Supreme Martial System
260 Energies Within.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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260 Energies Within.

Treasured Continent, Stargazer Light Kingdom.

VIP Prison courtyard.

"Ummm!" Zhihao woke up first, stretching his limbs after a very exhausting day.

Zhihao then looks at the side of the bed, seeing Ying Mai completely exhausted with her messy hair, he couldn't help but chuckles.

"Oh, so you finally woke up." At this moment, a red fiery bird spoke.

"Morning Riku." Zhihao wasn't shocked as he greeted.

Riku chuckles as she lowers her voice: "You should try it now."

Zhihao shook his head: "No need, I can already feel it."

Zhihao closes his eyes, like how he felt mana before, he can feel the Celestial Energy raining down from the sky.

"So this is Celestial Energy," Zhihao mutters as he held his hands up high.

Riku seeing this chuckles: "Yes, I just hope you get used to it faster."

Zhihao nods his head: "Check Ying Mai for me for a bit, I'll try using Celestial Energy."

Riku nods her head, she then flew down on the bed and laid there beside Ying Mai, slowly transforming into her human form.

Zhihao smiles slightly as he went towards the garden, arriving there, he sat in a cross-legged position.

"Celestial Energy..." Zhihao closes his eyes and focused his attention towards the raining energy within his surrounding.

Zhihao is almost meditating, but he has the system, hence, that's the one he used; 'Enlightened Meditation mode.'


[Failed to use 'Enlightened Meditation mode' due to certain reasons;

-Not yet familiar with the sour of energy the host is trying to cultivate.

-You have not cultivated enough amount of Celestial Energy for it to be cultivated automatically.

Zhihao smacked his face; "So there's that too huh."

The host body that he got into has already familiarized himself with Spiritual Energy, hence didn't have to do so with it.

With Mana, Zhihao didn't need to cultivate it as every living thing has mana, even environment that has growing life has it, hence, he only needs to gather them to use a skill.

Now, with Celestial Energy, it will be his first time to initialize in cultivation.

But for Zhihao, like what happened from the fantasy World, he started mana with a bang.

Zhihao focused solely on trying to absorb the celestial energy to him.

Without any teacher to tell him what to do, Zhihao tries to imitate those novel fantasies he read before.

"Trying to gather the energy from the surrounding... like a vacuum..." Zhihao uttering some words, a way for him to completely focus.

"A little bit more..." Zhihao spoke little words, imagining himself like a magnet trying to pull the surrounding metals.


[Congratulations host for accomplishing 'Celestial Energy cultivation'.

1st stage Empowering Warrior.]

Zhihao felt satisfied, and with a nod, he continues his cultivation.

[2nd stage Empowering Warrior.]

Few hours had passed.

[3rd stage Empowering Warrior.]

Zhihao then remembers something; 'Handsome circle skill!'

Zhihao changes the way he cultivates the Celestial Energy; 'Like a vacuum with the effects of a vortex.'

Now, the Celestial Energy going towards Zhihao became slightly distorted, not in a way Zhihao imagined it.

Zhihao shooks his head; "Again."

Zhihao tried multiple times for the past few hours.
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"Its already night..." Zhihao spoke, he didn't even think that he started the late afternoon.

Still, Zhihao closes his eyes; "I'm not the stupid me like before..."

"Creating a huge vortex of absorption..." Zhihao is dead serious about creating this method of cultivation, because, the way of his advancement is slower than those that he had thought before.

"Because I am not a native of this World, I need to create my own method." Zhihao solemnly spoke.

Zhihao patiently continued his work, but after a few more hours, he decided to give up for today; "Not much improvement..."

After the 3rd stage of Empowering Warrior, Zhihao didn't advance any further.

"Hooo." Zhihao sighs a breathe, he then looks back as he heard a few footsteps coming his way.

Zhihao smiles: "Had a good rest?"

Ying Mai smiles at him; "I had a great one."

Ying Mai then asks a question: "You want something to eat?"

"Sure." Zhihao smiled as he nods his head.

Ying Mai was about to take out some ingredients from her storage ring, but an idea pops inside her head; "I should go out to buy some ingredients."

Zhihao smiled and responded with a smile.

Ying Mai receiving Zhihao's confirmation smiles back at him and took Riku in her bird-form out of the courtyard.

Zhihao, left out alone didn't know what to do, in the end, he decided to continue trying to make his own cultivation path again.

Back to Ying Mai.

As soon as Ying Mai arrives outside the courtyard's walls, there are already three beautiful women greeting her.

"Esteemed guest, where might you be heading to?" The one leading them spoke.

Ying Mai ignores the three's blockade and answers after passing them: "Market."

"Then, we will assist you."

Ying Mai shook her head: "I can manage, don't worry."

The three ladies were about to insist, but before they could, a young blond man stood in the way of Ying Mai.

"You should clearly take a hint, they are, after all, here to observe your every movement." It is none other than Slanmark, his chest clearly protruding from his casual clothes as he smirks at Ying Mai looking at her body from head to toe again.

Ying Mai wanted to punch this man's face just once, but they have a plan, hence, she ignores him and continues to walk.

"Hahaha, trying to play the hard to get?" Slanmark chuckles, his hand was almost about to grab ahold of Ying Mai's arms, but before he could, he jumps a few meters away.

From the position of his hands earlier, a hand completely wrapped by energy is there.

"Hmmp, what do you think you're doing? Do you think just because you're a VIP guest that I won't hesitate to kill you?" Slanmark remarks.

Zhihao's face is still calm, he then looks at Slanmark and spoke; "Riku, there's been a change of plan."

Riku could only sigh to the stupidity of this person.

"Hmmp, you think your blue-" Slanmark was about to say something stupid, but before he could, a crimson blood red spear from the sky descends towards him.

"Hahaha, you think you're unstoppable?" Slanmark chuckles as he evades the flame spear effortlessly.

"Oh?" Zhihao emotionlessly spoke.

After that, he casts another one, this time, there is about ten of them.


The spears moved extremely fast that it sliced through the air as it made the sound.

"Too slow." Slanmark evades it yet again.

Zhihao then lifts his hand above his eyes once more.

Another hundred flame spears appeared.

At this display of power, Slanmark frowns; 'This must be his ace, he definitely can't conjure much more than this, I only need to evade it and I can kill him easily.'

Zhihao's hand motions into a descending one.

The spears quickly pierce towards Slanmark at a very fast rate, Slanmark didn't even have the chance to talk anymore as he evades all of them.

_Tsik~ Tsik~_

Sounds of the spear making slight contact to Slanmark's skin can be heard.

"Tsk!" Slanmark couldn't help but flicker his tongue in annoyance; "You'll definitely regret this."

After a few breaths of time, Slanmark successfully manages to evade all of the flame spears, he couldn't help but feel proud of himself; "Is that al-"

He was about to brag, but before he could, he saw something he didn't even expect.

"Try evading this then." Zhihao remarks as his hand held up high.

Above Slanmark are thousands of spears.

"How... How can this even be possible?!" Slanmark voiced his useless question.

Zhihao's face is slowly contorting as he sends his palm downwards; "Don't worry, you won't die a painless death, that, I promise."


_Swish! Tsik~! Tsak! Tsak!_ Thousands of spears aimed at Slanmark can be heard as the latter tries to evade it with everything he's got.

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    《Supreme Martial System》