Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
117 Chapter 116: Preparation!
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Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
Author :_Ramzey_
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117 Chapter 116: Preparation!


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"If there are any changes that I've made so far that is of note.. other than myself becoming stronger in just a short amount of time, it would be that I am now a Lord class."

"Furthermore, my followers also has strength beyond normal now because of my blood essence.." Duan Li thought as he cupped at his chin and pondered deeper.

Could it really be that the difficulties of the monster stampede this time around had increased significantly because of this?

Duan Li tried recalling hard in his mind on the first monster stampede that he ever joined back then. He couldn't remember the exact details, but he was sure that he had never joined in any monster subjugation activity this early but should only be a few years later!

But even then, the scale wasn't as big as what was about to come next week..

There was also another issue that he still could not really make sense of, thus he turned to ask at the other party again.

"But Ancestor Zong, if this is what you meant by the 'Artifacts of Time', does it have anything to do with how my memories are sometimes not in sync with what I should have remembered?" asked Duan Li.

"Hmm.. that is something.. that even I.. am not.. certain with.. perhaps.. it could be.. perhaps.. its because.. of something else.. entirely.." Ancestor Zong answered.

Hearing that vague reply from the other party, Duan Li could only shook his head as he sighed.

As expected, not everything would be that convenient and answered for him just because he wanted to know. For this, he would need to spend some effort if he wanted to unravel the mysteries behind it.

"Well.. there is no use in thinking about something that I can't find the answer for right now.."

Since he already understood that changing the history would bring forth retaliation from 'Time', this information alone would allow him to prepare beforehand in the future, especially if he wanted to change something major as preventing the Sun Dragon from destroying the whole world.

"I should notify this to the Principal.."


Knock! Knock!


Opening the door, a pitiful sight of an elderly man being surrounded by paperworks around him could be seen. Dark circles were apparent around his eyes.


Seems like this old man had been forced to overwork himself.

"Ahh, so its you. What happened for you to come here so suddenly?" the Principal asked while still flipping across the many papers around him.

Duan Li then explained to the principal regarding the 'Artifacts of Time' but omitted regarding the problem in his memories.

Hearing what Duan Li had just said, the Principal's countenance slowly turned grim.

"I see.. as much as I thought we could prevent of what is to come with your information, they still came at a steep price eh?"

The Principal stood up from his seat as he walked over to the window, staring outside with his hands clasped behind his back, and his gaze turned deep and unfathomable.

After a while, he sighed before a gleam of determination could be seen from that old eyes of his.

"As long as the world is still here and the Tian continent does not end up in flames, then any price would not be too expensive to pay. As the saying goes, as long as there still exist a verdant hill, we could still rebuilt even if the majority of us would perish!"

The voice the Principal used in that words of his as were strong as mount.Tai and the intent behind it was clear.

Even if he had to sacrifice himself, as long as the future still exist, he wouldn't hesitate to walk into that ocean of fire and die trying!

This determination of the Principal had Duan Li riled up and his body shaken from agitation, affected by the righteous aura exuded from the latter.

Subconsciously in his mind, Duan Li made a vow to himself.

"No.. No one has to sacrifice themselves.. I, Duan Li, would be the only one who has to do it!" he said inwardly with clenched fists.

"I guess its time for us to meet with the Emperor and relay this information. Although, even with my status as the Principal of the Jixue Knights Academy, it would still take a while.." the Principal said as he slid the chair preparing to sit down again.

"About that.. we could meet with the Emperor tomorrow!" Duan Li swiftly said.


The Principal was not prepared to hear this from Duan Li and accidentally slid the chair too far away and fell to the floor. With that, all the papers that was stacked neatly together by him before were now scattered.

Rising haggardly with one hand onto his table, the Principal cursed in his heart.

This damned brat! Did you think meeting with the Emperor is as easy as meeting with your mother?!

This is the Emperor we are talking about here, not some small figure that you could easily find on the streets!

Furthermore, there are so many protocols for us to follow and the official procedure was a pain too!

Those alone could already last us for a few days at least and that's only to reserve time for the appointment!

Seeming to catch on the air of misunderstanding coming from the Principal, Duan Li quickly explained.


"What?! You have met with Liu Sheng Juan and he offered you to meet with the Emperor tomorrow?" the Principal said out loud as his expression turned comical in disbelief.

Indeed! If its that person, meeting with the Emperor would be as easy as strolling through the Royal Palace like he owned the place!

But soon realizing something, the Principal's countenance changed once more.

"To be able to drag that person out from the headquarters.. you must have offered him something that is extremely valuable or of utmost importance.. did you perhaps.. told him about the future?" the Principal asked with worry.

Duan Li shook his head, "No, I haven't yet told him."

Sighing in relief, the Principal nodded in satisfaction.

"Good, I don't know what you did, but I guess it should be something beneficial for the Empire at least. After all, that person is not someone whom could be easily convinced. If you told him about the future without any sorts of evidence on you, he might do something totally unpredictable."

The Liu Sheng Juan that he knew, was always someone who put the Empire's interest as his first priority. With his untouchable amount of influence and power, it would be quite easy for him to spot and eliminate anyone who could be of threat, and recruit those who would be useful.

Cupping his chin, the Principal then decided.

"I will gather everyone that knew about the future to meet with the Emperor. Tomorrow, meet me here first thing in the morning and then we will rendezvous with Liu Sheng Juan. I will contact him later on so that he could be updated with this arrangements."

Duan Li nodded as a thought came to his mind, "Can I bring along my followers? As their Lord, the least I could do is to tell them the truth.."


"Very well, you can bring them along, I will convince Liu Sheng Juan somehow for this sudden influx of people we are bringing together." the Principal replied as he rubbed his glabella.

After Duan Li left, as if a phantom, another figure appeared besides the Principal.

It was Zhang Shi, the Vice-Principal.

"You know about this, don't you?" the Principal asked him.

"Naturally." the Vice-Principal replied casually as he made himself a tea by the side.

"Why didn't you tell me this beforehand then?" the Principal said with an irritation in his voice.

"Even for me, I would just be courting a certain death to talk about the affairs of that hateful man. After all, Liu Sheng Juan would not take it lightly for anyone to poke around his business.. don't tell me you forgot how he is like?" Zhang Shi chuckled as he shook his head, indulging himself in the aroma of the tea.

"Yeah.. ever since we have graduated and went our separate way, that man is taking things far too seriously.. he didn't even come by to say hello to us anymore." the Principal said dejectedly.

The Vice-Principal said no more as he silently sipped at his tea.

How time has fly..


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