Supreme Martial System
259 Heavenly Yin and Yang Sutra.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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259 Heavenly Yin and Yang Sutra.

"Ahhh!" Ying Mai's lewd moaning of pleasure continues, her sweat started to appear from her body, the fragrant aroma assaulted Zhihao's nose.

Zhihao's becoming more lustful by the minute.

"Ha...Hao'er..." Ying Mai spoke under gritted teeth.

Zhihao slowly decreases his phase, this is a really hard thing to do especially when they are in the middle of their excitement.

Zhihao: "What is it?"

"My... my body is heating up..." For a cultivator to say that there definitely is something.

"Is it bad?" Zhihao asked out of concern.

Ying Mai shook her head: "No, but it is weird... Let's just ignore it."

Zhihao nods his head as he slowly increases his phase once more.

"Haa... Ahn!"

Every time Zhihao struck her private part, the heat continuously increases within Ying Mai's lower abdomen.

"Ugh." Ying Mai moans increases in volume every time.

At this moment, Zhihao heard a notification inside his head.


[Skill Creation in progress.]

[Skill: NONE


-A combination of mixed energies within two hosts are starting to merge.

Energies being combined;


-Spiritual Energy

-Celestial Energy


-At least at the first stage of Godhood to withstand the overpowering energy within their body.

Progress: 0.01%]

Seeing this, Zhihao couldn't help but open his eyes in awe.

Zhihao then remembered what Ying Mai spoke of earlier; "Mai'er, try to circulate the heat around your body."

"Huh?" Ying Mai asked in bewilderment.

"Just do it, I think it has something to do with our development." Zhihao tries to just brush off the explanation as he himself didn't know what it is.

"I'll try." Ying Mai nods as she attempts to do what Zhihao said.

After that, Ying Mai felt weird and spoke: "Hao'er, I want it... more..."

Hearing Ying Mai's soft alluring words, Zhihao couldn't stop himself any further.

"Ahhh!" Ying Mai's moan became louder.

[Progress: 0.02%]

"Mmmn! Mmm! Ughh! Ahhh!" Ying Mai continuously moans out of pleasure as she receives Zhihao's full attention.

Zhihao couldn't control himself more, he moves his face in front of Ying Mai's as both of their lips connected, Ying Mai slightly trembles, but due to the events, she couldn't think straight anymore.

Hence, Ying Mai's action became even more aggressive.

A slippery object enters Zhihao's mouth seemingly trying to find something.

Zhihao notices Ying Mai's moves and started too. His tongue moves in to connect with Ying Mai's. Their tongues intertwine one another as their breathing grew harder and harder.

Zhihao then felt something in his lower part. A warm that Ying Mai felt before is slowly invading Zhihao's body without any warning.

[Progress: 0.85%]

Ying Mai's lower mouth grew numb after a few minutes of hard work, wanting to stop Zhihao's mouth from moving, she bit his lips.

But this didn't make her objective, instead, it sent Zhihao into a further frenzy.

Zhihao thrust harder in the result of her action.


Ying Mai couldn't help but moan louder. Zhihao's lips are now at her ears, and with every breath, Zhihao takes sends Ying Mai further into the mood.

Trying to grasp for air, Ying Mai slightly moves up, but Zhihao immediately follows with a well-pulled thurst again.

"AHHH!" This time, Ying Mai's lovely moan echoed the loudest, her eyes almost turning white from pleasure, yet, Zhihao didn't stop there and continues to pound her like a wild bull in heat.

"Ahhh! ~Mmnn~!" Ying Mai's erotic moans sent Zhihao to heaven, releasing his first batch of supply.

"Ughhh!" Ying Mai felt a bulging sensation in her private part and couldn't help but hug Zhihao tighter, even scratching his back on the process.

A few hours had passed.

[Progress: 52.91%]

"Ahhh... Hao'er- Harder please." Ying Mai's voice sounded.

The two of their bodies became connected, the bed they were in are already soaked wet by their sweat.
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Another few hours.

[Progress: 83.03%]

The two of them didn't stop, but their phase has drastically decreased compared to before, now it's just simple loving intercourse between them.

"Hao'er... one more time..." Ying Mai spoke bashfully.

The latter nods his head and couldn't help but chuckle, Zhihao immediately started with licking one of Ying Mai's beautiful mountain while one of his hands slowly reach towards her private part.

"Ummmnnn~" A slow yet addictive moan sounded from Ying Mai's beautiful lips yet again, sending Zhihao into his mood once more.

So many hours had passed, the two of them had already done it continuously for more than 15 hours.

[Progress: 99.99%]

Ying Mai's body is already glistening with sweat as she lays down completely exhausted on the bed.

Zhihao chuckles seeing Ying Mai slowly catching up with her breathe: "How does it feel losing your first time?"

Ying Mai hearing this didn't blush anymore, her lips arch up into a beautiful smile as her eyes slowly shift to Zhihao: "I felt loved."

Zhihao smiles at her response, closing in the distance between them and gave Ying Mai a kiss on her lips: "Don't worry, nothing will hurt you."

Ying Mai smiles at him and returns his kiss: "Thank you."


[Progress: 100.00%]

Zhihao saw this and immediately spoke: "Wait for a bit."

Zhihao then checked the notification from the system.


[Skill Creation in progress.]

[Skill: NONE


-A combination of mixed energies within two hosts are starting to merge.

Energies being combined;


-Spiritual Energy

-Celestial Energy


-At least at the first stage of Godhood to withstand the overpowering energy within their body.

Progress: 100.0%]

[Would you like to name the skill? (Y/N)]

Zhihao nods his head; 'I will.'

Zhihao pondered for a bit, he then looks at Ying Mai; "I made a skill out of our event before, what do you think is suitable for it?"

"Hmm?" Ying Mai fixing her messy hair pondered for a bit: "What kind of skill?"

Zhihao closed his eyes for a bit again; 'Skill description.'

[Skill name; None]

Description: Able to increase the two cultivator's speed by ten folds while both of them are in intercourse.


-Able to combine party's energy source.

-Increases cultivation speed by ten folds for one week.

-Increases the chance of pregnancy.

-Combining the Yin and Yang energy of the parties involved.

-Extreme pleasure while the party involved are enjoying each other.]

Zhihao saw this and couldn't help but smile worriedly, he then looks at Ying Mai and spoke of the details.

Ying Mai slightly blushes before pondering about it; "Since it usesHow about Heavenly Yin and Yang Sutra?"

Zhihao didn't even think twice and spoke: "That sounds great."

Zhihao then immediately used the name; "I want to name it "Heavenly Yin and Yang Sutra."


[Are you sure you want to name it 'Heavenly Yin and Yang Sutra'? (Y/N)]

"Yes." Zhihao replied confidently.


[Skill created: Heavenly Yin and Yang Sutra."

Zhihao smiled satisfiedly as he laid on the bed and grabbed Ying Mai down: "One more time."

"Wa-wait!" Ying Mai tried to protest but couldn't really reject as she also wants it but somehow got exhausted.


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    《Supreme Martial System》