Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
115 Chapter 114: Making an appointment with the Emperor!
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Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
Author :_Ramzey_
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115 Chapter 114: Making an appointment with the Emperor!


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Beside him, Shen Lu was already sweating buckets as his pupils looking dim and dillated. Only when Liu Sheng Juan mentioned the name 'Emperor' was he able to exit his stupor.

At the same time, he swerved his head to look at Duan Li more emotionally this time around.

"I knew that Brother is rich.. but not to this extent.. this is practically enough money to make a whole new Empire altogether!" Shen Lu said inwardly as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"Indeed, only the Emperor himself could accept a proposal of this magnitude. After all, this amount of money concerns the very future of the whole Jiu Empire itself." Liu Sheng Juan said with a nod.

For him, this was probably the longest discussion he ever had with someone. Even when he met the Emperor on numerous occasions before, he still took the position to be passive and silent most of the time, not say anything much at all.


"If that is so, could just about anyone be able to meet with the Emperor? I mean, I am just a student of the academy.. not someone that has a high status, not to mention I don't even have a single title!" asked Duan Li nervously.

No matter how backward the village he came from, Duan Li knew at least this much.

He didn't know why, but when he tried to recall the memories of meeting the Emperor, a block obstructed him from remembering it.

But he was sure that he had met the Emperor before!

If he could just recall it and figure out just what kind of person was this Emperor were, he wouldn't feel this nervous and anxious at all!

Liu Sheng Juan smiled as he shook his head.

"No.. not just anyone could meet with the Emperor, but this is a special occasion. With my power, meeting with the Emperor himself would not be an issue. Only that, he would definitely inquire on where did you managed to get a hold of such an enormous sum of money."

"He isn't someone that is hard to talk to, but if you can't convince him, that would be a problem." Liu Sheng Juan added.

Hearing this, Duan Li was a little bit conflicted. But after thinking it through, it was only normal that people would eventually try to poke their nose into his wealth sooner or later.

"About this.. have you ever heard about the Eternal maze below the academy?"

When Liu Sheng Juan heard this, he was momentarily taken aback, but it had only lasted for a single second before he seemed to had grasped the entire situation into his mind.

He was not the Managing Director of the Jiu Bank company if he couldn't figure this much.

So that was the case..

"I see.. I understand now. But why do you want to deposit all of these Superior quality spirit stones into the bank and exchange them to credit points?" said Liu Sheng Juan, trying to assess the motive behind Duan Li's action further.

"Well.. you see, I'm not really good in managing my finances, nor do I even feel the need to, when I am already this rich. Some might call me stupid for exposing my whole worth of wealth here, but there are a number of reasons why I chose to do so." Duan Li said.

"But most importantly, it was because I need the backing of someone powerful to protect me from the danger that my wealth could bring me. Even though we have proper law and order right now in this era, people's greed are sometimes unpredictable."

Liu Sheng Juan nodded in agreement.

"Besides, its not like I would lose anything. In fact, since the highest accepted currency in the Empire is High quality spirit stones, not only bringing these Superior quality spirit stones around me is dangerous, its also useless and can't be used for most of the time!" Duan Li said as he sighed.

"Also, since my follower here, Shen Lu, said that I could exchange back my credit points to spirit stones anytime I want, that's even more convenient for me even if I were to have a slight lost!"

"After all, who would dare to rob my wealth when it was being put into safekeeping by the Empire itself?" Duan Li added as he chuckled for a bit in the end.

Listening to Duan Li's explanation, Liu Sheng Juan nodded again, feeling extremely satisfied.

Indeed, what he had thought about this young man was just like his first impression of him when the other party first came in.

The air around this student couldn't be described as ordinary, but with his decades of experience, he could tell that this person in front of him was not the scheming type of a person.

In fact, this was a plain and simple man, even with such an astronomical amount of wealth that the other party possesses, there was not a hint that the latter wanted anything more than what was stated.

Shen Lu on the other hand, wanted to interject on numerous occasions during this discussion. But his instinct told him that if he were to open his mouth, things would get complicated.

He had always trusted his inner gut against a figure as such. This was an existence beyond his level of intellect. Any method he used to probe for opportunities would definitely be spotted on by this person!

"I see.. if that is the case, then there is no problem at all. Come back here tomorrow, we shall meet with the Emperor by then." Liu Sheng Juan said casually as he continued to sip down his coffee.

"For now, you should keep your Superior quality spirit stones back to your spatial ring. This branch building is not equipped with the latest anti-robbery mechanism yet, and we could not guarentee it to be safe here." he added.

Duan Li nodded, but looking at that floating river of liquefied spiritual Qi around them, he sighed feeling that it would be quite a waste to leave them just like this.

After all, the moment he would store the Superior quality spirit stones back to his spatial ring, this floating river of spiritual Qi would disappear.

Seeming to notice Duan Li's plight, Liu Sheng Juan whipped out something from his own spatial ring.

"Here, use this as a medium to store the spiritual Qi so you can put it inside your spatial ring." he said as he handed it out to Duan Li.

When Duan Li cast his sight onto that object, he was stumped.

From his memories, this was a monster core of a 5 Star rank monster! The purity was so high that it could still absorb spiritual Qi upon being stimulated.

Receiving this expensive gesture with an open arm, Duan Li accepted the gift as he stored those rich spiritual Qi into the monster core, before storing it and his Superior quality spirit stones back to his spatial ring.

After which, Liu Sheng Juan suddenly said, "That would be for a total of one Superior quality spirit stone." with a flat tone.

"..." everyone.


After that, Duan Li and Shen Lu left the room following closely behind the lady employee.

Eventhough the corners in this building appeared simple enough to be navigated normally, this was actually not the case.

The entire building rest upon a runic formation that changes the inner layout of the building with every corner they took, akin to a maze.

Any unauthorized individual would find themselves to be trapped here, and if they were so much as to open any random doors here, Duan Li and Shen Lu could only shiver at the thought of it.

Arriving back at the front desk, the lady bank employee bowed earnestly towards Duan Li with utmost respect, the same kind of reverence she shown towards the Managing Director before.

"Esteemed customer, thank you for your patronage today. From now on, if you encounter any sorts of problem, as long as it is within my capabilities, I would definitely help esteemed customer here."

Hesitating for a bit, she then continued.

"This might be a little too late to introduce myself, but my name is Di Ruohan." she said awkwardly.

After exchanging a few pleasantries and small talk for a while, Duan Li and Shen Lu finally felt that it was time to leave. Shorty after, they left the Jiu Bank company building warrily.

Looking left and right, they both scanned at their entire surrounding. Confirming that the situation was safe, they finally sighed in relief.

Seems like those angry mobs from before had all but dispersed for a long while now!

"Thankfully, they are gone now and we can safely go back to our residence court." Shen Lu said as he chuckled.

Along the way, Shen Lu began to speak to Duan Li about the previous matter.

"Brother, that Liu Sheng Juan fellow is someone that we must not offend at all. His position and status dwarves everyone here in the Jiu Empire and is only second to that of the Emperor himself."

Hearing this, a hint of realization finally came into Duan Li's mind.

He had long conjectured this himself back then, as that middle-aged man seemed to spoke of the word 'Emperor' so casually, but he had no way of proving it before.

However now, he finally knew it for a fact.

"So that is actually the case.."


Arriving at their residence court, Duan Li and Shen Lu could see that their other party members had already arrived safely with none being taken hostage at all.

After all, if those mobs were to truly go overboard now, Duan Li himself wouldn't mind to teach them a good lesson with his personal slap!

"You're finally here, what took you so long?" Shen Murong spoke out with his tone seemingly a little bit irritated.

"Ahahaha! Sorry, but we had struck quite a good deal at the bank, and that was why it took a bit of our time to get back here. But that would be a surprise for everyone next time. Right now, for everyone's valiant and heroic display before, our Lord here would definitely not mistreat you!" Shen Lu gestured towards Duan Li as he chuckled.

Noticing what the other party meant, Duan Li could only smile wryly.

With a wave of his hand, 9 High quality spirit stones were whipped out from his Spatial ring. Extending one to each of them, their faces soon showed the expression of agitation.

The new recruits, especially Wei Shang and Wei Wang, hadn't yet been able to held a High quality spirit stone on their hands in their whole life before. Thus, they swiftly broke out into tears emotionally.

The long years of vicious cycle of poverty has now ended as they were more positive towards the future!

Xu Rong, Fei Longwei and Guo He was also happy to receive it, but each coming from a respectable clan except Guo He, they naturally had the opportunity to see and held one themselves, although not own one.

After all, no matter how rich they were, the value of a single High quality spirit stone was truly massive for an individual use.

Usually, High quality spirit stones would only accumulate through the collective assets of individuals within a group or organization.

Only teachers and other lucrative occupation with a higher Star rank would be able to possess a few of them in their entire lifetime!

Guo He on the other hand, already had a single one to himself before, back when he saved a dying child that was stabbed in an alleyway. Turns out that the child was a scion to some rich family and he was given one as a gesture of gratitude.

Therefore, he wasn't as shocked as well when he received this gift from Duan Li.

The rest of the old party members were equally elated as well, but in order to show their seniority towards the new recruits, they managed to suppress their emotions and just accept it casually, as if it were a normal occurrence to them.

Seeing this, Duan Li chuckled once more.

Looks like things would get more interesting from now on!


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