experts around him were almost sent into tears. They were deeply touched by the bravery of this man!

The Heavens are not blind!

"Who is he? I will let my beautiful daughter marry him!"

"What a good man! I will send him lots of gifts if we managed to pull through this!"

"How courageous!"

One by one, they each complimented the brave man who stood up for them inside their mind while taking notes of his looks and appearance.

In addition, unwilling to let such a good opportunity slipped past them, these old crooks quickly kowtowed on the ground and repeated after him;

"We beseech you to understand us, Supreme Elder!"

The resonance from their combined feelings rattled the atmosphere through their voice, such that the sky appeared to almost rain from this touching scene and from this, even someone as dense as Duan Li could realize how troubled they were!

"I see.. now that he said that.. they would indeed be a goner if they return just like that.." Duan Li nodded in realization with his hands clasped behind his back.

Giving out a deep sigh, he was just about to voice his agreement to it when the sky above them suddenly screeched in a high pitch that rang loudly in their ears, forcing everyone to shut their hearing sense!

"What?" Duan Li felt an ominous sensation that he had long forgotten as he raised his head to look at the sky!

Even the mysterious pearls inside his body that had long been dormant to the point that he almost forgot about them seemed to give out a particular reaction to this event!


The sky was split into two halves like a broken glass before a pair of gigantic claw stretched out and grabbed by its sides!

"What.. in the world.. is that?!"


"Hmph! So they managed to catch up to us. They're pretty fast too.." Wang Feng said as he stared at the two figures that just arrived.

Tap! Tap!

"Wang Feng! Don't even bother to escape anymore! We have you surrounded!" Zhang Liao declared grandly from the top of a slope, behind him was a few hundreds of elite cavalries that stood tall and mighty, just like the mountain ranges!

"Oh hey! It's you two!" Lu Bu squinted his eyes and waved his hand when he saw two familiar figures, Wei Shang and Fei Longwei!

On the other hand, Wei Shang and Fei Longwei were surprised with their mouth wide agape on the duo's sudden arrival along with their huge armies when a thought suddenly hit Fei Longwei!

"I see.. so these bandits.. they are running away from them!"

Wei Shang also quickly realized what Fei Longwei meant and nodded, "Yeah.. it appears that, these bandits are actually being hunted by them!"

"With those soldiers behind them, it is obvious why these bandits, despite having the number advantage, would choose to escape instead of fighting it out.."

Those soldiers are all at least in the Core Formation realm!

That's crazy!

In the Jiu Empire, Core Formation realm cultivators, while not considered as rare, were still uncommon!

Their status was already enough for them to lead a small sized clans and have some influence in politics from behind the scene, yet here..

They become the cavalries of these two!

It would still be acceptable if there were only tens of them.. but just by the rough estimates here, its obvious that there are at least eight hundreds of them altogether!

"Just who in the world are they?" Fei Longwei and Wei Shang could not help but to become curious of the real identity of these two people, who were also acknowledged by their Lord to be his 'friends'.

After all, no matter how powerful the empire where the two of them came from, it would still be a waste of resources to simply squander such a fighting power to protect two mere envoys!

"Their status must be special.."

"All soldiers, rally on my position!" Wang Feng suddenly bellowed, breaking the temporary silence between the two sides!

"Yes!" Ang Busano and Ang Busheng quickly instructed their soldiers.

"We won't let you! Everyone, attack!" Zhang Liao waved his hand as they charged forward down the slope with incredible momentum!


In that instant, everything suddenly turned chaotic with the two forces clashing together!

However, it was pretty obvious that the difference in power was putting the bandit cavalries into a disadvantageous position!

They were getting massacred left and right! Even those that tried to escape via flight was killed in an instant the moment they left their formation!

"Damn it! If only we have enough time to position ourselves earlier.. it wouldn't be this easy for them to slaughter us like this.. what a blunder!" Wang Feng cursed under his breath and directed his anger at the chicken in front of him.

It is all their fault.. these damned chickens!

It was only now that he realized all the plans he made prior to this was now utterly destroyed by a pack of poultry animals!

This is so infuriating!

"Hmph! Playtime is over!" Wang Feng's eyes glinted and punched out a fist!


This single fist art from him was so devastating that tens of Core Formation realm cavalries were sent flying or tumbling away, and some were instantly killed!

"Damn it! Everyone, defensive formation!" Zhang Liao instructed with a serious expression.

Regardless if they have hundreds of Core Formation realm soldiers, against a true Nascent Soul realm cultivator that had already reached the apex, they would still be killed if they don't have a strategy to win!

After all, the famous saying of "those below the Nascent Soul realm are nothing but ants," was very true in this kinds of situation!

"Futile!" Wang Feng grinned and threw out another punch.


This time, while there were still casualties, nobody died and most of them only suffered some minor injuries!

"Oh? Not bad! But... " Wang Feng remarked in surprise before scoffing in disdain.

"We have already regrouped!"

Zhang Liao that saw this quickly realized what was going on, "It's a distraction!" and instructed everyone to retreat, Lu Bu, Wei Shang, Fei Longwei, Cucko and his minions included!

"Shockwave destruction formation!" Wang Feng raised both hands to the front as his bandit cavalries followed suit.

"Take cover! It's a wide area attack!" Lu Bu bellowed and warned those around him.


While the bandit cavalries was nothing by their own, the formation 'Shockwave Destruction' was still deadly!

Its a particular battle formation that will quickly sap the spiritual Qi of everyone in the formation dry in one go to release a burst of destructive shockwave, hence their name, that could rupture one's meridians and Qi pathway channels unless they have protection from artifacts, amulets or skill arts if caught in it!

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem if both sides have Nascent Soul realm experts as they could render it useless with their sheer might, and was therefore quite useless in big battlefields where people in all sorts of cultivation realm coalesce together, but they don't have one right now!

"This means that both sides would be rendered incapable of fight, and only commanders will be able to sustain themselves.." Zhang Liao swiftly calculated the change in the battlefield before his expression turned ugly.

In this case, it would be them versus Wang Feng, and that would lead to nothing but defeat!


The Shockwave Destruction Formation was activated, releasing a blinding wave of light towards the opposing side!

Just as Wang Feng was confident of his victory..


A fissure abruptly appeared in the sky and tore it into two, before a huge foot stomped down from within it!


The Destruction Shockwave Formation was obstructed by the foot and was split into halves!


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