Supreme Martial System
254 Start of the Mission.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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254 Start of the Mission.

Four hours had passed.

Completely conquering the Beautiful Continent once again, Blythe together with Zhihao, Ying Mai, and her subordinate celebrates the event.


Right now, they are celebrating their victory at the huge garden inside the Floating Beautiful Empire's fortress.

The news of Blythe baking back the throne was immediately spread throughout the whole of the Beautiful Continent, other continents besides them it would definitely hear this news once the merchants from the Beautiful Continent decides to pay them a visit.

As the news spread far and wide, citizens of the Beautiful Continent became merry and decided to celebrate too, but there are a few powers who are currently nervous and fearful of Blythe which helped the Aqrano Clan from dethroning the Cantar Royal Family when Dawn died.

"Let's drink!"

Ollie shouted fully of joy as he hugs his wife in excitement.

Blythe and the rest laugh as Ollie also did some fun things to liven up the atmosphere some more.

Another few minutes had passed, although all of them are still partying, Blythe already made her way up to the balcony as she looks at the place where the people under her are celebrating.

"Is there something that's bothering you?"

A voice of a man spoke, it's none other than Zhihao, Ying Mai is following him closely from behind.

Blythe is already familiar with his voice: "Big brother, I'm just remembering some events from the past."

Zhihao nods: "Is it here that you and your family watch the people of this Kingdom?"

Blythe smiled slightly: "Un!"

Zhihao starts walking together with Ying Mai and spoke: "We will be leaving today."

Blythe looks at Zhihao with widely opened eyes: "W-why?"

Zhihao smiles: "Don't worry, we will come back here once in a while."

Blythe knew he wouldn't be able to prevent both of them from going, hence, she asks: "Where would the two of you be going to?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit: "Sorry, I don't really know myself, but we need to complete our mission here first."

Blythe nods her head even though she didn't understand a thing.

Zhihao smiles yet again: "We will definitely come back though, and that time, there wouldn't be any more trouble for all of us."

Blythe only smiled, she knows none of Zhihao's background, the only thing she knows is his personality as a kind and great big brother: "Then... Then I'll wait for the both of you to return."

Zhihao smiles and pats her head: "Be sure to lead your subordinates to greater heights, okay?"

"Un!" Blythe nods repeatedly and sent a huge hug to Zhihao: "I will definitely do my best."

Zhihao smiled as he continues patting her head: "I know you will."

Blythe then looks at Ying Mai: "Big sis, I'll really miss you a lot."

Ying Mai chuckles as she also approached Blythe: "Me too, I'll miss you a lot."

The three of them finally separates from one another.

Zhihao looks at the bird sitting on the balcony: "Riku, to the next location."

Riku nods her head without replying, as soon as she flaps her wings, a strong gust of wind struck the location where Zhihao and Ying Mai is standing: "Treasured Continent is the place we will be going next."

Riku sent a telepathic message to both of them.

Zhihao then looks at Blythe: "I will leave the other continents close to your territory in your hand. Be sure to teach them well and set a good example."

Blythe seemingly knowing what Zhihao is hinting on nods her head: "Yes, I will."

Zhihao smiles at little Blythe as a void door opens below them.

Zhihao looks at Blythe one last time: "Until we meet again."

Ying Mai also added: "Be sure to wait for us, okay?"

Blythe wanting to act brave started to have tears on her eyes: "I will."

The two nods as they entered the void door.

Seeing the two vanishes without a trace, Blythe spoke one last time: "I will never let the both of you down."

After a few breaths of time.

Zhihao and Ying Mai arrive in a somewhat similar place.

Zhihao is the first to speak: "This is the treasured continent?"

Riku nods: "Yes."

Zhihao scanned around, the beautiful Continent is surrounded by four other continents, the Graceful Continent, the Gorgeous Continent, the Uglies Continent, and the Flowery Continent. He left the task for Blythe to remodel and make the Beautiful Continent as a starting line for those near it.

Now, they are in the Treasured Continent, the area it belongs to is the true powerhouse of Riku's Celestial World.

The Continents that surround it are the Angelic, the Devilish, the Sacred Palace, and the Perfect Continents, all of them are the true powerhouse and front line power of this Celestial World.

Zhihao looks ahead and immediately saw a ginormous wall a kilometer away from their location, Its height is like a hundred or more meters up.

Zhihao: "That is?"

Riku nods her head: "That's one of the guardian Kingdom of the Treasured Continent."

Zhihao nods his head in understanding, just by the sheer size of a kingdom, it already surpassed the Beautiful Continent.

Still, Zhihao couldn't help but ask: "Then... are they having a feast? Like... some demon beast tournament?"

Riku shook her head.

Zhihao nods in understanding: "Is it then... that time when you came back injured?"

Riku was quite stunned, but just after a few seconds, she finally records and nods.

Zhihao: "How much of your strength had you recovered that time?"

Riku pondered for a bit before replying: "I've only regained 1% of my total power."

Zhihao nods his head: "Nobody should mess with those close to me."

"Let's go." Zhihao spoke as Ying Mai walk by his side.

Hearing his words, Riku felt warm; "Then, you better not die kid."

Zhihao chuckles as he replies: "Of course."

"Do you even know who you are talking to? You should say that to yourself." (Zhihao.)

Riku chuckles: "Hmmp, worry about yourself first."

But Zhihao's following words moved her deeply.

Zhihao: "After all, you'd need to be there to protect my predecessors in the future."

Riku's heart couldn't help but warm as she spoke: "Hmmp! Then, you should really become stronger."

Zhihao: "Got it."

The three of them then continued to head towards the first City as they looked at the Demon Beasts assaulting the Kingdom itself.
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    《Supreme Martial System》