Supreme Martial System
253 Father.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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253 Father.

With Blythe's first move, the battle immediately started.

Blythe is still at the lower level of the 1st stage of Celestiality Sovereign, although her power is that of a genuine Celestiality Sovereign, she's fighting a 5th stage Celestiality Sovereign, Innoy Aqrano, a vicious expert that took the throne through a path of blood.

Still, as a genuine Celestiality Sovereign, Blythe can fight a peak 4th stage Celestiality Sovereign of this current era. Right now, she also has the advance of herself wearing a set given by Zhihao.

"The Weak never Yields!" The first thing Blythe did is what she always used to spar with Zhihao, a skill that she especially used whenever both of them spar.

"That..." Innoy felt speechless, before, he can definitely feel that his power is superior to Blythe by more than two folds, yet now, Blythe's strength is almost on par with his.

"How is this possible!" Innoy hasn't stabilized himself, and with Blythe's sudden advance, he is left with only a single choice, to fight.

"Incinerating Fist!" Innoy's hand forms into a fist as it became wrapped around by some sort of violet flame as his bald head started to shimmer with a dark glow.

Blythe saw this and immediately uses one of the techniques Zhihao gave her: "Obliterating Sword!"


The two forces collide, yet, only one of them flew a few meters back. The one that was pushed back is none other than Blythe.

"Hmmp! You might've become stronger, but you are still no match for me!" Innoy spoke with delight as it seems Blythe not only lacks power but also fighting experiences. With that, Innoy immediately follows up with his next attack.

"Incinerating Kick!"


Innoy continuously attacks with his two arms and feet completely covered with flames.


Blythe's subordinates were about to help, but then, Zhihao waves his hand, sending a gentle yet sharp wind across them, making them stop advancing further.

Everyone looks at Zhihao, but all they saw is him waving his hands once more to remove the wind and continued observing, hence, all of them stopped and continued to watch.

Innoy's continues attack seemed to be extremely effective, yet, the one that's getting bombarded looks bewildered.

Blythe is just blocking Innoy's strikes with her two slender arms, yet, there's something weird; "I... I can't..."

Blythe then moves her gaze towards Zhihao, the latter smiled as he nods his head.

"Hmmp! Not focusing in the middle of the duel, you're asking for death!" Innoy howls as he struck consecutively without a pause.

"Princess!" Ollie and the rest of her subordinates exclaim, they were all about to charge it, yet, a gentle yet sharp wind stopped them from doing so.

All of them looked at Zhihao and saw him waving once more, signaling them to not continue.

With Zhihao's intervention, all of them stopped from charging forward, still, all of them are worried for Blythe.

Meanwhile, Blythe could only block it casually with her armguard, but still, her gaze didn't leave Zhihao and Ying Mai.

"Hmmp! Still not giving me the right attention?" Innoy with a smile plastered on his face as he continuously struck Blythe.

Blythe understood now, just how precious the armor set Zhihao had bestowed her, with that, she looks at Innoy gathering Celestial Energy on her hands: "I can't feel any pain!"

Blythe howls as she pushed Innoy a few steps back. The next thing she did is to open up her two hands and faced it up to the sky.


Immediately, a black thunder struck her palm, immediately showing a black bastard sword with a violet misty aura around it.

"This..." Innoy felt shocked, Blythe's power actually increased further as soon as she summoned the sinister looking sword.

Blythe then aimed at Innoy as she points her bastard sword towards him: "Let me show you, the true power of my royal family!"

"Royal Family's swordsmanship first strike, Striking Soul!"

Blythe immediately vanished from her location, Innoy felt shocked, still, he prepared himself for any unexpected attacks.

But out of all the places Blythe would appear, he didn't expect for her to appear in front of him.

"Hyaa!" Blythe's howl is full of resolution as she poured Celestial Energy in it. It looks like fencing, but fencing with a bastard sword that is.

"Hmmp!" Innoy made a sound as he crossed his two arms in front of him to block Blythe's strike.


A crisp sound echoes as he was pushed back a few meters again.

Innoy couldn't believe what just happened: 'My arms... had gone numb...'

Innoy felt extremely shocked, there was no pain nor any pressure yet, Blythe's strike made one of his arm numb.

The commotion before died down immediately and was replaced by a weighty silence.

Then, Blythe provoked the silence.

"Second Strike, Draconic Whiskers!"

With Blythe's entire arm lifted while gestured in a striking pose, Innoy immediately reacted with defending his heart.


Just like that, Innoy thought that he predicted correctly, yet, the bastard sword seemed to blur as he couldn't follow it anymore, the trajection of Blythe's strike suddenly changes and it looks like a whip.

Innoy couldn't defend anymore as he focused all of his Celestial energy to his skin.


The sound of a sword cutting the human's flesh echoes.

"Kuk!" Innoy felt it, extremely.

Blythe actually struck him on the back of his head. The trajectory of Blythe's second strike is unpredictable.

Yet, little Blythe didn't stop there as she pushes forward with her next move.

"Third Strike, Unhindered Sanction!"

Blythe is holding the bastard sword in front of her chest as she immediately moves it forward to strike Innoy.

Currently, in Innoy's mind is working none stop; 'Is it a whip-like strike? A forward one? Which!!!?'

Everything is moving into slow motion in his eyes, but then, when it's about to strike him at his neck, he now knows that it's a forward strike without any strikes to it, just a simple strike.

"Ha! It's a straight strik---" Innoy rejoiced, he forgot that he's in a duel and not in a game.


"Pfft!" Innoy pukes out a mouthful of blood as Blythe's sword pierces through his neck until her sword reaches halfway through.

Still, Blythe avoided the Spinar Cord, giving Innoy a few more time on this land to live.

Blythe has tears on her eyes flowing down to her cheek, she slowly loosens her gritting teeth as she murmurs.


A single word escapes her mouth. a pink and white light surrounds her as a few formations started forming under her.

Slowly, a figure starts to materialize.

Blythe couldn't help but bit her lips as tears continue to flow down from her eyes, as soon as the figure completely materialized, Blythe uttered another word.


The figure slowly looks back and smiled at Blythe: "My daughter."

The one that Blythe summoned is the original ruler of the Beautiful Continent, her father, Dawn Cantar.

"You did well to persist for so long." Dawn Cantar spoke as he continuously pats Blythe's head; "My daughter, I will give you my final advice as your father, as you enter the stage of blood, you will die by blood. It will be nearly impossible for you to live peacefully again."

Blythe then looks up to her father: "Father... I..."

Dawn Cantar: "But I know you will do well, whatever you choose, you are my daughter after all, so just do as what your heart desire, your mother and I will be there for you, always looking after you from the skies."

Blythe still couldn't stop her tears: "I will... I will get my revenge together with my father."

Dawn Cantar smiles at her daughter's word, still, his eyes are full of worry and regret: "Then, let us do it, as father and daughter."

"Un!" Blythe replies resolutely as the both of them looks at Innoy Aqrano.

Dawn Cantar's tender gaze immediately changes from that of a loving father into that of a demon instead: "For a traitorous maggot like you, dying quickly is too much of a present, but being in the presence of my daughter, I shall do exactly that."

Blythe and Dawn prepared to strike together, Innoy waved one of his hands trying to stop the duo, but before he could utter another gasp, they immediately struck.




Innoy couldn't even defend as his eyes slowly turn white and descends from the sky down to the ground.



"The throne will return to the rightful owner!"

"Long live the queen!"

"Long live the queen!"

Blythe's subordinates cheered to the top of their lungs seeing the fall of the useless ruler Innoy Aqrano, the tyranny of his reign has come to an end.

But as all of them cheered, Blythe and her father, Dawn is looking at each other, they only have a few seconds left together and will be apart a few more months after that.

"Blythe, do not rush on things, try to think carefully of what you-" Dawn is speaking and was about to lecture Blythe about life, but before he could, the latter already hugged him tightly.

Dawn: "Now now, you are a queen, you must not act like that, did I say anything bad?"

Blythe only shook her head.

Dawn: "Do you not want to be lectured by your father anymore?"

Blythe shook her head again.

Dawn sighs: "We will see each other again before I enter the cycle of life, so lecturing should come for the next time. My dear daughter, both me and your mom deeply love you."

Blythe tightens her hug, but Dawn's body started to glow again turning into thousands of light: "Father... I love you and mom so much."


The wind sounded as Dawn's body slowly diminishes.

Dawn smiled for one last time: "We love you so much too."

After Dawn spoke, he completely disappears leaving only a few dots of light behind.

Blythe wipes her tears, still, her eyes red from crying can be seen. She slowly looks behind her, the people that came with her full of happiness from their victory as she shouts: "We've won!"


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