Supreme Martial System
256 You“d already be dead.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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256 You“d already be dead.

[You've gained 181,119,110 EXP!]

[You've gained 293,859,000 EXP!]

[You've gained 1,891,355,232 EXP!]

[You've leveled up!]


Massive amounts of experience points assaulted Zhihao's vision, he never received this many amounts ever since the time when the aliens invaded in the Gailea continent happened.

In just a short amount of time, Zhihao leveled more than 100 times.

Name: Zhong Zhihao

Age: 24 (54)

Level: 999

Class: Cultivator

Rank: Lower God

Normal/God attributes:

Strength: SSS (T1)

Agility: SSS (T1)

Dexterity: SSS (T1)

Power: SSS (T1)

Power sources;

Spiritual Energy


Zhihao didn't know what these "T1" means, hence, he asked Riku about it, the latter then explained it.

Riku: "Rankings between Gods and normal beings are different, in terms of Godly powers, it is ranked between T1 the lowest, and with the highest being T10. Our Young Master Arthariaz reached the T10 level before he fell to his brother's trickery."

Zhihao couldn't help but sigh; "I have a long way to go huh."

Riku could see his dismay and couldn't help but sigh: "For a person that actually reached Godhood when he hadn't even used 10 years worth of time to be one, you sure like to boast in front of me huh?"
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Zhihao then realized it, yeah, Riku said that it took Arthariaz a thousand years to reach the 2nd stage of God realm, but how many years had Arthariaz actually used to reach Godhood?

He has something that others didn't have.

Zhihao couldn't help but smile; 'I have my system, the system that Arthariaz left for me.'

Although time isn't on his side, he definitely isn't slow.

Zhihao smiled as he nods his head: "I'll need more levels!"

After thinking like that, Zhihao finally recovers his mood. Zhihao and the two made their way to the Stargazer Light Kingdom.

Zhihao noticed Ying Mai's slight disappointment in herself and couldn't help but shook his head, he then, used Earth's customs for dating, he held her hand as he led Ying Mai down the ground.

Ying Mai immediately blushes as she looks down the ground but immediately shook her head; 'This isn't supposed to be how the older one should react!'

She then held her heads up high, but the red blushing cheek of hers could be clearly seen. Riku chuckles at the sight and stayed quiet.

For Ying Mai who grew up in a 'Fantasy' World filled with xianxia genre, this is a first for her, still, she didn't reject the idea of it as she could feel thousands of colorful butterfly swarming inside her stomach.

Ying Mai couldn't help it and ask: "What is this for dear?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit before replying: "This is a custom in my original World, Earth, it is done by couples there."

"Couples?" Ying Mai asked out of curiosity.

"Something like engaged people," Zhihao replied without any other intent than explaining it.

Ying Mai hearing it couldn't help but blush further, this time, as red as a tomato.

The two of them chatted after as they slowly took their time into walking towards the Kingdom's gate. Riku, on the other hand, couldn't help but watch this seemingly innocent love story unfold.

The atmosphere is somewhat like that of spring for youths in high school.

But then, everything changes when three people arrive.

"Hello there young expert, I am Suryang, Leader of the Holy Knights from the Passive church in the branch of the Stargazer Light Kingdom." An old man with white hair, white beard and mustache spoke, wearing a white robe underneath his silver armor.

"I am Halsakim, leader of the elite guards from the 2nd district." Another one spoke, this time, this one looks like a person at his 50s, usually, people in this novel will keep their hair long for both women and men other than those that are on Earth, even Zhihao has long hair. but this man has black short hair, his figure is like a boulder moving on its own.

"Young expert, I am Slanmark, General of the Royal Army of the Stargazer Light Kingdom." This time, it's a youth looking young man, his face can someone resembles a superstar on Earth.

Zhihao nods his head in confirmation, while Ying Mai, felt her like he wants to destroy three heads at once.

After their greetings, Slanmark shifted his gaze to Ying Mai, his eyes couldn't help but slit as his gaze moves from Ying Mai's face down to her two peaks and further to her slender curves.

But before his eyes could feast some more, he felt a very eerie vibe coming from the person beside Ying Mai, his eyes move slightly and looks at Zhihao, he then smiled as nothing happened and spoke; "We dearly appreciate your help in assisting us to kill those useless demon beasts, You can come with us to the Stargazer Light Kingdom and we will compensate your time with sumptuous rewards."

The three of them, Slanmark, Halsakim, and Suryang felt Zhihao's power earlier, and they didn't think much of it.

Suryang; 'It felt like a huge power, yet, it didn't even leave a scratch in the land, I guess it is only a one time skill for obliterating demon beasts, even I myself can do it, but since he did it on his own, I saved enough Celestial Energy. He isn't much, but fighting him will be unbeneficial to me.'

Halsakim; 'It felt like there's something else, but if his power only amounts to such, I can defeat him, I might lose an arm, but I will definitely win.'

Slanmark; 'Hmmp, just wait until you get the rewards, I'll definitely kill you. Showing off in front of your girl with mere party tricks. I'll play with your woman until she breaks as soon as I'm done with you.'

All three of them had thoughts of their own. Never would have they known that Zhihao didn't even use 1% of his strength.

Ying Mai wanted to slap Slanmark one time but considered Zhihao's opinion instead.

Zhihao nods his head: "Then, you can lead the way."

The three representatives of their respective groups nod their head.

Meanwhile, Zhihao looked at Slanmark and spoke: "If I have no mission to do, you'd already been dead."

Zhihao's words sounded, neither is it low nor loud but definitely can be heard. Slanmark's veins couldn't help but pop up, still, he remains calm and replied: "For some reason, I think you are inferring that to me. That you can easily kill me if you want to."

Zhihao shook his head: "No, I'm implying it."

Slanmark drew out his sword, but before he could make a move, Halsakim prevented him: "It's not worth it."

Slanmark tries to calm himself as he shook his head: "Forget it, I'm in a good mood right now so I can't have it be ruined by a pretty boy. Let's go."

Zhihao really wanted to kill Slanmark, but Riku said that he'll need to be patient at least a week's time.

Zhihao only nods his head as he followed the three. His hand already left Ying Mai's, the both of his hands are clenched tightly that there is already blood drifting out of his skin.

Ying Mai noticed it and immediately held his right hand; "Don't worry, its nothing much."

Seeing the reaction coming from Zhihao, she couldn't help but feel happy about it.

Zhihao smiled as he nods his head loosening the clenching of his fist.

Zhihao then spoke: "Don't worry, if something happens, this Kingdom will be listed in the history as the vanquished."

When the three of them heard this, they felt enraged but only snorted, each have different agendas for Zhihao, hence, they let the "Childish" remarks go.

The five of them continued their walk, but Zhihao is still looking at Slanmark, his full blast killing intent is already surrounding him but prevented it from reaching other people, only Riku could feel it and lightly sighs.

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    《Supreme Martial System》