Supreme Martial System
247 Dominance
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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247 Dominance

Zhihao is looking at a huge Dragon floating in the sky, glaring at them like looking at thousands of prey.

As soon as they arrived at their new found land, they were welcomed by an overwhelmingly powerful dragon.

'Riku, are you sure that that dragon is only at 1st stage Celestiality Sovereignty realm?'

Riku smiled as she nodded and replied: 'That is, in term, what you can call, a genuine Celestiality Realm power, the ones that you are seeing in this realm has been the ones that had lost the art of cultivating to the true Celestiality Sovereign realm, hence, they can only use 1/10th of the realm's real power.'

Zhihao nodded in understanding, it seemed that the power of Riku's world has a serious deterioration.

"Lord! Return first! We'll delay this Dragon!"

Paldran spoke, clearly, they can feel the domineering power that the Dragon has, the pressure it is emitting is enough to kill mortals, even them as 3rd stage of Celestiality Sovereigns are feeling suppressed.

Immediately, he directed his power and made a barrier, surrounding every citizen.

The other four looked at each other and nodded, the four of them soared into the sky to clash wanting to at least delay the Dragon until everyone can escape.

Paldran and the others are all in the 3rd stage Celestiality Sovereign, Zhihao was about to stop them, but he wanted to measure the Dragon's powers first, he wanted to see the difference between the rushed Celestial Sovereignty and a genuine one.

"ROAR!" Seeing the five soaring human in front of him, the Dragon became infuriated, releasing a massive shock wave to the surrounding.

lower tier monsters immediate evacuated the area, Paldran's barrier shook as cracks appeared at all of its sides.

Paldran looked at the other four and spoke: "Let us surround them as they escape!"

All of them nodded, immediately gathering the powers within their hands, preparing to clash with it as soon the Dragon make its move.

"Human, It has been so long since I've tasted one..." The Dragon spoke, like all of them had been judge as its food.

Paldran then replied: "We are not a food, senior, we will immediately leave your land, we beg you for mercy in trespassing your domain."

"Hahaha, you have already come, why not stay here, forever." The Dragon spoke, not even giving anyone a chance for survival with its tone.

Paldran and the other four looked at each other, it seems that this will be their end, but so long as they stall for a few minutes, their clan would already have evacuated.

The Dragon then spoke again as it snorted: "How about the five of you leave, as a thanks for bringing me thousands of prey, I will spare your lives."

Hearing this, Paldran and the other four couldn't help but became enrage.

"Our Clan members are not food!" After shouting, one of them shot a fire type magic.

The Dragon ignored it, the fire made its way towards his body.

"Booom!" But after the smoke vanishes, the Dragon smirks, there is not even a single scratch on its scale.

"That tickles."

All of the five felt fear, their attack couldn't even deal a minimum damage to the Dragon, not even making it blink its eyes.

"Everyone RUN!!" Paldran shouted, directing his voice to the people below.

Hearing his word, everyone woke up from their daze as they immediately rush back to the Dimensional Scar, as they shouted at the ones still going out of it to return.

"Go back!"

"Go back everyone!"

"Not so fast..." The dragon casually tipped its tail, immediately, the path to the Dimensional Scar were blocked by a massive wall made of soil.

The Dragon looked at the five men flying in front of him as he spoke: "Audicious, you dare order my food to run?"

Paldran was shook, they, couldn't even do a single thing, they are also imagining that Ying Mai and Zhihao would not be able to deal anything to it.

"This-" Everyone was speechless, their path to going back was blocked just like that.

"ROAAAAAR!" The Dragon roared as light flickered surrounding its whole body.

"Human, I will seal your lives first!"

As the Dragon shouted, the light exploded as it surrounded the Paldran and the other four.

"Graaa!" Everyone of them shouted as they vomit a mouthful of blood.

"What is this!" Paldran then exclaimed, the light is growing smaller and smaller, squeezing them tighter and tighter.

The five sovereigns started to bleed from all orifices.

"Hahahaha, after hundred of years, I finally manage to eat another human!" The Dragon shouted with voice filled with joy.

But then, someone suddenly spoke.

"Isn't that enough?"

The Dragon looked at the location where it came from as a glare formed in its eyes.

"How dare you ruin my leisure! do you want to die first?!" The Dragon shouted full of fury.

The one that spoke is none other than Zhihao, his expression is still steady, like a child without any problems, he then continued.

"The ones you are trying to eat are people under my command, hence, if you continue trampling them, I`ll become mad."

The Dragon frowned, for someone that has no powerful energy surrounding him, he talks a loud of bull is what the dragon thought.

"Hmmp! A mere mortal wants to contend against these seat!?" The Dragon exclaimed as he added.

"How dare you, I will kill you first!"

"ROAAAAR!" The Dragon soared through the sky as it prepared to descend, killing Zhihao in a brutal way.

But out of nowhere, the Dragon stopped descending as it started to shudder, the once closed eyes of Zhihao opened, a sharp glare full of intent killing intent and murdurous aura completely suppressed him, unable to move any more.

"Wha-" The Dragon was about to speak, but before he could, Zhihao spoke.

"I`ll give you two choices."

The once smiling face of Zhihao has vanished as it was replaced by a serious expression.

Based on what Riku had said before, a genuine Celestiality Sovereign at the first stage has the strength on par with a Divine Realm at the lower stage, while the 10th stage of Celestiality Sovereignty is on par with a lower stage of God expert.

Although Zhihao's spiritual powers were sealed, but just with his physique, he already has enough power on par with a Demi-God realm middle stage expert.

The Dragon gathered his power is it sunk in within its body, he also released the five Celestiality Sovereignty, the Dragon then slowly descended from the sky as it bowed towards Zhihao and asked.

"This great and magnanimous human, I would like to pick one of those choices."

The once domineering Dragon turned into a tamed pet in just an instant!

Everyone looked at Zhihao in shock, what they thought is an extremely powerful being is actually powerless against their new lord!

A silhouette then circled at the rock walls and appeared.

"Big Brother!" It was Blythe, she exclaimed in shock, she thought that the dragon is about to eat Zhihao whole.

Zhihao smiled as he wave his hand: "Come here, I need you to do something."

Although still feeling extremely fearful of the dragon, Blythe nodded as she ran towards Zhihao.

"Big Brother..."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "I need you to chose, this dragon tried to eat everyone here, do you want him to die or live?"

Hearing this, the Dragon opened his eyes widely as he panicked.

"Young Miss! let me live please! I will serve and protect your clan for as long as I live!"

Blythe was shocked, a Dragon is willing to protect them so long as she says he will live?

Blythe looked at Zhihao in shock.

"Well? do you want him to live or to die?"

Blythe looked at the surrounding, there are no blood anywhere, she then asked: "Big Brother, had someone died?"

Zhihao shook his head and replied: "No one died, just a few bruise."

Blythe looked at the Dragon as she pondered.

Riku then sent a message to Zhihao, after that, Zhihao immediately smiled as he nodded.

"Miss! Please spare me!" The Dragon pleaded, begging for mercy.

Blythe nodded and spoke: "Okay, please protect us."

"Thank you Young Miss!" The Dragon bowed as tears started to roll down from its eyes.

Zhihao looked at the Dragon and spoke: "Good, now you can live so long as you vow to the Phoenix Goddess that you will be the mount of Blythe for as long as the both of you live, protecting the ones she holds dear in her heart."

Zhihao casually spoke, but the dragon opened its eyes widely.

"You even know the Heavenly Phoenix Goddess' oath!?"
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    《Supreme Martial System》