Supreme Martial System
250 Another One
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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250 Another One

Zhihao couldn't help but shudder, with the Aura Ying Mai is releasing, it most likely has the same pain level he endured when he was on Earth, the time with his attributes is combining with his body, forming a Godly Physique, the 'Tyrannical God's Body'.

Zhihao went inside his mind as he configured the system: 'Make a soundproof barrier.'


=Sealing the room, Preventing the sound from leaking and being heard from the outside.

Zhihao closed his face to Ying Mai as he kissed her forehead: "You don't need to grit your teeth, just shout."

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao as she nodded, although she did, so long as she can still endure it, she wouldn't make any noise.

But as soon as Zhihao's voice vanished, the pain Ying Mai felt doubled.

"Urg!" With gritted teeth, Ying Mai started to groan, blood started to leak out of her mouths,

With his cultivation sealed, Zhihao could not help but hugged Ying Mai, but as soon as he did, he felt an incredible heat coming out of her aura.

Zhihao's skin is being burnt to a crisp at an incredible fast phase.


=Warning: Phoenix Flame is burning the host's skin, caution is advised; move a meter away every minute.

-Celestial Phoenix Flames: The purest amongst the three top flames, although it is the weakest, in terms of firepower, but it is the greatest in terms of quality.

Although the skin being burnt is regenerating extremely fast, but the speed of it burning is faster.

Zhihao then smiled as he hugged Ying Mai's body, although he is being burnt to a crisp, he wants to endure the pain together with Ying Mai.

Feeling his warm embrace, Ying Mai smiled, she then hugged Zhihao tightly, and as soon as she did, a powerful surge of power emitted from her body.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai: "Stop! what are you-"

But before Zhihao could finish his words, Ying Mai's power blasted at him, sending him ten meters away from her.

Zhihao was thrown out of the space, but when he tried to come back, Ying Mai waved her hands, a powerful barrier blocked the path between Zhihao and her.

"Ying Mai!" Zhihao howled, but he didn't hit the barrier, if he did, Ying Mai would take a backlash.

Ying Mai looked at him with a smile that seemed to be saying; 'I can make it, do not worry.'

Zhihao hesitating for a bit before nodding his head, he sat down a meter away from Ying Mai, seeing this, Ying Mai retracted the barrier and focused on enduring the pain that's coursing through her whole body.

Zhihao closed his eyes, he couldn't bare to see Ying Mai bearing such pain alone, yet he couldn't do anything to help, Ying Mai is screaming inside the sound barrier, tears running down from her eyes, flames going berserk out of her body, and blood continuously escaping her mouth.

After a few hours, the pain vanished steadily as Ying Mai collapsed, but before she could hit the ground, Zhihao dashed forward to catch her.

"You did great." Zhihao spoke as he slowly wallks to somewhere and summoned the carriage, placing Ying Mai inside to rest.




Another day had passed, Zhihao woke up from his sleep, but what he saw amazed him.

Ying Mai is looking at him with a serene smile, her pure white jade skin had actually browned a bit, a little tanned, making her skin glimmer like gold, her face more alluring than before, her improvements had caused Zhihao who is already used to beautiful to become astounded.

"Good morning dear." Ying Mai spoke with a blush on her face, increasing her allure further.

Zhihao couldn't help but smile and reply: "Good morning."

Ying Mai hugged Zhihao as the latter did the same, it felt like the time had stopped as the two of them.

"Ahem." Someone then cough, the both of them looked at the location and saw Riku, but currently, Riku is like a chicken with a lot of her feathers removed.

"What happened to you?" Zhihao asked as Ying Mai nodded, she wanted to ask that too.

Riku sighed as she spoke: "I need to rest for a few years, one or two, the amount of primordial blood that I gave Mai took a huge toll to me, I wouldn't be able to send you back to the Fantasy Realm, but you just need to board this carriage in four days, it will immediately bring you back there."

After speaking, Riku created a Dimensional Scar and continued: "Ying Mai, the current you have the power of a 5th Celestiality Sovereign, and with the addition of your Spiritual cultivation, you are as powerful as a 1st stage, God Realm lower level."

After speaking, Riku dove to the Dimensional Scar without waiting for their reply, her current situation is dire, she needed to hibernate for a while, luckily, the Celestial Energy within her Celestial World is so thick, if not, she would at least need five million years to recupperate.

Zhihao and Ying Mai couldn't help but to sigh, clearly, they know that Riku had sacrificed a lot to give Ying Mai those ten drops of her Primordial Blood.

The both of them are in deep contemplating, but out of nowhere, someone shouted.

"Big Brother! HELP!"

Both Zhihao and Ying Mai woke up from their daze, immediately moving out of their carriage.

Zhihao opened his eyes widely, he can see a flying dragon with Injuries all over his body, then something is following it from behind, something like a horse with a dragon as its face, its body is covered with scales as the tail burning with blue flames.

"Qilin?" Zhihao spoke, clearly, that beast is stronger than Baobao.

The two of them soared to the sky and immediately intervened between Baobao and the Qilin.

"Stop!" Zhihao shouted, ordering the Qilin to halt its pursuit.

The Qilin glared at Zhihao and spoke: "Human, they had trespassed on my territory, as a long level being, he had the audicity to invade my private property!"

Zhihao didn't reply, only glancing at Baobao.

"Big Brother! I'm sorry! Baobao warned me, but I urged him to!" Blythe spoke, feeling extremely guilty.

Zhihao nodded as he glanced back at the Qilin, he then spoke: "You will be my mount, you can choose!"

The domineering tone of Zhihao enraged the Qilin; "ROAAAAAR!"

"How dare a lowly human like you order me, a Celestial Qilin, a 6th Stage Celestiality Sovereign!"

But before the Qilin can do anything, Ying Mai's power surged forth, immediately pressuring the Qilin down.

The Qilin felt immediately threat as it started to move back, it looked at Ying Mai as it turned its gaze back to Zhihao, he couldn't feel any energy from Zhihao, but seeing Ying Mai assisting Zhihao, it could only mean one thing to him, Zhihao is an ordinary human.

The Qilin glared at him and spoke: "I can kill that Mortal, but I will forgive their transgretion on my territory this time, be sure not to do it again."

Clearly, the Qilin didn't want to back down too, it immediately retreated, but before it could go away, Zhihao spoke.

"I told you, I need a mount, where are you going?!"

The Qilin felt a tremendous killing intent together with a battle intent, the sofucation it felt is extremely huge, it started to feel scared, slowly, it looked at the location where that voice came from and only saw Zhihao glaring at him like the death god itself.

"I will give you only two choice, to become my mount or die! you threatened my Family, you injured her pet, so I`ll make you my pet!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the Qilin couldn't help but shudder; 'Me? The great Celestial Qilin, Ruma? A pet?!'
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    《Supreme Martial System》