Supreme Martial System
255 The Stargazer Light Kingdom
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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255 The Stargazer Light Kingdom

Treasured Continent, Lightning Azure Imperial Kingdom.
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"Push those monsters out of our territory!"

"They shall not pass!"

"Protect the citizens that haven't evacuated yet to the 2nd wall!"

"A demon beast has broken through!"

"Chase it!"

"Don't let any civilians get killed!"

"All injured ones to the rear, treat your injuries first!"




"We need more manpower here at the right walls!"

"We need some in the left too!"

Chaos... utter chaos can be seen as people from all directions kept shouting, and the reason for that are the monsters, these demon beasts that are attacking the Kingdom's outer walls.


Thundering roars, clashing weapons, and celestial energies can be continuously heard as the skirmish between the two sides lasts.

"Where's are the royal army? At this rate, we will be obliterated!"

"There is no response from the capital yet, even the holy knights from the middle walls aren't even responding to our calls."

"Captain, news from the middle city."

"Go on."

"They said that they are busy with assisting civilians right now and couldn't send reinforcements."

The one they called captain couldn't help but frown, but before he could say anything, another messenger arrives.

"Captain, from the royal capital."


"The royal army is busy with escorting the esteemed officials and couldn't help with our fight."

The captain's mood immediately turns sour, veins started to reveal themselves on his face as he shouts.

"Everyone, compress into a single group! We will defend only a single area! Call out all of your comrades from the other side of the walls and reinforce them as they retreat!"

All of the people surrounding him nods their head: "Yes!"

Then, there's someone arrived as all of those people left: "Captain."

"What is it?" The captain replies with a frown, he already felt enraged due to the people above him ignoring the 3rd district, and now, another person arrived, he's not even expecting any more good news.

"Sir, I think that the 2nd and 1st district is trying to remove the 3rd district from its kingdom."

Their kingdom is divided into 4 levels, the 3rd district is the one at the outer most layer of the kingdom, the place where commoners without any backings reside, the 2nd district is where commoners with a connection, well-known merchants, and some great establishments like blacksmiths and such, the 1st district is where the great Clans resides, and lastly, the royal capital where powerful nobles and the royal family is located.

The captain looks like a middle-aged man at his 50s, but it's fairly sure that he already surpassed the thousand-year-old mark.

"What do you mean by that?" The captain spoke.

"Sir, there are thousands of Royal Army men stationed in the outer walls of the 2nd district!"

The captain felt really enraged now: "As soon as everyone arrives, we will move out of here and leave all these d*mned demon beasts for them to handle!"


Meanwhile, there are three people approaching the said kingdom.

"Riku, what's the name of that Kingdom?" The one that asked is Zhihao.

Riku looks at his way and replies: "That's the Stargazer Light Kingdom."

Zhihao nods his head, his gaze slightly moves towards a group of people making their way out of the Kingdom's walls as they massacre the Demon Beasts in their path while protecting thousands of civilians in the middle of their group.

"And they are?"

Riku sighs slowly: "People with a good head on top of their shoulder."

Zhihao nods his head in confirmation, he then shifts his gaze towards the Demon Beasts surrounding

On the human's side, there are thousands of 5th to 6th stage Celestiality Sovereigns, but in the demon beasts' side, uncountable numbers of them can be seen, the lowest between them is at least at the 4th stage.

"So... Who should I be helping this time?" Zhihao asked as he looks at Riku again.

Riku just wants to see this kingdom burn for some reason but deep within her eyes can be seen signs of sympathy.

Riku: "Can you please save that Kingdom first?"

Zhihao hearing her answer nods his head in reply: "Sure."

Since Zhihao has already entered the ranks of the Gods, the first thing that benefited him was the unsealing of his seal. With the limiter in his Spiritual Energy undone, his power can be unleashed at max!

Zhihao started to fly in the sky but before he could reach some distance, Riku spoke; "Zhihao, after this campaign is done, I'll give you a very great reward."

Zhihao nods his head, with or without this reward, he'will definitely help Riku unconditionally: "Leave it to me."

Riku chuckles as she added: "Although I already gave you a reward, I guess that's for the first step, this is the real reward then."

Zhihao could only chuckle as he continuously hovers above the ground: "Sure."

Zhihao then moves towards the Kingdom, his gaze somewhat shifted to the escaping people before he continues his way again.

Zhihao then made use of his first invented skill: "Handsome Circle Skill!"

Actually, Zhihao just wanted to see the effects of his skill after entering godhood, but he didn't expect its effect to be like this.

The one that he has on his hands right now is extremely similar to that of the manga that he had read, it's like a spinning top with blades forming by its side continuously rotating.


Zhihao couldn't help but exclaim. His voice isn't really that of low, especially since he had reached Godhood and didn't control it, now, all those below him move his gaze towards his location.



Both human and demon beasts stopped as they looked at Zhihao mystified by his motives.

Zhihao then closed his eyes slightly: 'Riku... These demon beasts?'

Riku without any hesitation in her eyes spoke: "Pests!"

Zhihao nods, he then looks at the demon beasts horde, with his other arm, he summons another skill: "Handsome Circle skill!"

Two white rotating lights were both on his hands.

Zhihao then thought of something... 'Let me increase the power for both of them and see its effects.'

Zhihao immediately aims his skills on two parts of the Demon Beasts horde, one from those coming closer to the Kingdom and the other to the forest they are coming out of.



Both the humans and the demon beasts looked at Zhihao.


One of the demon beasts noticed its trajectory and ordered: "RETREAT!"

It's one of the transcendent powers of the demon beasts, one that can talk.

"Too late." Zhihao spoke as he releases his two skills, unleashing its full might towards the Demon Beasts.

"BEGONE! TH*T!" Zhihao spoke a word that he had read once but never known its meaning.


The demon beasts were stunned at first, but after just a single breathe, all of them scattered, spreading as they retreated.



Screams and howls of panic sounded like all of the demon beasts tries to escape.

"Hmmp, all of you will never escape!" Zhihao spoke as he looks at the two balls of rotating light descending from the sky down to the ground.

As soon as Zhihao's words stopped, the two massive balls struck the ground.

_Swish~ Swish~_

But out of expectation, it didn't make a loud noise, instead, there was a gentle wind as it struck the ground, the part of the light ball that struck the ground vanishes without leaving a single scratch on its surface, but those Demon Beasts that was struck by the ball of light vanishes with a single hair from its body left.

Meanwhile, the rotating sharp objects surrounding the ball of energy sliced the demon beasts that escaped the initial smash.


Whenever a demon beast would get hit, it's like their whole existence were erased, not leaving a single thing behind, it's like they didn't even exist to begin with.

Instead of utter chaos, all that happened is silence after a gentle gust of wind.

Zhihao looked at the battlefield... no, the chopping board, although he couldn't kill all of the demon beasts, he already eliminated about 60% of those uncountable demon beasts with just this two skills.

Ying Mai flew towards his side and asked: "What kind of skill is that? It stopped as soon as it was about to hit the ground!"

Riku couldn't help but chuckle; "Mai'er, you`ll definitely feel it later too."

Ying Mai couldn't help but smile bitterly, as soon as she thought that she finally manages to catch up to Zhihao, the latter would just show the distance between them.

Feeling Ying Mai's mood growing awkward, Zhihao brushes Ying Mai's hair to the back of her ear: "Don't worry, you'll definitely reach the level I currently am."

Ying Mai feeling that Zhihao is comforting her couldn't help but smile, with a nod, she replies: "Yes... dear."

Zhihao nods his head, he then spoke: "It felt like... the Spiritual Energy I released... I can control it like it is part of my body."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ying Mai could only nod her head, without actually feeling it herself, she would definitely not know what Zhihao is talking about.

The three of them then looked at the Kingdom with a lot of experts flying staring at them in a daze.

Zhihao then spoke: "Let's go."

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