Supreme Martial System
246 New Land
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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246 New Land

A few years back, the Beautiful Continent, although is one of the weakest continents there is, but the Emperor, Dawn Cantar soared unhindered by others, but then, one day, the people from the Uglies continent, also labeled as 'Savages' by others started to cause trouble, bringing chaos to the Borders of the Beautiful Continent, Graceful Continent, and Gorgeous Continent.

The Uglies Continent started to plunder their way in, that year, their generation had produced four 5th stage Celestiality Sovereigns, their Emperor is one of them, but he is the strongest, hence, he sent the other four to cause massacres from the three continents surrounding their borders.

They had abducted maidens on each country, gathering them on cages before returning back to their continent, while the males were either killed or turned into slaves.

The monarch of each Continents gathered together, there are only three 5th-stage Celestiality sovereigns on their side, which is them themselves.

The Beautiful Continent's Monarch, Dawn Cantar.

The Graceful Continent's Monarch, Landaris Dyusoks

And the Gorgeous Continent's Monarch, Fenriana Lakambin

Three 5th stage Celestiality Warriors met each other as they planned on what to do, if this continued, their continent will suffer great losses.

It will be a four versus three match, although they are slightly stronger, an addition of another 5th stage Celestiality Sovereign will tilt the balance and obliterate them.

Then, one of the three suggested, Dawn Cantar, he is the strongest amongst the three of them.

"I`ll take the three of them alone, the both of you will kill them one by one."

Fenriana of the Gorgeous Continent was about to speak, but Dawn Cantar added: "If we do not do this, we'll definitely be in a big disadvantage, just make sure to deal with them faster."

Both Celestiality Sovereigns could do nothing but nod.

The battle took place, Dawn Cantar held the enemies back as the other two kill their enemies, one by one, but when there are two left, both of the Celestial Sovereigns of the Uglies Continent made a full force attack on Dawn Cantar.

With his exhausted power, Dawn Cantar fell from the battle and died, Fenriana and Landaris pursued the other two, but they still manage to escape.

Both Celestiality Sovereign obliterated the Uglies armies to vent their anger and after that, returned the corpse of Dawn Cantar to the Beautiful Continent.

The funeral lasted for a whole month, and as soon as the two sovereigns left, a coup d'etat occurred, Blythe's mother, Truena Cantar died trying to defend Blythe from the slaughter.

The Aqrano Clan, the 2nd most powerful clan ascended to the throne, overthrowing the Cantars, vanishing the Princess secretly with her subordinates.

Zhihao smiled, he then looked at the shop and pondered for a little bit.

The citizens are all in an uproar, they thought that everyone in the World already knows of Blythe's misfortune, but thinking at this, the Clans loyal to the Cantar Royal Family were kept in the dark, they started to chat amongst themselves.

Hearing this, Zhihao sighed, he looked at Ying Mai and asked: "Did you kill them?"

Ying Mai shook her head and replied: "I have not, should I dear?"

Zhihao shook his head, he then looked at Blythe and spoke: "I`ll leave your revenge to your own hands, okay?"

Blythe is currently in tears, the only memory she had is when her royal Father left to some far away place, her mother sealed her to a room for a whole month, and after that, some people started to kill each other, but hearing the real story behind it, she couldn't help but cry.

Blythe looked at Zhihao and spoke: "Brother, I'll have my revenge on my own!"

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "Yes, I know you will."

After Zhihao spoke, Zhihao patted Blythe's head and pondered.

Zhihao then thought of an incredible idea to start everything, he then contacted Riku.

'I need a free space where no power is occupying.'

Immediately, Riku replied: 'Just wave your hand.'

Zhihao nodded, although he's still wondering why, he still did it.

Zhihao waved his hand as a hundred or so dimensional scars appeared out of nowhere.

"Dimensional Scar!"

The Celestial Sovereigns and the mortals clearly had heard of it before, ancient gods of their World had been doing such things before, but that art vanished together with the extinction of the last Celestial God millions of years ago.

"All of you can enter now, we'll make our own country."

"Yes!" Everyone understood what Zhihao's intent is, he doesn't want to go into war, instead, he'd like to make a new one, they immediately moved towards the dimensional scar.

Zhihao then asked Riku again: 'What's next?'

Riku chuckles as she spoke: 'Well, just establish your own Kingdom, I`ll do something and follow you in just a few minutes.'

Zhihao nodded, he then looked at Blythe and spoke: "Gather your subordinates and follow us."

He then added before he entered the Dimensional Scar with Ying Mai: "The revenge you seek shall be made by the loyal people with you."

Zhihao missed his sisters back on Earth, so he's taking care of Blythe as such, treating her like a real Sister.

Blythe nodded as she rushes back to the shop and assembled everyone, packing everything, even the Cultimana Plaque.

Riku then sent him a message again: 'Your power had already reached God stage lower tier, so long as you manage to cultivate your way to the middle stage, you can also create your own personal Dimensional Scar, going to any planet you please.'

Hearing Riku's words, Zhihao was shocked, he can go on to any world so long as he manages to become a middle staged God stage expert? a single step away!

Riku then chuckles as she added: 'Although it sounds easy, I need to warn you, do not rush it, even the gods in the God Realm takes at least hundreds of thousands of years to ascend from lower stage to middle stage.'

Zhihao was shocked yet again, that's an extremely long time.

Riku continued: "God tiers are different from the lower tiers, each God stage is divided into ten different stages, and each one, The lowest time actually belonged to Arthariaz, our first Young Master, from God Realm lower stage 1st level to 2nd level took him a thousand year."

Hearing this, Zhihao finally understood the gist of it, such difficulty, but what's the benefits?

Somewhat sensing Zhihao's question spoke: "Each level double or sometimes even triples the person's power depending on his comprehension."

Zhihao nodded, he looked at Riku and bowed: "Thank you so much."

Riku snorted as she flew out of the dimensional scar and landed on Ying Mai's shoulder.

Zhihao smiled as he walks further, then he stopped his steps as he looked at the people in front of him, their eyes are wide open as their shivered from terror.

Zhihao followed the direction they are looking at and saw something incredible.

A Dragon is glaring at them, a size as big as a mountain and as long as a great river is floating above them, with a tenne[1] floating around it.

Zhihao looked at Riku as she spoke: '1st stage Celestiality Sovereign Mountain Dragon.'

1st stage?! Zhihao couldn't believe it, why is there such a huge difference between the humans and monsters in this realm?




[1]TENNE. (7th & 8th Centuries)

Preliminary Findings. Scarves of gauze, or ribbon-like strips of narrow and ornamental cloth, found frequently on images of the Tennin

Basically, Tenne is a ribbon or scarf like thingy that you can see from ancient images of Chinese Gods and Goddess (Some)

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    《Supreme Martial System》