Supreme Martial System
258 A night of flames.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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258 A night of flames.





Bloody Divine Celestial World, Riku's very own space for her leisure.

Currently, there is a power-disrupting the balance within it, the Vermillion's Holy Order, a cult that deifies Riku's eldest sister.

But long ago, it wasn't like that, amongst the twelve Celestial Divinity World, Riku is within the middle of the group, her World is filled with "LAW" users from all around the globe.

But the balance crashed when something unexpected happened.

But what actually happened?

History goes; A very average person caught the eye of a supreme existence, a vermillion bird wrapped with its crimson blood flames.

"Human, I find you interesting, do you want to come with me?"

It all started with these words.

That young boy is nothing short of being average, his looks are average, his cultivation phase is average, even his figure is average, but what made him catch the attention of the existence known as the Vermillion Bird?

Vermillion Bird; 'Riku's word is great, my world is full of handsome and beautiful people, having a single average one should make little difference.'

But within the boy's head, it felt like a prophecy; "I'm willing!"

But right at this moment, a phoenix wrapped with golden flames came; "Hmmp! Don't steal my people from me!"

The Vermillion Bird chuckles as she soars up in the sky followed by the Pheonix herself.

The young boy felt shocked, speechlessness and powerlessness for a few months, he didn't know what to do.

"A rare opportunity... was taken away from me..." The youth spoke.

The boy fell to despair, really, a God actually descended and talked to him, but another one removed his chance. But what can he do?

But right at this moment, a voice spoke: "Child, do you want power?"

Those words were spoken, with a nod from the kid, the youth was never to be seen again for a hundred years.

But when that youth came back, he started his chaos.


A taunt, provocation to all those living in the Bloody Divine Celestial World, aye, they all laughed at it first, but they stopped when one of the monarchs of the continents died by his hands in a single strike.

After that event transpired, the populace of the Celestial World entered the most chaotic age it had ever known.

A single entity rose up to power and wrecked destruction throughout the globe, killing every Law users whenever he passes by, but he didn't stop there as he also destroyed Celestiality Sovereigns, young, old, women, men, there was no discrimination in whoever he kills. So long as they worship Riku, they are a target for his vengeance.

But all of this stopped as the remaining Law users banded together in hunting him, a World overpowered with military resources were focused solely on a single entity.

It became a hunt for his head, more than ten thousand Law users chased him to the ends, but when he's almost dead, the most unexpected event transpired.

Hundreds and thousands of God ranked Celestial Beasts arrives.

"Kill all those humans, they are the last step for our dream to be complete!"

At first, the youth thought that he has reinforcements, but sooner, he found out it was not when the one that thought him how to be strong as its huge bloody maw is almost at him.


At this moment, the youth figures things out.

The other Law experts didn't have much to speak to the youth after that, although he killed a few Law users, it wasn't enough to destroy the balance within the Celestial World, he killed about 12 or less, but what he was hated for is destroying churches and killing the innocents.


One after another, the Law users started killing the demonic beasts, sadly, their number is too few for these demonic beasts, its one against a hundred.

"Hmmp! You foul demon beasts, I'll show you the price for going against the Supremes!"

A battle transpired like never before, war broke through from every corner of the World.

The youth seeing this fled from the battlefield to recuperate his injuries.

On his way, he saw villages, cities, kingdoms, and empires getting assaulted by demonic beasts.

"This is all my fault..."

The youth spoke words as he completely vanishes.

A few years when he came back, the Demon Beasts and the Law users had already entered the fight for survival, and at this moment, he joined the war as he created the Vermillion's Holy Order.

A group that came together to help humanity and salvation for the World by ridding itself of the Demonic Beasts.




Back to the present.


The sound of a robe slowly sliding down from a smooth skin sounded.

Zhihao couldn't help but gaze one time.

"Beautiful." A single word escapes his mouth as he saw the red robe sliding down from the jade white skin.

Ying Mai clearly heard it and blushed fully, still, like she didn't hear Zhihao's words, she continues until there was her dudou that's left.

She then enters the bed and mutters quietly: "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Zhihao replies and faced the other way again.

Once in a while, a sound of ruffling clothes can be heard.

"Couldn't sleep?" Zhihao asked.

He remembers the time when he was with Ning'er after their wedding ceremony.
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"Un." Ying Mai replies, her heart beating loudly is the cause after all.

"Is it cold?" Zhihao asked.

Ying Mai, as both of them are cultivators, neither of them can feel cold or heat just from a temperature, yet, she replied: "Yes."

Zhihao now understood: "Want me to hug you? I won't do anything."

Since he had experienced things before, he needs to just make a good atmosphere, but Ying Mai's reply shocked him.

"No." Ying Mai spoke.

Zhihao: "Hmm?" Zhihao felt awkward since he was trying to just set the mood but was already rejected.

But Ying Mai's next word made everything roll.

"Please do something." Ying Mai blurted out her thought due to Zhihao's words, realizing it, she couldn't help but blush further.

"Oh..." Zhihao felt speechless, but nods his head, he made his way to Ying Mai's side.

'You have such beautiful skin...' Zhihao thought.

"I want to do it immediately." Zhihao blurted out.

Ying Mai hearing it couldn't help but blush: "Your thoughts and words got mixed..."

Zhihao realized it too and coughed: "Ah..."

Since he couldn't make up an excuse at this moment, he continues to hug Ying Mai from her back.

His hands slowly moving in from Ying Mai's waist up to one of her two beautiful mountains.


"Huge..." Zhihao couldn't help but speak.

Zhihao then started kissing her nape up to her ears.

"Ahh!" Ying Mai couldn't help but exclaim.

Zhihao didn't stop there as his left-hand moves to replace the other one from caressing the two mountains, his right hand though slowly moves towards an untapped oasis.

As soon as Zhihao reached his destination point.

"Ahh!" Ying Mai exclaims with widely opened eyes.

"Does it hurt?" Zhihao asked with concern.

As a reader himself, Zhihao had a question before, why do females from cultivation novels always love intercourses?

He then found an answer to it when he reached it.

For cultivators, they escape the human body as soon as they started cultivating, and they are people that cross blows with others multiple times, the pain tolerance within them is too huge. So what's the secret for women on this part?

The pain is almost as negligible as a pinch from an ant, and what they can feel is a genuine pleasure.

"AHHHHHH!" Ying Mai's alluring moan sounded as Zhihao's fingers slowly slid Ying Mai's private part.

"Want me to continue?" Zhihao asks.

Ying Mai blushes once more: "Please stop teasing me."

Zhihao could only smile happily as he fixed Ying Mai's position. While his hands are busy with the other region, Zhihao's lips slowly kiss Ying Mai's stomach up to her chest.


Ying Mai couldn't help but moan lewdly as Zhihao's lips scouts every part of her body.

Zhihao's adventure didn't stop there as he continues going up to her collarbone and up to her ear.

This sent shivers running down Ying Mai's spine. The most private part of her body is already drenching wet, she's perfectly ready now.

"I'll start now," Zhihao spoke as he unleashed his junior brother.

"Okay." Ying Mai nods her head bashfully, although she had lived for more than a hundred years, this is her first time.

With a nod, Zhihao engaged in one of the harshest battles he'll ever be.

"Ughh!" Ying Mai's moan filled the mansion with a lewd yet pleasant sound.



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    《Supreme Martial System》