Supreme Martial System
248 Forming a Bond
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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248 Forming a Bond

"You even know the Heavenly Phoenix Goddess' oath!?"

The mountain dragon became extremely shocked, but he calmed down, there is a process with this oath, if Zhihao doesn't know about it, he has nothing to fear.

Zhihao smiled at the Mountain Dragon, immediately sending shivers to his kilometer long body.

"Of course, I pledge my loyalty to the Young Princess until the end of my life!"

The mountain dragon smiled as he looked at Zhihao, waiting for his response.

Ten breaths had passed, Zhihao opened his eyes as he looked at the dragon and asked;

"When will you open your astral soul?"

Hearing Zhihao's word, the dragon shuddered: 'He even knows that?!'

The Dragon looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "I- I will, I was just waiting for your words."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Then, go on."

The Dragon sighed, he then nodded his head as he bowed towards Blythe, a type of seal formed in his head with the silhouette of a dragon in the middle.

The dragon didn't tell them what to do, in case Zhihao did not know what is next, but his hopes shattered at Zhihao's following words.

"Blythe, drop a blood infused with your power into that seal."

The dragon couldn't help but have tears in his eyes: 'He really knows everything.'

"Un!" Blythe responded as she took out her dagger as she jumped at the humongous head of the dragon, she then pokes her finger, a drop of blood fell to the seal.

Naturally, Zhihao knows nothing of everything, Riku had told her of it through mental communication.

Once the drop of blood entered the Dragon's seal, the seal glowed extremely shiny as the Dragon's body shrunk to a quarter of its original size.

Zhihao looked at Blythe as he spoke: "Give him a name."

Blythe nodded as she pondered for a bit, then after a few breaths, she spoke: "I will call you Baobao!"

Hearing this, the dragon wept tears of sadness inside his heart.

"Baobao greets Master." Never the less, the dragon bowed his head as he greeted Blythe full of respect.

Zhihao nodded, he then ordered: "Baobao, go and uproot all the trees out of that mountain a kilometer ahead!"

Baobao looked at the distance, that is the biggest mountain in this region, it looked like the ocean's wave, the top part has a flat area of about two kilometers with the end as a cliff, the body of it is a natural fortress, layers of flat ground can be seen in its body from the highest to the middle.

"Yes, Master."

Baobao flew to the sky as he used his tail to uproot the trees, he even removed the large rocks and placed everything on the mountain's foot.

After just an hour, Baobao finished his job and returned to Zhihao's side and at the same time, the people had finished moving to this side of the world too.

Blythe then looked at Baobao as she spoke: "Big Brother, can I take Baobao out for a fly?"

Blythe's eyes glowed, extremely excited, she had always wanted to fly like those Celestiality Sovereigns, it is one of her dreams.

Naturally, without any hesitation, Zhihao nodded: "Of course, enjoy your time."

Blythe ran to Zhihao as she hugged him: "Thank you Big Brother!" After speaking, she returned to Baobao and rode on the back of his head.

"Young Miss, please hold on." Baobao cautioned.

"Un! Let us go!"

Blythe spoke, immediately, Baobao soared to the sky slowly as he moved to whichever direction Blythe pointed at.

Baobao then commented: "Young Miss, please tell me if you want to increase the speed."

The two vanished out of sight, Zhihao looked at everyone as he spoke.

"Everyone, that mountain will be our territory, we'll start to rebuild everything, first is everyone's lodges, the last would be the castle, women, children, and the unable elders can rest, only help in preparing the food for everyone."

"Yes, Lord!" Everyone replied as they started to move towards that mountain.

A few demonic beasts were on the path, Zhihao and the others immediately killed them, becoming food for later.

Zhihao looked around, he can sense that there is 12 Celestiality Sovereigns in this group and more than 20,000 Empowering Warriors from 1st to 10th stage, clearly, this will be a great start for them.

After a while, a quarter of the housings had been finished quickly, well, with a total of 2,000,000 population, it would definitely be weird if they have not.

Zhihao looked at Riku as he asked: "How many days until we return to the Fantasy Realm?"

Riku immediately replied: "Four more days."

Zhihao nodded, Ying Mai then sat beside him as she leaned her head to his shoulder.

Zhihao was shocked at first, but then, he calmed down as he spoke: "I'll just spend the rest of it with Ying Mai and guide them on how to cultivate."

Ying Mai blushes while Riku nodded, but then, Riku looked at Ying Mai and spoke.

"Come here for a second."

Ying Mai nodded as she stood up and followed Riku to a few hundred meters away.

Riku then spoke: "I'll now form a partnership with you, open the both of your hands open as you face your palm towards me."

Ying Mai followed Riku's instruction, immediately, Riku turned into her human form as she held her hands.

"I, Celestial Beast, Riku, the Purgatory Blood Flame Phoenix, vow to help this Human on her grand endeavor

Bestow a portion of my Primordial Phoenix Blood!"

After speaking, Riku's forehead glowed as a seal appeared, she held Ying Mai's hands upward as ten drops of blood fell from the seal, all ten drops were caught by Ying Mai.

After which, Riku cut Ying Mai's palm, Riku's blood on top of Ying Mai's palm immediately sunk in as her wound immediately closed.

Riku looked at Ying Mai and spoke: "Return to Zhihao first..."

Ying Mai nodded as she walks back to Zhihao.

Riku then continued: "Endure it, to the limits of your capabilities."

Ying Mai heard Riku's word, she immediately pondered: "Endure?"

Zhihao then called: "Mai, come here, is your business with Riku done?"

"Un!" Ying Mai nodded as she walks back to Zhihao, but as soon as the both of them came into contact, Ying Mai felt something warm flowing inside her body.

Riku is in the sky, she then summoned a dimensional scar and went in, her countenance doesn't look great either, her mouth is currently bleeding, and after a while, she cough out a mouthful of blood.

Riku smirked: "I guess, I`ll have to rest for a few days..."

After speaking, Riku immediately fell asleep.

Ying Mai's eyes suddenly opened wide, the warm feeling inside her body started to run wild, as the warm current start to turn into heat.

Blood immediately filled her mouth as she coughs it out.

"MAI!" Zhihao shouted.

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao as she smiled and spoke: "Master... Dear, I've already formed a bond with Riku, I guess this is the effect."

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai as he nodded, "Stay strong."


Ying Mai gritted her teeth as she endured the pain, but being with Zhihao, she felt extremely relaxed even though her body is burning inside.

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao as she endured the pain as it intensifies.

'I`ll endure everything for you... I will share the burden on your shoulder.'

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