Supreme Martial System
243 Don“t Worry
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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243 Don“t Worry

Meanwhile, in another location, one of the Celestial Sovereign, Quin Soaran is currently in the main hall of the Quin Clan.

"Patriarch, what say you?"

Soaran asked as he looked at the face of his patriarch.

The Patriarch sighed as he looked back at Soaran and spoke: "You are our strongest warrior, the Pride of our Quin Clan, if you think that where we will go is a much better place, I shall accept."

All of the elders surrounding them nodded, one of the elders sitting close to the Patriarch added.

"It is good, it is better than being under the fake royalty."

Everyone nodded hearing his statement, the Quin Clan had been loyal to the previous Royal line, but due to the chaos, they could not prevent the coup from happening.

Out of the 18 supreme clans, only five tried to help, sadly, with the power of numbers, they were brushed off like nothing.

Hearing this, Soaran smiled as he spoke: "Thank you for the support, Supreme Elder."

The elder that had spoken is the previous patriarch, also the father of the current head.

The Supreme Elder nodded as he spoke: "Tell everyone to pack up their belongings, we'll immediately depart!"

The supreme elder paused for a bit as he looked at everyone and continued: "It will be a perilous journey, we will definitely be hunted by the fake royalty and clans of the Empire, be prepared."

Soaran opened his eyes widely and spoke: "Supreme Elder, there is one thing that I had forgotten to tell."

All of them looked at Soaran as the Patriarch asked: "What is it?"

"The wife of the Master we will go under has personally escorted us here, she'll bring us all back to her Husband's place."

Soaran explained as a bright light showed in his eyes.

"This... then we will be alright, how many Celestiality Sovereign has she brought over?" The Patriarch asked in excitement.

When Soaran heard this, he was astounded, he then spoke: "She's the only one that arrived..."

"What!?" The Supreme Elder shouted as shock flooded his heart, he then continued.

"Then how is she going to escort us all back?"

Soaran pondered for a bit, but after thinking for a while, he could not think of any answer and just spoke.

"Well, you all will see it once we arrive there."

Soaran sighed as he stood up. All of them looked at the back of Soaran as they became bewildered.

"Oh, and my Master's wife really likes it whenever someone calls her Mistress, or maybe, we can also call her Madame, that way, her view on our clan would definitely be favorable."

Hearing Soaran's following word caused them to almost fall down from their chair.

But seeing Soaran's dead serious expression, all of them could only sigh, what kind of power are they going into?




Somewhere, one of the three Celestiality Sovereign, Drakz Lourde's clan, Drakz Clan.

"Patriarch, what do you think?"

The patriarch looked at Lourde as he asked: "Can the other clans also join?"

Hearing this, Lourde was shocked, yeah, there are also powers that wish to rebel against the royal throne.

Lourde looked at the elders and patriarch as he spoke: "Patriarch, let me ask first."

The patriarch nodded as he waved his hands: "Okay, but be discreet about it."

The patriarch warned, they are being cautioned, if they really wish to go, other clans and even the royal army will chase them immediately. The more that comes with them, the safer their journey will be.

"Yes, I will!" Lourde replied as he soared and flew out of the grand hall.

The patriarch looked at the elders and asked: "What do all of you think?"

The elders nodded immediately as one of them spoke: "Patriarch, we had been hiding for the past years, enduring the pressure from the royal clan, they are too ruthless."

Another one then added: "Hmmp! They aren't even the real royalties, but the way they act is too tyrannical, I'd rather fight to the death with them rather than succumb to their ploys."

Everyone nodded and approved of that elder's words, but one of them is secretly frowning as he looked at the others.

Immediately, he stood up and spoke: "Patriarch, why not let all of our clan members prepare for departure?"

The Patriarch looked at the man and replied: "Good idea Elder Han."

He looked at the rest and spoke: "Immediately announce to the Clan members, we will be departing today."

"Yes!" All the elders stood up as they replied as they walk out of the grand hall to announce the order.

The Patriarch look at one of the elders and spoke: "Elder Han, you are the oldest and most experienced of us all, I wish that you can still continue and teach members of our clan until we perish."

Hearing the patriarch's word, Elder Han looked at him with a smile and replied: "Worry not patriarch, so long as this old bones are in the Clan, I will continue to guide the younglings."

The Patriarch smiles and nodded at him: "Thank you, Elder Han."

Elder Han nodded as he replied: "My pleasure Patriarch."

After a few minutes, Lourde came back as he spoke: "Patriarch."

The Patriarch nodded his head and asked: "What's the reply?"

Lourde felt shaken as he remembered Ying Mai's word, he looked at the Patriarch again and replied.

"Patriarch, this... the Madame has instructed us, that we can take our time, and we can bring as many as we can, so long as they are people with good intentions."

The Patriarch smiled, seems like this new power can really be overbearing, they are in the territory of the Beautiful Sky Empire, but, this power is telling them to take their time, he couldn't help but wonder.

'How many Celestial Sovereigns had they bought to assist us and return?'

Lourde then shivered as he added: "Patriarch, the Madame also said that... we don't secretly go to her tomorrow, we can just brazenly move out of the clan..."

The Patriarch opened up his eyes and asked: "What if Beautiful Sky Empire knew of this?! They'll definitely pursue and kill us!"

Lourde nodded as he replied: "Patriarch, I also asked the Madame the same question, but she only replied with two words."

The Patriarch opened his eyes, two words? 'To War?', he then looked at Lourde again, seeing him shivering, his guess must be real, he then asked: "Which two words?"

"Don't Worry..."

Lourde replied, still shivering at the two words that Ying Mai had spoken to him.

Hearing this, The patriarch also shivered, don't worry? they are on the territory of their enemies! what is there not to worry about!?

The Patriarch then looked at Lourde and asked: "Can we really trust them?"

Lourde's shivering stopped, casually remembering Zhihao, his eyes blazed with fiery brightness as he looked at his Patriarch and replied.

"Yes, so long as it is them, we have no need to worry at all."

Seeing Lourde's serious tone, the Patriarch could only sigh and nodded.

"We will see tomorrow."
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    《Supreme Martial System》