Supreme Martial System
262 A God“s warning.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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262 A God“s warning.

Zhihao looks at Slanmark, his gaze unmoving as he stares directly at Slanmark's eyes.

"Pu-pleas---e, s-p--are m--e..." Slanmark spoke as his body faced up.

Zhihao emotionlessly looks at Slanmark; "Since you want to be spared that much, I'll do so after one last action."

Zhihao summoned two needles sized black spear, the same as the four that stabbed Slanmark in place.

"I just wish to cleanse my beautiful wife's shame, since you will die anyway, I'll take out the two things that shamed her." Zhihao then made the needle sized black spear, let's call it black needles now.

Slowly, these two needles hovered above Slanmark's eyes.

Zhihao pulled the spear out the almost transparent spear out of Slanmark's chest.

"Giiiiih!" Slanmark inhaled a lung full of air, although there is still a hole in his chest, at least there isn't anything that's forcibly pulling out the air in his body.

"Tha-" Slanmark was about to thank Zhihao, he didn't hear a word Zhihao had said earlier, hence, he thought that the latter had forgiven him, but what appeared in front of him shocked him even further.

In front of Slanmark are the two black needles rotating as it hovers in the sky.

"No! No! What are you-Gyaaaaah!" Slanmark couldn't help but shout in pain.

"Gwaaaa!!! GYAAAAH!!! STOP!!!"

The two black needles struck Slanmark's eyes as it started mutilating it, white liquids continuously pours of Slanmark's eye socket.

When Zhihao finally had enough, he called out his greatest weapon; "Supreme Martial God's Blade and Sword!"

Zhihao lifts his two arms up in the sky, making the white blades to each other and with a slashing motion, Zhihao's first slashes aimed at Slanmark's shoulder limbs.


But Zhihao didn't stop there as he continued with the three lower limbs, with a jump, Zhihao slashed horizontally, completely removing Slanmark's limbs out of his body.

"GYAAAAAAAAH! STOP! PLEASE!" Slanmark tries to beg, but Zhihao didn't stop as he slashes towards Slanmark's neck and directly impales one of his swords through the middle of his chest.

"Kuk!" Slanmark's final words full of blood as his head flew out fully severed from his useless body.

Zhihao looks at his two blades; "I'm still not proficient with wielding weapons..."

Seeing the blood and tissues attached to the blades, Zhihao shook his head.

Still, he has not much time, hence, he did something he wouldn't have done; "Riku, I hope this plan of mine works."

Without waiting for Riku's reply, Zhihao starts to fly up in the sky, sending some of his Spiritual Energy up to the heavens as it scatters throughout the land, Zhihao starts.

"To all beings of this Celestial World, I bring you both calamity and prosperity! I will annihilate the root of the problem of this World, the Vermillion's Holy Order! After 15 days of time, it will cease to exist, starting with the Stargazer Light Kingdom's branch, I will march myself towards their main cult!"

Zhihao's words didn't stop there as he adds; "Those innocent souls can be forgiven and leave the cult, you only have 14days left."

After speaking, Zhihao descends again down the ground, he looks at Ying Mai and spoke: "Let's start."

"Un." Seeing her husband about to work, Ying Mai immediately changes to her 'Flame Empress' set and started walking with Zhihao towards the Kingdom's castle.

At this moment, Riku looks at Zhihao; "Zhihao, are you sure about this? I told you already, there are beings here as strong or even stronger than you."

Zhihao halts for a moment, the reason why Riku wants for them to slowly purge the world of its evil, and the reason for that is... there are beings that are strong here, so strong that they fought and injured Riku while her power is at 1%

Although 1% sounds so little, when Riku was at her 100%, she fought supreme titans, legions of them numbering no less than 10,000 together with her brother and sister.

With a chuckle, Zhihao spoke: "I'm 100% almost sure about it. I mean, they are stronger than me, but still, I'll definitely fight to my heart's content!"

Riku and Ying Mai didn't laugh together with him.

Ying Mai thought internally; 'I will help you relieve some of the burdens on your shoulders... definitely...'

Ying Mai made a resolute pledge inside her mind, Zhihao then continued.

Zhihao made a solemn smile; "I'll be facing enemies much stronger than them sooner or later, It might even happen today, and all I know is... They can kill me without any effort as I am right now, I must grow stronger, much stronger than me before and today!"

Zhihao looks in front of him; "Riku... why didn't they kill the Kings of each Kingdom again?"

Riku sighs; "I already told you this, the rulers that were predetermined since ancient times were blessed by my power, the Celestial Energy will continuously come towards the location where the royalty resides, and the location where they are staying will simply flourish even with or without the king having any talent."

"The Celestial Energy around them will be easily cultivated by others or the citizens, but the stronger the King is, the easier for the inhabitants of the Kingdom will cultivate."

Zhihao now remembers, but Riku still continued; "The reason why they didn't kill any of these rulers... simply is because there are already hundreds of other Kingdoms that was destroyed by doing so."

"You mean?" Zhihao asked.

Riku nods her head: "Many years ago, the Vermillion's Holy Order started massacring the Kings of the Treasured Continent and even tried to conquer the other continent's space, taking the kingdoms for themselves, but the longer the war goes, the weaker they get, and a few hundred years later, the Kingdoms they conquered started to crumble from a mysterious reason."

"But then, there was a Kingdom that stood still, they tried to search for the reason what's the reason, and after a few months of investigation, they found clues of a King's royal blood living as a farmer on its outskirts."

"That king was then placed back on the throne, giving him all the benefits, wives, and maids to booth, but they made another experiment."

"To kill that King and place their innocent descendants as a ruler?" Zhihao became serious as he asks Riku.

Riku nods her head; "Yes, and after observing for another hundred of years, the Kingdom still flourished as nothing happened, they also tried to rebuild Kingdoms with the children as the base but all of it became a failure."

Zhihao nods his head; "The parasite living in your World needs to be taken care of."

As soon as Zhihao's words were finished, he looks at the Cathedral that's two times much bigger than the castle itself; "We start now."

Riku nods powerlessly; "Just don't drag the innocents too much."

"I'm not that heartless." Zhihao chuckles as he made his way there.

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A voice sounded unexpectedly, like the one that stood beside the King a yesterday howls as he points his fingers at Zhihao while it shakes violently, there are thousands of Celestiality Sovereigns behind him, his anger surges at the peak as he saw Slanmark and Suryang: "The crime of laying your hands on the servants of go-"

The old man was about to finish speaking, but before he could, his body was sliced to thousands of pieces.

Zhihao looks seriously at the experts behind that old man's falling corpse: "I know it might sound harsh, but I will be cleansing this World with fire."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they all shuddered.

Zhihao just killed a very powerful being of the Vermillion's Holy Order, an 8th stage Celestiality Sovereign effortlessly.

"RETREAT!!!" One of the stronger experts howls as he himself led the retreat.

Zhihao looks at the experts and frown; "Did I permit you to leave?"

As soon as Zhihao's voice sounded, thousands of white transparent spears appeared in the sky.

All of the experts suddenly stops at their track as they all lost their will to fight.


All of them became speechless at the grand sight surrounding them.


Zhihao nods his head; "Riku, don't worry, I know."




The Royal Capital of the Treasured Continent, Vermillion's Holy Order's headquarters, Skylight Empire.

"Cardinal Sasin!!! We have an emergency!" A man wearing a pure white robe exclaims as he hurriedly rushes towards the person he's calling and kowtowed immediately.

The man who was called Cardinal Sasin looks back, he's an old looking man clad with silver and gold robe wearing a triangular hat with a vermillion bird wrapped with black flames embedded on it.

Cardinal Sasin frowns; "As a bishop of the church, you should properly show manners and etique!"

The man receives his scolding as he started to sweat, still, he braves himself as he continued: "Our people from the Stargazer Light Kingdom has been reported to be slaughtered."

Cardinal Sasin became shocked, his eyes widely open: "What happened?!"

"About 80% of the total population of our branch there had been destroyed!"

Cardinal Sasin frowns; "And what about the other 20%?"

"That... They fled... saying that they would rather quit than be purged..."

"Purge?!" Cardinal Sasin's eyes grew even wider; "How dare..."

He was about to cuss, but then, he remembers something; "Was it done by the one that used God's voice?"

"We think so."

Cardinal Sasin frowns, trying to calm himself, he looks at the bishop; "You've done well, I will talk to the pope about it."

"Yes, I will take my leave Cardinal."

Cardinal Sasin heaves a breathe out as he continues to strive elegantly; "Hmmp! Thinking that he's the only one that can use God's voice? Pathetic, in our church, there are thousands that can do so!"

With his arrogant demeanor, he walks towards a grand door; "Pope Tramfoi! I bring urgent news!"

The one he calls Pope Tramfoi would definitely shock others, as it is a youth that looks like a 12-year-old kid.

Cardinal Sasin didn't even wait for his reply and retold the story.

Pope Tramfoi chuckles: "That's interesting, Let's wait and see what he'll do."

Pope Tramfoi looks out as he laughs; "In less than a month? That kind of bluff will definitely be effective for our believers... Isn't that right? Holy Maiden?"

Pope Tramfoi looks back, a beautiful blond woman starts walking out of the shadow; "It definitely is amazing Pope, but I hope that the killing of our believers will be spared from his evil massacre."

Pope Tramfoi chuckles: "I hope so too, I truly hope so. Right, Cardinal Sasin?"

Cardinal Sasin also chuckles: "Of course, Pope Tramfoi is a kind and generous pope after all."

"Long live the Pope!" Cardinal Sasin chuckles.

Holy Maiden also added: "Long live the Pope!"

After Tramfoi spoke, he grins evily as he looks outside the window.

Zooming out from his window, a very grand cathedral can be seen, almost reaching the Skies, the castle only looks like a normal house as it stood in front of the Cathedral.

Such sight would definitely know, who the real owner of the Treasured Continent is.

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    《Supreme Martial System》