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40 Guarded by Two
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The Rise of Xueyue | ON HIATUS
Author :xincerely
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40 Guarded by Two

"Goodness gracious, who is that?"

"Did any noble man have a daughter with that face?"

"Oh my...have you ever seen anything like her?"

Whispers rose from the ashes and into the air when Xueyue stepped out of her carriage accompanied by Chenyang and Wenmin.

The twins were the first to climb out of the carriage in order to help Xueyue climb out of the enormous carriage meant for seven people.

"The Li twins are helping her!"

"No way! Chenyang doesn't like to touch any girl! Even if she was family."

"But look, Jie-jie, he offered her his hand!"

Chenyang placed a hand out for Xueyue and she firmly grasped it to climb out of the carriage. Because it was so fancy and extravagant, the carriage was higher than the normal and modest ones they've used to travel. This one was meant for bragging about the Li family's fortune.

The minute Xueyue exited the carriage, Wenmin was on her side. Her face was only revealed for the few seconds she climbed out of the carriage because muscular guards instantly surrounded her like a barrier.

Wenmin and Chenyang walked with their head held high and their eyes forward. They strutted like royalty and oozed high intensity of charisma.

Meanwhile, Xueyue, who was heavily guarded, was completely oblivious to the heavy and curious gazes centered on her.

"Do you think she's Duke and Duchess Li's famed daughter that was kept hidden for all these years?"

"If my daughter was as beautiful as her, I would hide her as well."

"Should we introduce our sons to Duchess Li? The grandchildren will be the best looking babies of the century!"

"Hm, a girl so beautiful, it'd be a miracle if she didn't have a fiancé."

Wenmin's gaze hardened at the whispers that reached his ears. He frowned and tugged Xueyue closer to him.

One terrifying gaze from Chenyang's direction was enough to silence the people.

Together, they walked towards the dark purple tent that was located the closet to the Imperial Gold tent of the royal family.

All of the tents were lined up in a slight curved formation. The closer the tents to the royal family, the wealthier and more powerful these families were. To the right of the golden tent was the Li family and to the left of the golden tent was the Wen family.

When Xueyue walked closer to the tent, she finally heard the whispers. She noticed the curious and coy glances from multiple nobles.

"Do I look weird?" Xueyue quietly asked when she noticed everyone was trying their best to hide her.

Wenmin's gaze softened as he brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ears.

Never in a million years would the people think she looked "weird."

In fact, it was the complete opposite of that. They were bewitched by the refreshing beauty without even seeing what she had to offer.

"You look lovely, Yueyue." He gently said, leading her into the tent.

Duke and Duchess Li were paying their respect to the Imperial Family. In advance they told the twins to guide her straight into the tent.

Knowing Xueyue's appearance and quiet nature, they knew it was best to hide her until the start of the competition. Neither of the Li family members wanted unnecessary pests to hang around her.

"Don't worry about the scums. They're only good at talking." Chenyang grumbled, leading Xueyue into the tent.

"Start the heater." Wenmin nodded to the servants within the expansive tent. Located inside of it was a furnace, a low table, and multiple chairs enough for the entire Li family.


"You're not wearing gloves." Chenyang frowned when he saw how pale her fingertips were.

"This should warm you up." Wenmin doted on her by placing two big freshly steamed buns onto her hand. Because it was freshly made and steamed, the warm traveled to her cold fingertips.

Xueyue stared at the bun and suddenly felt self-conscious.

Wouldn't she look unladylike and disrespectful if she ate like a glutton? Most noble ladies were expected to take small bites and eat very little. Yet, Xueyue sat there, like a lost bunny, with two giant buns in her hand.

Hesitating over the heavy gazes on her, she took a small and reluctant nibble of the bun.

Wenmin tilted his head towards the servants who immediately lowered the tent's curtains.

"Eat as you usually do, ignore the stares." Wenmin patted her head, grabbing a bun and stuffing it into his mouth to show her he didn't care about their public image.

Xueyue soon mimicked his movements and ate how she usually would.

Chenyang finally had a small smile as he watched her eat. She was back to normal and her shoulders were finally more relaxed.

"I'll be right back." Chenyang nodded to Wenmin before walking out of the tent. The minute he did so, he garnered every women's attention.

Strong built, taller than average, wide shoulders, and dressed in a well-fitted black and gold robes, he was quite the looker.

Chenyang went to the archery fields first to examine the posts and equipment. He was prepared to walk back, but then smelled the familiar scent of Tangyuan [1]. His gaze followed the scent and located a few servants walking around with a tray filled with bowls of warm, piping hot Tangyuan.

Just when he approached the servant and grabbed a bowl, a group of girls approached him.

His lips tilted down at the heavily scented perfumes that immediately wafted to his nose.

"G-greetings to Young Master Li." The girl in charge, Ning Huabing stepped forward and presented an elegant bow. Her voice was soft and sweet, but Chenyang thought it was too forced.

Ning Huabing was not an ugly woman. And as a matter of fact, many young noble men were after her hands in marriage.

She was beyond the idea of beautiful. With luscious, silky hair, perky nose, and dewy eyes, she looked like the idea Damsel-In-Distress that provoked the protective nature of men.

On top of that, many mothers wanted her because she was always filial. Good at painting, embroidery, and the arts, she was a frequent winner and competitor.

But as good as she was, Chenyang was annoyed with her. She was constantly trailing after him, regardless of his cold composure.

"Ah, Young Master Li please wait-" Ning Huabing panicked when Chenyang sidestepped her and began to walk away.

Chenyang sighed and raised his head.

From the corner of his eye, he saw his mother's heavy gaze. Chenyang silently glowered on the inside. He couldn't disrespect the eldest daughter of the respectable Ning family.

"What is it?" Chenyang angrily snapped at the woman. He couldn't walk away, but he could talk bad to her. It wasn't like the elders' deafening ears could hear him anyways.

Chenyang wanted to go back to Xueyue and Wenmin, well, more the former than the latter, after spotting more pastries on the food table.

"I-I heard Young Master Li would compete in the archery competition so I made this string you could tie around your quiver as good luck." Ning Huabing presenter him a long gold and silver colored thread with a tassel at the bottom.

One glance at the strings and you could tell it was real gold and silver. This must've costed quite a lot of money.

"You think I need luck to win this competition?" Chenyang frowned, taking the gesture as an offense.

Ning Huabing immediately shook her head. "No, I would never-"

Chenyang brushed past her, his patience reaching its limits. The Tangyuan would taste better hot than warm and he didn't want Xueyue to have an upset stomach.

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