The CEO'S Cold wife
7 Betrayer
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The CEO'S Cold wife
Author :hali99
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7 Betrayer

¨Mom what are you doing here¨ Rose asked the middle-aged lady who was walking from the entrance

¨Aisha aren't you supposed to be with a meeting with CEO Wang¨ Madam Hu asked

¨I canceled it¨ Rose answered


¨Aisha Honey Moomey is going to tell you something but don't get mad Okay¨

¨let´s go to the office¨ Rose asked calmly

¨Okay baby¨

¨honey you know the Wang group right¨


¨Your grandparents made a promise that their children would get married so they¨ as madam Hu was about to continue Rose answered

¨Okay¨ Rose didn't have any objections she would start her new life and marry that was always her dream

¨Then great I made an appointment with him you guys can eat lunch with him¨ her mother quickly sent the address to Rose´s phone and started to walk out of the office and didn't give a chance to rose to say anything

Rose arrived at the restaurant got her phone out and waited

after a few minutes, she felt like someone was watching her so she raised her head and as she saw who the person her eyes went wide her heart was beating fast and hurting at the same time but she quickly recovered or she pretended to recover

"....sir you got the wrong table this table is already reserved you should get another...table " she nervously asked

"did I?" the man asked with a smirk

as Rose was about to reply she heard some girls whispering with excitement

"is that CEO Wang OMG"

"This a rear sight" both of the girls took out their phones and took a picture secretly

as Rose herd that she quickly got up as she was about to leave someone grabbed her hand

"Where do you think you're going?" Wang Lu asked

"where do you think I'm going?" Rose asked

"canceling the marriage, Oh but I can't let you do that"

"Really then try and stop me" Rose smirked then walked out of the restaurant he smiled and let her go

"we'll see each other soon" Wang Lu smiled

Rose hoped on a taxi and went to the Hu cooperation

when she got to the company and as she was about to open the door she heard two voices inside

"Mom you can't why-why can't I marry him it's not fair why do you want to make her happy so much she's not even your daughter"

"we have to act as if we care for her for now until she saves the company"

"so you mean after she marries that devil and saves the company then I can marry my love"

"yes honey, for now, you have to act that you care for her and apologize to her"

"Mom I can't why"


"ok mom"

"but you know how that wan devil is he'll just throw her away and our company is going to be saved then you can be the CEO she'll be trash that no one care's for"

Rose thought that that women cared for her she was blinded by love and that she finally had a mother, wow Rose mother and daughter pair love it they want to use me let see who uses who

Rose opened the door and started clapping

"Wow how amusing love the show perfect mother and daughter pair"

Rose laughed

"A.....aisha wh what are you doing her when did you get here"

"what do you think Mrs. Hu I came here to tell that I won't marry Wang Lu your daughter can I mean she can satisfy him more than I and she has more experience in bed then I do" Rose smiled wickedly

"YOU you-you bitch how dare you" Alice screamed

"now let stop with that Mrs. Hu where did you find me" Rose asked while holding her chin up

"and if you don't tell me then I'll just break your neck"

"don't please put me-me down I'll tell you please"

"good girl now spile it"

"we-we found you outside our house I think you were 14 and you-you were cover in blood and didn't have any memory Alice father saw you and he felt pity for you and gave you a new home we looked into your background but it was like if you never even existed Alice's father wanted to give you a new life and a new name so he told us to tell you that we were your real family"


she thought and when thought about it now that women never liked her only her husband who died 6 month's ago only cared for Aisha and when he died Aisha took over the company and then things happened with her boyfriend then tried to do suicide looks like didn't even have a real family that care for her

"I am sorry" Rose whispered

as the hours passed and she didn't even notice it was 11 AM she looked at the clock and started typing on her phone then went to the closest bar.
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    《The CEO'S Cold wife》