Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years
352 Transformation, Terror of the Demon Emperor
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Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years
Author :Let me laugh
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352 Transformation, Terror of the Demon Emperor

He finally cursed a mortal enemy to death. Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.


The path of the Great Dao was long-lasting.

Han Jue thought to himself, "It's not my fault. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for having killing intent towards me."

He never provoked others, but he was not afraid of trouble.

Whoever dared to harm him, he would think of all ways to kill them.

If he wanted the enemy to give up on hatred, he would make him disappear!

Han Jue adjusted his state.

He prepared to continue cursing the Demon Emperor.

If it was the Demon Emperor, he could curse for five days.

Han Jue didn't want to kill two Zenith Heavens in a row. He was afraid that his mentality would change.

Furthermore, the Demon Emperor was not the Devil Ancestor. Even if he revealed his true body, he wouldn't be killed by the Heavenly Dao.

Demon Court.

The Demon Emperor was filled with fear when he heard the Heavenly Dao Buddha's roar.

Previously, he hated the Dark Forbidden Lord and was more furious. After all, in his opinion, the Dark Forbidden Lord only dared to curse in secret.

But it was different now!

A Zenith Heaven was cursed to death!

The Demon Emperor didn't care about the Heavenly Dao Buddha being the Devil Ancestor. In his opinion, the Dark Forbidden Lord already had the strength to kill a Zenith Heaven. The reason why he had forced the Heavenly Dao Buddha to reveal his true form was to torture him.

What a terrifying and vicious fellow!

The Demon Emperor had lived for so long, but he had never encountered such a savage fellow.

This fellow could clearly kill the enemy directly, but he insisted on cursing in secret and torturing the enemy's will.

Such an enemy was too terrifying!

At this moment, the Demon Emperor even felt a hint of regret.

He suddenly wanted to beg the Dark Forbidden Lord for mercy.

However, he sadly discovered that he didn't even know who the Dark Forbidden Lord was. He couldn't even find him.

He suddenly thought of Zu Tu.

Zu Tu had recently been pretending to be the Dark Forbidden Lord. Could it really be him?

He indeed had the strength to kill the Heavenly Dao Buddha…

The more the Demon Emperor thought about it, the more panicked he became.

At this moment!

The familiar curse power attacked again.

The Demon Emperor panicked. He thought that the Dark Forbidden Lord was preparing to curse him to death.

He began to think of all ways to stop it.

However, five days later, the curse stopped.

He wasn't injured.

The Dark Forbidden Lord seemed to be teasing him.

For some reason, the Demon Emperor was pleasantly surprised.

"He wants to befriend me?"

The moment this thought appeared in the Demon Emperor's mind, it began to grow like weeds.

The Heavenly Dao Buddha had just died when the Dark Forbidden Lord came to curse him. It was definitely not casual. There had to be a deeper meaning.

The Demon Emperor frowned. What should he do?

After cursing all the enemies, Han Jue walked out of the Connate Cave Abode. Fairy Xi Xuan and Chang Yue'er, who were in seclusion, also came out to listen as he preached the Dao to everyone.

Everyone felt that Han Jue was different now.

Chu Shiren had a complicated expression and was secretly shocked. "This is the Deity Realm? No, he might be even stronger!"

After awakening his memories of his previous life, Chu Shiren tried the simulation trial. He discovered that Han Jue had recorded many mighty figures that he needed to admire in his previous life.

Since Han Jue could simulate the strength of those mighty figures, he was definitely not weaker than them.

Han Jue looked at Chu Shiren and asked, "What do you think about the death of the Heavenly Dao Buddha?"

Chu Shiren came back to his senses and said, "He deserved it. When the Heavenly Dao Buddha lured the Devil Heart into the Buddhist Sect, I felt that something was wrong with him. He will definitely destroy the Buddhist Sect. As expected."

The others couldn't help but be curious. Previously, Chu Shiren didn't mention a word about the Buddhist Sect, causing them to be too embarrassed to ask.

Han Jue didn't ask further and started to talk.

Chang Yue'er sent a voice transmission to Fairy Xi Xuan, "Master, Junior Brother seems to have changed."

Fairy Xi Xuan replied, "It's just that his cultivation level has increased."

She looked at Han Jue with reverence.

Not only them, but the other disciples also clearly felt the pressure emitted by Han Jue.

Diamond Rage and the Black Hell Demon Lord were the most shocked.

This was obviously not a small breakthrough, but a big one!

To welcome a major breakthrough with his cultivation level, what realm was he at?

They didn't dare to think too much.

As Han Jue began to preach the Dao, everyone entered a state of enlightenment.

This lecture lasted for five years. Everyone had comprehended something and even broke through.

Including Diamond Rage and the Black Hell Demon Lord, they seemed to have found a way to increase their cultivation level.

For the next four years, Han Jue allowed them to ask questions one by one.

After that, he dismissed the disciples and returned to the cave abode alone, preparing to continue cultivating.

Dao Comprehension Sword followed him.

She came in front of Han Jue and asked carefully, "Master, you're so strong now. Do you still want to hide here?"

For some reason, Han Jue gave her the feeling of invincibility.

She had never felt it so strongly.

Han Jue said angrily, "What do you mean by hiding? This is cultivation. There is no end to the Dao!

"What? Has your Dao heart changed? You want to go out? Alright, get out now. I'll personally send you to the Immortal World!"

Dao Comprehension Sword was so frightened that her face turned pale. She hurriedly knelt down and begged, "I didn't! Master! I was wrong!"

Han Jue snorted. "Don't ask such questions in the future. Cultivate well."

He was already a little arrogant. If more and more voices like Dao Comprehension Sword appeared around him, he might really become arrogant enough to enter the calamity.

Could this girl have been possessed by the Heavenly Dao to seduce him?

Han Jue was determined.

I'm not strong enough!

Thinking of Li Daokong and Ancestor Xitian, the smugness in his heart vanished.

Dao Comprehension Sword seemed to be frightened. She returned to her mat and continued cultivating.

Han Jue couldn't bear it and said, "Come over. I'll give you special treatment."

Dao Comprehension Sword was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly came to his bed to meditate.

Her gaze landed on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus under Han Jue. She wanted to ask what this treasure was, but she didn't dare to.

"Regarding the Heavenly Sword Dao, you've already cultivated most of it. I'll teach you another Sword Dao Mystical Power.

"This Mystical Power is the Unparalleled Sword Qi, the Mystical Power you despised before," Han Jue said expressionlessly.

Dao Comprehension Sword hurriedly waved her hand and denied it. "I didn't. I only said this name is average."

"Oh? You're still arguing?"

"I was wrong…"

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction and started to teach her the Mystical Power.

Half a year later.

Dao Comprehension Sword was chased out of the cave abode by Han Jue and went outside to cultivate his Mystical Power.

Han Jue took out the Heavenly Dao Token and contacted the Heavenly Emperor. He didn't know how the Heavenly Court had been all these years.

Soon, his divine sense connected.

"Hmph, you really broke through to the Deity Realm." The Heavenly Emperor snorted. He felt Han Jue's divine sense transform. It was no longer the Emperor Realm, but the divine sense of the Deity Realm.

Han Jue said awkwardly, "Cough cough, I was just lucky."

The Heavenly Emperor said meaningfully, "Tsk tsk, your talent is really powerful. I suspect that you don't have a Chaotic Physique, but a stronger and more mysterious physique."

"No, I just have a heart towards the Dao."

"Heart of the Dao? Perhaps."

The Heavenly Emperor seemed to have thought of something and fell silent.

Han Jue asked, "How's the situation in the Heavenly Court recently? I heard a voice previously. Something must have happened in the Immortal World."

The Heavenly Emperor said indifferently, "Just one Buddha died."


Han Jue was unhappy.

He wanted to hear the Heavenly Emperor brag about the Dark Forbidden Lord, but this fellow did not follow the script.

Heavenly Emperor!

Do you know how many years of lifespan I've spent?

If I tell you, you can't bear the burden!

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    《Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years》