Supreme Martial System
261 Blood Dyed Zhihao
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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261 Blood Dyed Zhihao


The thousands of flame spears from the sky are descending by a dozen targeting Slanmark every time.

Zhihao did so, he didn't want to kill such foul creatures easily after all.

"You..." Slanmark couldn't help but remark as he continuously evades the flame spears.

His skin is already full of wounds, almost turning his body into that of a skinless human being.

Slanmark's handsome face from before is already unrecognizable,

Zhihao ignores his remark: "Peasant, in your next life, be sure to pick whoever you wish to challenge."

When there are already almost no more skin on Slanmark, Zhihao finally decides to stop the delay.
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"You know what's the saddest part of being a powerful being?" Zhihao asked as he disperses the rest of the flame spears.

Slanmark barely manages to stand up, his body is slowly regenerating, the skin on his body is slowly showing up too. He looks at Zhihao, trying to hold on as much as he can until his reinforcements arrive.

"I don't believe that you'll be able to last against the whole Kingdom with the Celestial Energy stored inside your body." Slanmark coldly snorted.

Hearing him, Zhihao had a bright idea, but that's for a later date as he summons four black spears in the sky again; "The saddest part about being a powerful being... is that you can't die fast if your enemy deems it fit for you to last longer."

As soon as Zhihao finishes speaking, his hand moves again as he controls the movements of his skill.


The four spears hovering in the sky dashes down as it aims at Slanmark, the latter didn't even have the chance to lift his hand, the four black spears already reached their targets.

Two of the spears went from Slanmark's knees into his legs and through his feet while the other two spears struck the shoulder down to his hand, impaling him down to the ground.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Slanmark howls his pain out, for a cultivator, making someone extremely powerful admit defeat is already a great achievement, but for a cultivator to cry from sheer pain, that's another thing.

"Ugggh! Pffft!" Slanmark's moaning of pain from his gritted teeth sounded, the tears on his eyes continue to run down to his cheeks and down to the ground, his nose already has blood running down from it as his mouth vomits blood continuously.

"You will... never get away with this..." Slanmark spoke, pausing for a bit, he continues; "I am a high arch of the Vermillion's Holy Order! YOU WILL PAY THIS HUMILIATION WITH YOUR LIFE!"

Hearing his remarks, Zhihao couldn't help but chuckle.

Slanmark introduced himself to him last time as the captain of the royal guards, but now, he's a High Arch of the power that he'll be eliminating? Such a great coincidence it is.

"Saves me the trouble then." Zhihao chuckles as he looks at Slanmark still thinking of what more he can do.

But first off, noticing that Slanmark is trying to regenerate his body while slowly removing the black spear, Zhihao made a few tweaks with the skill.

"Gyaaahoooo!" Slanmark howls yet again.

Zhihao applied some brutal options within the skill, making the body of the spear have spiked as it slowly rotates inside Slanmark's body.

"Your effort astounds me, but it also saves me the trouble of thinking of ways to not kill you so fast," Zhihao spoke.

Zhihao then summons another two spears, this time, it's almost transparent, Zhihao aims at Slanmark's left chest.

"Hold it!" Like how a cliche story goes, the old man from the Vermillion's Holy Order arrives cliche on time to prevent his subordinate for getting killed.

Zhihao looks at where the voice came from and couldn't help but chuckle: 'Another one of my targets arrives.'

"If you continue your action young child, the Passive church will be your enemy, the Passive church is a branch of the Vermillion's Holy Order, if you know what's good for you, you'd stop it immediately and we will forget this incident never happened!" Suryang spoke so many words at once, although there are many strong people from the Vermillion's Holy Order, Slanmark is an irreplaceable piece.

Slanmark is already at the peak of the 8th stage of Celestiality Sovereign, he's one of the many hundreds the Vermillion's Holy Order is expecting to surpass the strongest expert of the Bloody Divine Celestial World, Old Man Heaven Sealer.

Zhihao seemingly want to play along with Suryang replies; "What if I don't?"

Suryang frowns, who in this whole World didn't know of the power of the Vermillion's Holy Order? Only the Perfect Continent and the Sacred Palace Continent are the only powers that they can oppose them.

Suryang frowns; "Then, I will need to intervene and kill you myself."

Suryang sighs then; "It is a real pity, I wish to recruit you into our Holy Order, and if you so accept, this incident will be forgotten."

Zhihao then spoke: "I'd like to see you try."

"STOP!" Seeing Zhihao's hands moving downward,



Suryang flew directly towards Slanmark, but before he could even reach the latter, the transparent spear struck Slanmark in his left chest.

"GWAAaaaakukhur." Slanmark howls, one of his lungs was brutally pierced, but that didn't stop there, the spear is made out of pure wind element.

"Haaaaah!" Slanmark tried to inhale as many oxygens as he can, but the wind spear Zhihao threw at his chest continuously taking away all the air within his body and throwing it out.

Whenever Slanmark would faint, the spear would weaken, making Slanmark regain some senses and air before being sucked dry of air by the wind spear again, letting Slanmark live between the borders of life and death.

"YOU!!!! YOU DEMON!!!" Suryan's voice echoes as he points fingers at Zhihao.

Zhihao ignores his words and spoke: "I'm not done yet, as soon as I'm done with you, I'll slowly kill him myself again."

Zhihao then looks at Slanmark one last time; "A gentleman's dignity cannot be trampled on."

After speaking like that, Zhihao moves his gaze at Suryang; "Let's see how you plan to kill me then."

Suryang's brows crossed each other; "You definitely will!"

Suryang flew down from the sky as he rushes at Zhihao; "Epileptic Palm!"

Zhihao can feel its energy, its almost at the level of a peak Demi-God realm's strength.

Zhihao shook his head; "That would've definitely worked if I didn't unseal my powers, too bad for you huh?"

As soon as Zhihao finished speaking, he suddenly vanishes.

Suryang's eyes open widely; "Where?!"

But before he could even look around, a palm suddenly enters his vision and grasped his face.

Suryang could only utter; "How?" before Zhihao immediately threw him down the ground.


A loud noise echoes as Suryang slammed into the ground; "Ho-cough-How?!"



After Suryang just finished speaking, a foot landed on his chest, Zhihao slowly moves his body down and looks at Suryang; "It's just your luck that you didn't do anything that can make me mad, with that, you can die quickly."

"No! Wai-" Suryang was about to plea, but before he could even finish speaking his second word, a hand struck the middle of his chest directly grabbing his heart.


Zhihao pulled it out and immediately crushes it. The blood splatters from all direction, covering Zhihao's front with blood.

Suryang couldn't even speak before he died, still, his better off than the one that Zhihao is looking at now.

"Your turn."

Slanmark saw this and couldn't help but speak painfully; "Hhhhhee-ehllppp."

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    《Supreme Martial System》