Supreme Martial System
244 Almighty and Powerful Sl...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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244 Almighty and Powerful Sl...

The Beautiful Continent's Capital. The Beautiful Sky Empire.

A floating mass of land is together with it, two colossal cities glaring at one another, each one has its resplendence.

Inside the Beautiful Sky Empire, a few elders had been waiting for someone.

There are 13 elders currently sitting in the grand hall.

"This is a great catastrophe."

One of them spoke, another one then followed.

"Yes, but what's taking his Majesty too long, we've been waiting for him for almost a day."

"On a day like this where our Empire is facing a calamity, his Majesty is actually just doing whatever he wants."

Clearly, all of them felt extremely irritated at this so-called 'Emperor', someone that stood at the peak of their empire is actually being lazy.

Then, just when they finished speaking, someone from the back of the door appeared.

Walking gallantly and exuding tremendous aura.

"Your Majesty!"

All of the elders immediately kneeled and greeted.

That man waved his hand and spoke: "Keep kneeling."

All of the elders frowned, the man then continued.

"What's the reason that you bothered my leisure?" After the man spoke, three silhouettes walk out of the same door that the Emperor had appeared out of.

The Emperor looked at the three and spoke: "We'll continue our entertainment later, hahaha."

Hearing this, all three of them shivered, they had been forced into the Emperor's castle, at first, they thought that it is a blessing, but just the first experience made them know reality.

They became slaves for the Emperor's pleasure.

One of the elders sighed as he retold the story to the Emperor.

The Emperor had a smile at first, but slowly, his face started to change, the armrest of his throne started to crack as his hold started to become tighter.


"And?" The Emperor glared at the Elder, waiting for his continuation.

"And the crowned Prince is dead..."

"Crrrk! Booom!" The armrest broke apart as it exploded to pieces, the metals immediately shattered throughout the grand hall, hitting the elders.


Two of the females immediately died as the last one were seriously injured.

"Bring me to them!" The Emperor stood up from his throne, every step he took shook the throne room.

"Yes, your Majesty!" All of the elders replied as they led the way while removing the metals embedded inside their bodies.




Waiting for almost a whole day, Ying Mai moved out of her battle arc.

Immediately, silhouettes of thousands of people are marching towards her direction.

"Ah, they are here." Ying Mai spoke and after, five silhouettes flew to her direction from those group of people.

"Madame!" The three Celestiality Sovereigns bowed and greeted. The other two also bowed as they spoke.


They called Ying Mai miss since they are not part of her power yet, but as a soon to be part of her power, they respectfully bowed and greeted.

Seeing the great floating land in front of them, all of the people were shocked, they are seeing two of them above the sky.

They couldn't help but think: 'The power we are joining has their own flying empire!'

Clearly, it became their insurance.

Ying Mai nodded and spoke: "Get your people on my Battle Arc."

The five Celestiality Sovereign nodded their head and replied: "Yes, Madame/Miss."

The five of them is thinking though, how will they bring their people in the flying land.

But just as their question were ask in their mind, Ying Mai waved her hand as a light forms on her battle arc, immediately, on both of its side, the light shot down to the ground as it started to transform into stairs.

All of the people on the ground opened their eyes wide in shock.


All of them couldn't believe what had happened, it is like a heavenly stair, something they only heard and saw from the books.

"Okay, everyone, start climbing up the stairs." All of the celestiality sovereigns spoke as they guide their Clan's up.

"Yes!" All of the clan members immediately replied in excitement, they thought that the idea of setting foot on a floating Empire is only for the heavenly blessed, the Celestiality Sovereigns and the top of the Empowering Warriors.

The stairs were like made of delicate glasses, but as soon as they stepped on it, the hardness and sturdiness of it made them confident in walking there.

An hour has passed, and almost half of the Clan's had already managed to get up, but after a while, a silhouette followed by a few Celestiality Sovereigns are coming to their location.

"The Audacity!" The one leading them spoke, a thunderous and supreme voice sounded, immediately giving pressure to the ones below.

Ying Mai looked at the silhouette and only snorted, the other Celestiality Sovereigns shivered.

"He broke through to the 5th stage of Celestiality!"

The power that the Emperor is releasing immediately suppressed all of them, they immediately shivered.

Hearing their Celestiality Sovereign clan members spoke, all of them shivered, the ordinary people in the clan started to panic.

"We're going to die..."

"We are too rash..."

All of them started to weaken as they sat on the ground looking at the Emperor's silhouette.

"Traitors of the Empire, your head will be displayed for a whole year! your clans' elders will be murdered! your men will be slaves, and your women shall be sold!" The Emperor spoke like his word is the only rule and authority.

"I am the Law of this Continent! Trando Aqrano! who dares contends with my Supremacy!"

The Emperor looked at Ying Mai's battle arch as he snorted.

"Come out now! How dare you defy my authority!"

Ying Mai sighed, she had grown tired of hearing the annoying noise, she immediately flew upward as looked at the Emperor with a gaze as cold as ice.

Seeing Ying Mai, the Emperor was shocked, an idea appeared in his head as he spoke: "Hmmp! Just a little lady, since I`m a magnanimous Emperor, I can pardon your rudeness! I'll let those traitors go so long as you warm my bed tonight."

Ying Mai didn't reply, she still stared at him coldly, couldn't even care about such a puny existence.

"Hahahaha." A laughter sounded again coming from the Emperor as he continued.

"I might have displayed too much power and authority, forgive this Emperor."

A look of Maliciousness immediately appeared in the Emperor's eyes as he stared at Ying Mai's curves.

Seeing this, Ying Mai frowned as she spoke.

"Ony my Husband can look at me with those eyes."

The Emperor frowned, he looked at Ying Mai as he licked his lips and spoke: "I guess you are not a maiden anymore, just a sl*t then, but that is fine, I can still do it with such a gorgeous and fair lady like you."

Ying Mai finally had it as she lifts her hands.

Immediately, a powerful surge of power appeared from the sky, all of the people, mortals or immortals both exhaled in shock with their mouths wide open, they couldn't believe it.

The suppression that the Emperor is giving them immediately vanished, it was replaced by Ying Mai's overwhelming power.

A figure of a giant arm manifested into the sky as it moved down from the Emperor's left and directly at him.

"THIS!" The Emperor was shocked, he immediately gathered all of his power to block it.

The hand then slowly decreases its size to that of the same as Ying Mai.

"PAK!" A crisp yet melodious sound echoes as Ying Mai's manifested hands collided with the Emperor.

"Swoosh! Bam!"

All of them looked at the event with wide eyes opened in shock.

"The Emperor..."

They couldn't even finish their words.

The Emperor was slapped and was immediately thrown back to his empire, embedding his body on the walls and slumped down unconsciously.

Ying Mai looked at the elders are her cold voice sounded.

"I'll make it as the last warning, one more time and your floating boat will be destroyed, vanishing through the annals of history!"

'Powerful!' The only description they can think of from what Ying Mai had done.

A 5th stage Celestiality was actually slammed unconscious with no effort at all!

They looked at Ying Mai as they all thought in their hearts.

Almighty and Powerful Slap!

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