Teen Wolf: Fenrir
22 truth
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Teen Wolf: Fenrir
Author :poeticjustice
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22 truth

with stiles done with the argents he began driving away as he picks up his phone and calls Scott

"hey Scott did you help Lydia?" stiles says just as Scott answers the phone.

"yeah we're currently at the hospital" Scott replies

"okay that's good I'll be there in a few" Stiles says as he hangs up

pov change

"So are you also like Stiles, can you change your eyes to a different color?" Lydia asked as she fidgets around the hospital bed trying to get a much better sitting position.

"well I don't know if I can tell you, but since you've seen stiles then yes I can, but that is all I can tell you since I am not allowed to give out some of our secrets at the moment." Scott replied as he messaged Allison telling her that Lydia is doing okay.

"umm, is stiles coming? I wanted to ask you earlier while you were on the phone with him but..." Lydia was saying but not finishing her sentence as she began to mumble while lowering her head.

"yeah he's on his way right now he will be here shortly" Scott said grinning as he thought about something and forming a little plan.

a few minutes later Scott suddenly asked Lydia.

"so tell me, how long has it been since you began to like Stiles?" Scott asked

"since the first day of the semester." she replied casually then instantly turning red due to what she just said. she was totally caught off guard that she just replied without thinking about it.

"hahaha that's good hear."Scott said

but just as Scott finished talking the door opened revealing Stiles with a red face obviously he was blushing but he still tried to keep a straight face.

"is it true?" Stiles asked Lydia

pov change

as stiles arrived at the hospital he immediately ran inside to where he saw his dad and Scotts mom talking.

"hey Stiles what are you doing here?" stiles dad asked

but instead of answering his dad he ignored him and looked towards Scotts mom.

"which room is Lydia Martin in?" Stiles asked in a hurried manner.

"the girl Scott is with, she should be in room 204 why?" she replied but instead of getting an answer back from stiles, Stiles just ran towards the elevator

"well then I'm guessing she's someone important to him, he even ignored you." Scotts mother said to sheriff stilinski.

"that boy..." sheriff stilinski muttered not saying anything about it.

on the other hand stiles finally got inside the elevator and pressed the button as he was going up he can smell Scott and Lydia where in the same room.


the elevator door opened and Stiles walked out in speedy manner looking at the door numbers to find Lydia's.

but just as he found the room he heard Scott ask Lydia.

"so tell me, how long has it been since you began to like Stiles?"

"since the first day of the semester." she replied

immediately causing Stiles to stumble and turn red

it took him a few seconds to get his emotions together as he braced himself and opened the door asking

"is it true?"

Scott hearing this grinned like an idiot since he knew his plan worked. due to his hearing and smell being wolf-like he was able to hear and smell Stiles just as he was a few feet away.

Lydia hearing stiles question turned even more red.

Stiles seeing her like that knew the answer, so he just started walking towards her and reached out and gently raised her chin so that they were both looking at each other.

as stiles looked at Lydia he yet again got dazed as he stared into her eyes and slowly leaned in kissing Lydia on the lips.

at first Lydia was surprised and was about to push stiles away but then she just lost her strength and just closed her eyes and began to kiss back.

Scott on the other hand just left since he kind of felt awkward standing there by himself.

a few minutes later stiles and Lydias kissing stopped and they just stared at each other both grinning with happiness, but stiles still had one thing to do as that is to tell Lydia the truth about him and his pack.

A/N: hey guys sorry I've been busy with work and doing some plans for building a house, and also getting a mortgage at a young age can be a bitch so yeah my bad not much of an excuse but it is what it is
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    《Teen Wolf: Fenrir》