Supreme Martial System
257 The Root of trouble.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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257 The Root of trouble.

Imperial Castle of the royal family in the Stargazer Light Kingdom.

Zhihao is standing in the middle of a location that looks like a throne room. In front of him is a young boy that seems to be at the age of 8, there are two ladies sitting beside him is continuously serving him some fruits.

There is also an old man standing a meter away from him, that old man is wearing a robe that's even more royalty looking, overshadowing the young King's presence.

"Young expert, your assistance for the demon beast horde is highly appreciated, we would like to ask if what kind of reward would you like to receive?" The old man spoke.

His eyes lookings at Zhihao with slight contempt.

Zhihao looks back at the old man and the young king; 'The puppet and its master...'

Zhihao became slightly curious now and couldn't help but ask Riku telepathically; 'Are the people of your World likes usurpation of power so much?'

Riku could only sigh as she chuckles with saying anything.

Zhihao has not much time to spare, he will try to fix everything within a month's time, hence, he replied: "I would like for me and my wife to have a place of our own for a month's time."

Hearing his words, the old looking man couldn't help but chuckle as he replies: "That will easily be arranged since a young expert like you is so modest as to not ask for a reward, we will prepare one of our own accords."

The old man paused for a bit before looking at a servant by the side: "Prepare a room for our esteemed guests, be sure to treat them like how you treat your King!"

The servant smiled as she replies: "Yes."

After that, she went her way and chuckles.

This scene didn't get past Zhihao, and the two's eyes, but they just ignore it.

Zhihao then sent telepathy to Riku: 'What rotten kingdom you have in this place.'

Riku couldn't help but chuckle sadly; 'I know.'

"Esteemed guests, you may follow the servants to the room you'll be using." The old man added.

Zhihao nods his head and went together with Ying Mai.

After Zhihao left the place with Ying Mai, the old man looks at the three head of their station.

"From which city are they from?"

Halkasim is the first to reply: "I have no idea."

Slanmark shooks his head: "Me too, there is not a single thing that resembles the fighting style of the nearby Kingdoms or continents."

Suryang stayed still silently and didn't answer, he has no obligation to do so after all.

The old man nods his head: "Then, Slanmark, escort the young king to his entertainment room."

"Yes, prime minister." Slanmark chuckles as he obediently bows his head.

The old man is the prime minister, rudely enough not to introduce himself, he's the one secretly holding power in the whole of the Stargazer Light Kingdom.

Back to Zhihao.

The servants led Zhihao and Ying Mai to a courtyard surrounded by high walls with a remarkable garden around the villa, it's a single floor bungalow, there's also a pond beside it.

After the servants let Zhihao and Ying Mai enter, they bid their farewell. Zhihao responded with a nod.

Zhihao looks around some more before uttering: "A VIP Prison?"

"Seem so." Riku chuckles, this location is completely sealed from the outside, as soon as they entered, there were no more gusts of wind nor noises from the people.

Zhihao smiles: "Since it is isolated from both sides, you can tell me what your plan is now Riku."

The three of them continued to walk towards the estate as Riku started: "Well, I want to cleanse this land carefully... But I think you have other plans of your own I presume."

Zhihao chuckles: "Let me hear your thoughts first. If I wasn't going to listen, I've already started mine."

Riku could only smile lightly at his words before nodding: "Yes, and I thank you for that."

Riku: "I wish to destroy them from the roots, removing the branches will only create headaches."

Zhihao immediately understood: "So... the problem is a single source then?"

"Yes, it is the religious cult that..." Riku hesitated to speak.

Zhihao chuckles: "That?"

Figuring out that it isn't really that serious, the atmosphere somehow lightens.

Riku nods her head: "Yes, it's a religion that deifies my older sister..."


All three of them became silent.

Zhihao could only chuckle as he spoke: "So it is some people or group that had seen your sister?"

"At first... it started when my elder sister took a liking to a single boy and wanted to bring him to her Celestial World, but then, I bargained that I'll take the strongest person of her Celestial World in exchange."

Riku explained, pausing for a bit she continues: "Well... she immediately rejected and laughs saying that it's not even worth it even if I have a million amount of that boy..."
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"Then?" Zhihao asked.

Riku couldn't help but sigh: "Before she left, she seduced that boy... saying that I'm preventing her from taking him away..."

Zhihao couldn't help but chuckle: "And that boy created all of these troubles?"

"Yeah." Riku confirmed it without a single hesitation: "But that was a few million years ago, never would I have thought that it would cause this much of a problem."

Riku: "He created the Vermillion's Holy Order, a cult that thinks my elder sister is the owner of this World..."

Zhihao nods: "Then where is it centered at?"

Riku: "The Treasured Continent's empire, Grand Flame Empire."

Zhihao smiles: "We will definitely destroy it then."

Riku chuckles: "Nothing to rush about, you should go rest here for a few days, I just need to warn you though, there are beings here that's as strong as the current you."

Zhihao nods: "Then I will rest here first and prepare for the big troubles ahead."

Riku nods her head and flew up to the sky: "I will look for the treasures I sealed, I just hope that all of them are still alive."

Zhihao: "Got it."

As soon as Riku heard his reply, she immediately vanishes into the sky.

Zhihao sighs as he continues walking towards the mansion, but then, he remembers something: "Ah! The Demon Beast cores!"

Ying Mai hearing this couldn't help but chuckle: "But I think not a single thing was left after you struck them with those powerful energies."

Zhihao realized it; "Oh right... they just suddenly vanished without any trace... I'll try to resolve everything as simple as I can next time."

After entering the house, the first thing that he did is find a room and happily jumps into a bed.

"AHHH!" Finally, a good day's rest." Zhihao exclaims in happiness.

Ying Mai chuckles as she sat on the bottom part of the bed: "Yes, you've been extremely busy with helping little Blythe for her revenge."

"Yup, now it's quiet, nobody will disturb my rest." Zhihao chuckles as he slumps comfortably on the bed.

Ying Mai chuckles as she nods her head: "Yes, even Riku left, there's only..."

Ying Mai was happy until she spoke her last few words and couldn't even continue as her cheeks blossoms into a bright pinkish color.

Zhihao noticing Ying Mai's change couldn't help but realize what her awkward silence meant.

Zhihao: "That... yeah, there's only the two of us..."

After speaking like that, the two of them entered quite the silent atmosphere.

Ying Mai couldn't help but chuckle at the awkward atmosphere. Both of them could sleep together comfortably when they were with Blythe and the rest. But now that there's only the two of them, they couldn't even do a single thing.

Ying Mai decided to rest too and spoke: "I'll find another room for myself until Riku comes back."

Zhihao hearing this unintentionally spoke: "No, as my wife, you should sleep together with me, there's nothing wrong about it."

Ying Mai blushes further, but with fists clenched tightly, she nods her head: "Yes."

Ying Mai then added: "Then I'll remove my battle robe first..."

"Un." Zhihao replies with a mum as he faced backward.

Ying Mai blushes, the first time she first revealed her body to Zhihao was when the latter gave her the "Flame Emperor set.", she did it without any thought nor malice that time hence didn't mind being seen by Zhihao.

But right now, her brain is running wild.

Slowly, Ying Mai removes her battle robe.

Zhihao can clearly hear the silk robe slowly going down Ying Mai's jade white skin and couldn't help but gulps down a mouth full of saliva.

Ying Mai: "I'll be entering the bed now."

Zhihao: "Un."

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