The God World
21 Late Notice / Explanation
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The God World
Author :Original116
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21 Late Notice / Explanation


Hi. Sorry for the 'even longer than usual' wait to for the next Chapter. I have a reason to not post for such long periods of time, but it just seems like an excuse. So, for those that don't care about the reason, I'm sorry for not posting. The next Chapter should come out within a couple weeks, maybe even the next week, so please wait a little longer. I know that basically a half or two thirds of the chapters I've posted have had a long time in-between them, so thank you for sticking with me the whole time.

Excuse: school... I've had quite a few of health issues, so I'm getting every single grade within a this month to compensate for that. The average has been more than 3 grades per week, so I've been physically, and mentally exhausted. I wasn't really able to study while I had those "issues", so I basically had to learn everything that was new for a positive grade in 2-3 days. Luckily, the last batch of grades that I have to get (in June, July, first half of August) are going to be done on Friday. They're also on a subject I'm quite at, so I don't have any major issues studying.

Thank you again, for waiting for these absurdly long times, and I'll see you soon. @@
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    《The God World》