Supreme Martial System
251 Start to an End
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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251 Start to an End

Sorry guys, I still have a lot of things I had forgotten, but I'll make some adjustments with the story, SMS will end with 400 ~ 500 chapters, then, the next thing I will do is to remake it from scratch, increasing the length of up to 1,500 or more, but that's for the future, this is my first born child, and the least that I want is for people to see it to the end!

With or without donations, I'll finish all of my novels before departing WN permanently.

Lists of novels that I will finish in WN;


MOFM (A transition from game to reality, somewhat like Sao, but in the Real world where more than 100 Worlds from different plains are connected.)

Heavenly Sovereign on Earth (BTW, this novel is an apocalypse novel, where evolved animals and creatures start to come out, Zombies, Vampires, and werewolves if you guys are interested.)


The mountains.

Zhihao has already stepped into Godhood, but he is still a newborn, still, it would be enough so long as he could regain his strength back to its original once the duration of the side effect is up.

But right now, the one in front of him is a 6th-stage Celestiality Sovereign Demon Beast, A Celestial Qilin named Ruma.

"Human... chose your next words correctly or it will be your last!" Ruma coldly retorted as he fiercely glares at Zhihao.

Zhihao tilts his head; 'I only have my physical strength, but it should be enough to deal with him... right?'

But without any way for him to calculate, he looks at Ruma and spoke: "Then, I can guarantee that it will be your last if you dare reject me once more."

Zhihao spoke full of confidence, hearing this, Ruma felt a little dismay, he could clearly feel the ominous aura coming out of Zhihao's body, that extreme killing intent, that pitch black murderous aura slightly leaking.

How many powerful creatures had this man killed? This thought is currently going around Ruma's head.

Ruma then calmly makes up his mind: "Human, I can kill all of the people here before I die, do you think that killing me will be worth it?"

Zhihao sighs: "I already warned you, I gave you a chance yet you let it sleep away. Dear, protect everyone."

Ying Mai nodded: "Yes."

As soon as Ying Mai finishes her word, she immediately surrounded both Zhihao and Ruma with her aura alone.

But something shocked Ruma and everybody else, Ying Mai is currently flying as a long silk clothe started to hover around her whole body, it felt extremely mystifying as her power can actually sooth their tensed nerves.

Ruma stared at Ying Mai as he utters: "No... No way... a genuine... Celestiality Sovereign at the 7th stage?! And a human?!"

Comparing the Celestiality Sovereign levels between a demon beast and a human? In terms of power, ten 5star Celestiality Sovereign demon beast is equivalent to that of a single Celestiality Sovereign human, unless they evolve into a higher being, for example, Heavenly Beasts, Immortal Beasts, or Celestial Beasts.

Zhihao smirks: "Sorry but, your opponent will be me!"

Rumo woke up from his stupor as he glares at Zhihao from the sky: "Impudence!"

Zhihao frowns as he gathers his physical prowess; "For how long are you going to look down on me?! DOWN!"

As soon as Zhihao's words finishes, Rumo felt a huge pressure coming down from the sky.

"No!" Rumo resisted, but for some reason, the pressure increases further as Zhihao's killing intent and murderous aura started to target him too.



Howls of pain came from Ruma as he slammed into the ground, causing a huge cloud of dusts to flew into the air.

Ruma slowly opens his eyes: "Human..."

Zhihao slowly walks towards Ruma, he himself didn't think that just by achieving the 1st stage of Godhood, his physical strength will soar leaps and bound. But then, he started to think...

Zhihao: 'The difference between 1st stage and 2nd stage is double... even triple in some cases... Then how strong are the Titans?'

But after a while, he shook his head as he looks at Ruma: "You still dare to belittle me?"

Ruma looks at Zhihao in shock, he couldn't understand what had just happened, yet, he is here now, laying on the ground with his body engraved on it.

Zhihao sighs at Ruma becoming speechless yet, he couldn't blame the latter: "I will give you one last chance."

Ruma woke up from his stupor as he bows down: "I beg for mercy, let me serve you."

Zhihao nods his head as he looks at the people: "From this day forth, this location shall be known as the Supreme Celestial Empire!"


Everyone responds including Blythe and Ollie.

Zhihao then proceeds with the Heavenly Phoenix Goddess' Oath with Ruma to be a servant to him and those he deemed fit.

Zhihao then quickly made some arrangement for Soaran and Lourde's Clan to be the elites of Blythe's Royal Guards, with the three Celestiality Sovereign, Soaran, Lourde, and Paldran as the generals.

The next steps are for the people to continue their training and cultivation, their targets are to kill Celestiality Sovereign demon beasts or tame one.

Quickly, two months had passed.

Supreme Celestial Empire.

Zhihao is currently standing on a balcony together with Ying Mai, Blythe, and her generals.

Zhihao is currently looking at the people in front of him who are floating in the sky, he then moves his gaze to Blythe: "This is your moment."

"Un!" Blythe nods with tears in her eyes: "Thank you, big brother."

Zhihao smiles and nods at her words.

Blythe then looks ahead: "Today... Today is the day that I had dreamed of, never would I have thought that it will ever come true, but I wish for everyone to support me through this."




Blythe tries to control herself, but the rage and happiness inside her body is chaotic.

Seeing this, both Ying Mai and Zhihao pats her shoulder, giving her encouragement.

Blythe nods: "Please help me... Please help me take back what rightfully belongs to my family."

Blythe's voice is not strong, yet, it carries all the emotion she had hidden deep inside her for many years.

Seeing this, the people in front of her couldn't help but feel saddened.


Blythe's words are not those of someone ordering, it is like that of a person begging; "Today, We shall retake it with our own hands!"



Zhihao smiled as he nods in approval, he then looks at Riku and nods again.

Riku nods in understanding as she moves her claws simultaneous to Zhihao.

A Dimensional Scar appears as everyone felt their will surging up in the skies.


Someone shouts, he is none other than Ollie, Blythe's uncle, he's riding a 1st stage Celestiality Sovereign Blood Dragon.


With Ollie leading the charge, everyone else follows, there are only ten demon beast mounts, yet, a lot of people are carried, but still, the sight in front of Zhihao is truly something else to behold.

At least 1,000 people at the 1st stage of Celestiality Sovereign are flying across the sky as they enter the Dimensional Scar.

Riku sighs, the denseness of the Celestial Energy within her Celestial World is too thick that it took these normal people to reach Celestiality Sovereign in less than three months of time.

Zhihao smiles as he looks at Blythe: "Take back what's rightfully yours."

"Un!" With tears still in her eyes, Blythe nods full of conviction as she also took out her sword: "Baobao!"

Baobao immediately appears beside the balcony: "Master!"

Blythe: "Let's go!"

Baobao: "Yes!"

Blythe entered the Dimensional Scar while Zhihao, Ying Mai, and Riku followed afterward.

But as soon as Zhihao and the duo enter the Dimensional Scar, they saw that Blythe's army is on standby.

The three of them looks ahead and saw something unexpected.

There are currently more than 3,000 people at the 1st up to the 4th stage of Celestiality Sovereign hovering above the Beautiful Sky Empire's location and there are at least a hundred at the 5th stage while less than twenty at the 6th stage of Celestiality Sovereign.

Ying Mai frowns as she took a few steps in but before she could move, a hand stops her path.

Zhihao looks at her: "It is her fight, let her deal with it."

Ying Mai smiled bitterly as she nods: "Yes."

The three of them looks at the front again waiting for Blythe's decision.

Blythe became shocked at the sight, they can definitely win this, but there will definitely casualties after. Although the Celestiality Sovereigns on her side are genuine, all of them are still at the 1st stage.

"What are the barbarians from the Uglies Kingdom doing here?!" Blythe howls as she looks at the two people in the middle of everyone.

It is none other than the Beautiful Continent's King, Innoy Aqrano, the one beside him is the ruler of the Uglies Kingdom, Lano Brodredo.

"Hahaha, what great timing, the Uglies and Beautiful Kingdom has just finished forming up an alliance, You shall be the sacrifice to our glorious unification, even that sl*t of yours wouldn't stand a chance!" The Uglies Kingdom's Lano spoke.

Hearing this, Zhihao frowns as his aura immediately gone berserk: "DIE!"

A punch aiming at Lano descends out of nowhere, the pressure causing Lano to shiver as his pours started to sweat.


Lano howls his last as Zhihao's strike struck him at the center of his chest, pushing him into the walls of the Beautiful Sky Empire's walls leaving a huge empty hole in his chest.

Ying Mai saw this and couldn't help but chuckles: "Dear... What happened to leaving it all to little Blythe?"

Zhihao seeing the dead man on the wall started to calm his nerves: "Ahem, I'm sorry little Blythe, you may continue."

The air felt awkward as everyone looks at Zhihao in utter shock and speechlessness.

Continue your head! You just killed the Uglies Kingdom's great ruler!

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