Supreme Martial System
252 Blythe“s first battle.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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252 Blythe“s first battle.

Floating Fortress of the Beautiful Sky Empire.

Right now, even a pin falling to the ground might be heard, utter silence caused by a single action done by Zhihao.

Although he spoke of them to continue, the tenseness within everyone's body is already gone.

"That... Big brother..." Blythe could only helplessly look at Zhihao, they were being pushed back a little while ago just by that single person, but the moment he bad mouths Zhihao's wife, he was obliterated.

Blythe: "How do we proceed like this..."

Zhihao couldn't help but feel sorry: "Ahem, well... The only problem here is between my little sister, Blythe Cantar and the current ruler of the Beautiful Continent, Innoy Aqrano. If you do not want to be involved in this, be sure to make some distance for the two power to fight each other."

Nobody still moved, who knows what Zhihao will do after that? Noticing their hesitation, Zhihao sighs: "I only killed that ugly person due to the only reason that he bad mouths my wife, I can prove it to anyone, if they wish to have another example, just open your mouth and speak ill about my wife."

With Zhihao following that, they were even more afraid of opening their mouths now, what if they will just apologize? But before they could, a hole on their chest will suddenly appear?

Blythe looks at Zhihao still a little bit confused as there is no tension growing up.

Zhihao sighs as he forgot that he just said that he'll try to kill anyone that's gonna speak ill of his wife, then how can they really talk if Zhihao gave such a warning? Hence, he added one last sentence: "I will never intervene, just continue with your great battle."

Hearing this, a lot of people can finally open their mouth and breathe.

Innoy Aqrano on the other hand, smiles as he spoke: "Then, I believe that no matter the outcome is, the supreme expert will never mind?"

Zhihao shifts his sharp gaze towards Innoy: "Do you take my word as a joke then?"

"N-no! Of course not!" Innoy stutters as he shook his head, declining Zhihao's words.

Zhihao nods as he moves a few meters to the east together with Ying Mai and Riku.

Innoy seeing Zhihao moving away, and the woman beside him felt speechless, it is exactly that lady who she had talked bad about just a few minutes ago if she ever opens her mouth, he would definitely die together with Uglies Continent's ruler.

But still, there are thousands of experts in Innoy's side, his group still has the upper hand, with that, he looks at Blythe: "You will never win this war, you should stop your revolution and immediately head home, I became their Emperor with the death of the Uglies Continent's ruler, cease your futile effort!"

"No, remove me from your part, I'm going back to my country to live a peaceful life." At this moment, one of the Sovereigns at the 6th stage of Celestiality Sovereign from the Uglies continent.

There are only a handful of them, and if one of them is leaving, what about the rest?

Another one then spoke: "Hmmp, talk about going under a 5th stage Celestiality Sovereign, count me out of it, my powers lies with the Uglies Continent!"

The rest of the 6th stage of Celestiality Sovereign experts also voiced out their opinion, and in the end, took back their forces together with them.

"You...! You can't do this! Your supreme ruler and I had an agreement! Whoever stays alive will lead the remainder of the other one's people and lands!" Innoy Aqrano spoke completely agitated yet he couldn't really be enraged towards these experts as they are all stronger than he is.

About only a quarter left from the Uglies Continent stayed behind, those that had nothing left to do and has nowhere else to go after their Lord dies, still, it would be troublesome to be involved in a dispute where a supreme expert is observing, hence, they decided to take a step out of it.

Only the ones remaining from both side is Innoy's subjects and Blythe's people.

But this time, it is different. Both of their armies are of the same number.

Innoy harrumphs as he glares at the experts escaping from his grasp, he then moves his eyes towards Blythe: "Even if they left, I still have the upper hand! Surrender now and I will let you be the minister of my Beautiful Sky Empire!"

Blythe shook her head: "Never."

Innoy took a glance at Zhihao before going back to Blythe: "My only plan is to increase the territory of the Beautiful Continent by consuming the Uglies continent from within, with the addition of your army, we can definitely succeed!"

Blythe then nods her head.

Innoy: "Good that you understand."

But Blythe's respond slashed his hope: "My people, prepare for war! We will get from them, everything! We will take what is rightfully ours! LEAVE THEM NOTHING!"

Paldran: "KILL!"

Ollie: "Leave no rocks uncovered! Kill all the betrayers!"

Lourde: "Reclaim the throne!"

Soaran: "For the unification of the Beautiful Continent!"

All of the generals howls their order as all of them summons their power, ribbon-like clothes appear around them as it floats beside their bodies.

The army comprised of only genuine Celestiality Sovereign! A never seen occasion for millions of years has actually appeared once again!

Innoy saw this and couldn't help but be shaken: "No, do not let them trick you! They are merely just using some strange illusions to decrease our fighting power! All of you are Celestiality Sovereigns too! That thing only came from the myths!"

Innoy spoke desperately as he adds: "There is no way that it can be real! KILL THEM ALL!"

Hearing it, the experts from Innoy's side finally realized, they are in the 2nd to the 4th stage of Celestiality Sovereign yet, there are no such things happening, hence, they can only label it as an illusion."

"Kill them all, kill those betrayers!"


But just like every cliche troupe, the moment their weapons clashed that the difference between the two's power is not in equal terms, but instead, it is like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Clang! Clang~ Clang!

Just with the vanguards clashing at each other, those from Innoy's side were pushed back immediately.

"This... HOW?!"

One of the experts exclaims, as the others still couldn't believe their what's happening in front of them.

Innoy Aqrano still in the middle saw his subjects not attacking howls; "What's the problem? Why aren't you attacking the enemies?!"

"That... My King." An expert hurriedly moves towards Innoy.

"It seems to be that they are getting some sort of power-up, although I struck a 1st stage Celestiality Sovereign Expert, it felt like I was battling a peak 3rd stage Celestiality Sovereign!"

Hearing this, Arnado subconsciously moves his gaze towards the location of Zhihao who's leisurely sitting together with Ying Mai while the both of them sips some hot tea.

"What?" Zhihao saw this and immediately asked like a supreme powerful expert.

Innoy Aqrano immediately had sweats all over his body as he replies: "No... nothing my lord."

He immediately moves his gaze back to Blythe, if what his subject had reported is true, then they are really in a huge disadvantage if they continue this war.

"Blythe Cantar, let's not spill the blood of our subordinates here and let us settle this with our own two hands!" Innoy Aqrano spoke pridefully like a great leader.

Blythe was about to speak, but someone interrupted.

"Woah, such a brave shameless man, I mean, you're challenging a lady old enough to be your grand-grand daughter, shame. Right dear?"


The two people that spoke is none other than Zhihao and Ying Mai.

Zhihao: "If it was me I'd die of shame, how will I be able to show my stupidly ugly face with the additional shameless personality to my ancestors."

Ying Mai nods her head two times: "Yes, exactly, shameless."

Zhihao: "Being old is such a blessing, you can bully whoever you want at this moment."

Ying Mai nods again: "Yes, very shameless indeed."

The two of them continued their skit act as they roasted Innoy's every bit of his pride to ashes.

"This..." Innoy felt enraged; 'If the both of you aren't that strong, I would've already killed the both of you a hundred, no, a thousand times already!'

"What? You want to have a go at me?" Zhihao spoke as he sips his tea.

"N-no, I wouldn't dare even think about it." Innoy replied, even though he didn't look at Zhihao this time, his hands are clenched tightly that blood started to leak out of it.

Zhihao sips another mouthful of tea and looks at Ying Mai: "See? Shameless, he already cursed us a hundred times in his mind but still wants to act nicely."

Ying Mai nods, but this time spoke: "We should leave it to little Blythe now, leave the shameless old man some pride, even if it's the pride of a turtle."

Riku couldn't help but chuckles: "Yeah, turtles like to hide their pride so much."

She's referring to none other than Amro, her little brother.

Seeing that the couple finally stopped, Innoy could finally release a breath of relief. He himself knew that Zhihao is only making him lose his cool, as a cultivator, calmness is one of the focal points in a battle between experts, especially in a duel. Immediately, he goes on with calming every nerve in his body.

"But still, isn't it shameless to challenge a child who's old enough to be your granddaughter?" Zhihao added before calmly sipping his tea again.

Ying Mai only chuckles this time, as she nods and proceeds with observing.

Hearing Zhihao's words yet again, Innoy couldn't help but have his blood boil.

Blythe took a look at Zhihao as she expresses her gratitude with a nod: "I ACCEPT!"

As soon as Blythe spoke those words, she immediately entered her battle mode!

Blythe's battle mode, something that Zhihao specially brought for her.

Shibari Sword Mistress set (9/8)

Shibari's Battledress.

Shibari's Breastplate.

Shibari's Armguard.

Shibari's Ponytail.

Shibari's Legguard.

Shibari's Chainmail.

Shibari's Promised Locket.

Shibari's Untainted Core.


Item Level: 1st Level

Grade: Divine

Damage : 7,824 - 9,340

Defense : 12,433

Option Granted: Critical damage dealt will be increased by 400% whenever the owner strikes the enemy by 4 continues times.

Option Granted: Increases Critical Rate by 50%

Option Granted: Additional 20% Critical Rate when fighting summoned creatures

Option Granted: Has a 15% chance to completely ignore the enemy's attack by 50%

Strength : 32,833

Agility : 13,944

Stamina : 21,559

Wisdom : 11,743

Intelligence : 9,320

Bonus Option: gives a shield that absorbs 30% of the damage taken.

Bonus Option: In the night, Gives an additional 50% damage as a bonus to creatures of the dark or evil summoned creatures.

Bonus Option: Has a 2% Chance to nullify any kind of damage

Set Skill:

The Weak never Yields- If the enemy is more than two times stronger than the owner, she/he will receive a 100% Increase in stats for an hour.

Holy Grail- Increases the owner's and his/her allies attributes and attack by 100%.

Beloved- Summon's Shibari's lover to help her restrain her foes. (This will depend on which appearance of the owner's beloved family or lover she wishes to summon with 50% of their original power.) This will only take effect if both parties has mutual feelings for each other.

Blythe's body became completely wrapped by an armor which is colored blue and silver, a wind looking aura also started to rotate around her as she rushes towards Innoy.

"This..." Innoy felt speechless, he couldn't really believe in how or in what way did Blythe's power increase by more than twice its original capacity.

"You will die by my blade!" Blythe howls as she makes her way to Innoy.

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