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36 Underneath the Night Sky
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The Rise of Xueyue | ON HIATUS
Author :xincerely
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36 Underneath the Night Sky

A few days had passed since Wen Jinkai was carried into the Li Manor.

Because the journey back the Wen Manor would be strenuous and not good for the injured body, he stayed within the Li Manor.

Day by day, he was getting increasingly healthier.

Xueyue was impressed by how fast he was healing.

Even the Doctor had pointed out he healed faster than the average man, perhaps it was because his body was well-accustomed to all sorts of poison and wounds.

It was currently night time and everyone was asleep by now.

There was a full moon tonight, but it's beauty was hidden by the cloud.

There was no moonlight to guide the wanderers of the night, but there was still stars in the inky sky.

From a distance, the soft sound of crickets chirping could be heard.

The wind blew by, picking up the dark brown and dying leaves of winter.

From the room that Commander Wen Jinkai was occupying, the sound of blankets shuffling could be heard.

A man leaned on the headboard, groaning in tiredness and stiffness.

Though he had just awoken from a coma, his senses were still very heightened.

Even in his seemingly endless cycle of sleep, he could hear the voices and conversations surrounding him.

He glanced at the neatly wrapped bandages on his wound and touched the spot.

Jinkai saw a tinge of green on the bandage and brushed it off as harmless paste.

If the people wanted to kill him, they would have.

There was no need to freight over the idea of poison.

Why would someone spend so many hours of hard work just for it to go to waste?

Slipping out of bed, he walked towards the door.

Ignoring the stabbing pain of his fresh wounds, he pushed the door open.

Immediately, the wind entered the room.

It lowered the temperature, but nothing was able to match the intensity of the man's icy gaze.

He recognized this place, it was oddly familiar.

Running a hand through his hair, his eyes surveyed his surroundings.

The hallway was a very open concept that lead to a pond in the center.

The wing of this household was wrapped around an enormous pond with a tiny bridge, a few goldfishes swimming about, and well decorated wooden lanterns as lights.

It was clear to see this was a very rich family.

To be able to afford a pond, have an entire wing dedicated to it, and even floors made of the highest quality of wood, the family's wealth was no joke.

Walking back into the room, he shut the door.

He walked around the room, searching for his gear.

Hopefully the people hadn't thrown it out or probed through it.

After a few minutes of searching, he finally found it tucked underneath the bed.

The robes were cleaned and so was his exquisite and expertly designed armor.

His eyes narrowed at the scent of freshly washed clothes.

This meant the people had actually gone through his stuff.

Luckily, he didn't bring any important documents with him. It was just his weapons and flute.

Grabbing the expensive white jade flute that took hundreds of years to cultivate, and was worth an entire kingdom, he went outside.

The instrument was specifically designed by his great grandfather to be passed down as family heirloom.

The white jade grew at the highest point of a snowy mountain surrounded by ferocious creatures and rocky paths, which made it nearly impossible to acquire.

Taking in a deep breath, the man softly blew into the flute.

Because of it's supreme material, the flute had a very unique sound. It was light and pleasant to the years, and produced a different tune than normal flutes.

Listening to the flute for just a few seconds was like listening to the symphony of Shenzhou's awarded performers.

Through the flute, the man was signalling to his people. The wind was strong and carried the sound. He knew he was in the Capital, but wasn't sure which household it was. Just to be safe, he signaled his men to arrive.

But just as many of his comrades were near, so were his enemies. He knew they were waiting for a chance to attack him off guard.

It wasn't safe in this household and above all, he knew he couldn't injure the people who saved his life. Especially that girl whose voice was like a fresh breath of spring...

He didn't know why but her voice ranged the most in his mind.

Perhaps it was because she was the first to suggest they should save him and not leave him to die...

He truly was at the brinks of death.

The man's hand clenched into a fist, so tightly it turned white.

He had been betrayed by one of his people.

He had foolishly fallen into a trap by a spy in his army, and the man already knew who it was.

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