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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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All of them felt speechless, such overwhelming power coming out from the body of a young and gorgeous lady.

The one that seemed to be the leader frowned and asked: "Has there been any misunderstanding between us?"

Ying Mai's expression didn't change as she looked at the man and replied: "Tell your King, or whoever it is, that your Crown Prince, together with his escorts had either perished or had been taken under my Husband's banner."

Hearing her words, all of them started to sweat.

They looked at each other and started to speak using their minds.

'Didn't the Crown Prince brought 50% of the elites from our Beautiful Sky Empire's army?'

Although all of them were bewildered, they are carrying a hint of malicious intent, glaring at Ying Mai as they probe her strength.

"Look at me one more time, and I`ll immediately turn your whole flying Empire to ashes."

Ying Mai glared at them as she spoke, immediately all of them retreated as they flew back slowly, averting their eyes from her glare.

"I`ll leave a warning for today, if something of a similar even happens again, you can all forget the Beautiful Sky Empire's existence."

After speaking, Ying Mai waved her hands as she blew all of them back a few hundred meters back to their flying empire.

All seven of them became shocked, all of them are Celestiality Sovereigns, but they have been casually pushed back hundreds of meters away with just a wave of her hands.

All of them broke out to sweat as the one leading them spoke: "We'll keep your words to our mind, something like that will definitely not happen again."

After speaking, all of them flew back to the Flying Empire.

They all trembled in fear, the strongest one in their whole Empire is a 4th stage Celestiality Sovereign, there used to be two, but since the Prince had died, there is only a single one left, their Emperor, the Crown Prince's father.

Ying Mai snorted as she spoke: "Well, I wouldn't really mind destroying an Empire or two."

Hearing her words, all of them rushed further, not bothering to look back again.

'We need to report this to the Emperor at once!'

All of them immediately rushed back.

Seeing their figures vanishing out of her sight, Ying Mai sighed and flew to her own room.

Going to the bed, a smile forms on her lips as she silently spoke: "Mistress... hehe... hehe..."

The grin on her face couldn't stop as she remembers their words, clearly feeling happy about it, satisfied to the extreme.





A man that seemed to be on his forties had arrived and greeted.

"Paldran! hahaha, the most powerful man in my Takuso Clan! what brings you home?"

The man Paldran called Patriarch happily exclaimed.

Paldran looked at the man and without hesitation, he asked: "Patriarch, I`ll ask you this, I've met someone... someone that I can finally work under with respect, and if Patriarch is willing, all of our Clan can go there immediately."

"This... Then we'll be branded as traitors by the Empire! Are you seeking for our Clan's death?!"

The patriarch spoke in a demeaning manner, if they really did go there, their entire Clan would be chased to the ends of the World by the Empire, Traitors of the Royalty.

Paldran didn't answer, he shook his head in disappointment.

"Summon the elders, we'll talk about it as a Clan, I`ll keep your words in my Mind Paldran, you are, after all, our pride."

Paldran nodded as the attendant beside the Patriarch moved to call the elders.

After just a few minutes, all of the elders had finally arrived.

"Every, Paldran had something to say, I need everyone to listen to him."

After the patriarch had spoken, all of the elders and their assistants focused their attention on Paldran.

Paldran nodded as he spoke: "Elders, I only wish for one thing, and that is, for our Clan to have a proper lord, unlike the place that we currently serve under."

Hearing his words, all of them frowned immediately as he looked at him.

Paldran ignored their stares as he continued: "I've already made my choice, whether all of you will go with me or not, that will depend on all of you."

Pausing for a bit, Paldran looked around and spoke: "The power I`ll be going under is someone that had already killed half of the military power of the Empire, I`ll take my Family with me, I will leave immediately if all of you had decided to stay."

Hearing Paldran's words, all of them were shocked, then does that mean that the Beautiful Sky Empire will go to war with that power.

"All of those in favor of going with Paldran, lift your hands, if you agree, you can bring your families together with you."

After the Patriarch's word sounded, all of them looked at each other.

A man lifted his hands in the air and spoke: "I`ll go with my apprentice, although he had already surpassed me, I trust his judgment."

"Eldeweise, I guess, I`ll go too."

After the elder named Eldeweise had spoken, two more people lifted their hands up.

The Patriarch nodded his head as he spoke: "All of you can go now, bring your Families with you."

After speaking, he sighed, out of the 25 elders he had by his side, three were gone together with their strongest warrior, Paldran.

Paldran stood up as he looked at the patriarch as he spoke: "Patriarch, I'd like to give you one last warning, if there is a war that will happen in the future, try not to participate."

After Paldran had spoken, he walks out to get his family members.

The Patriarch looked at their departing figure and sighed: "Such a waste, with them leaving, we've lost at least 5% of our total power."

After speaking, the patriarch waved his hands and spoke: "All of you may resume to your duties, pick for some candidates, we need to replace the three lost elders of our Clan."

"Yes, Patriarch!"

After everyone left, The Patriarch stood up as he spoke: "I wish I made the right choice."

After speaking, The Patriarch walks about, trying to figure something out.

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