Supreme Martial System
241 A Pleasant Glare
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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241 A Pleasant Glare

"Only one of you shall leave alive!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the three sovereigns looked at each other.

No matter what, no one from the three of them, even if they combined their strength can live this place alive.

The two old men looked at the one on their left as they nodded at each other.

"Paldran, since you are the youngest amongst the three of us, we'll die here, just promise us to take care of our family for us."

"But..." The man named Paldran tried to speak, but as soon as he did, he was pushed back by the other two as they smiled at him.

The two celestiality sovereign pulled out a dagger as they spoke.

"Lord, please keep your words."

After speaking, the two Celestial Sovereigns directly tried to pierce the daggers at their heart.

"Stop! I can't accept this!" Paldran exclaimed as he tried to break the barriers they made.

The two of them smiled and they nodded in satisfaction as the daggers immediately close to their hearts.


A powerful howling wind sounded as a shadow passed by them in a rapid phase, they couldn't even react.

That shadow appeared behind Zhihao wielding two daggers, a beautiful maiden, Ying Mai.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay, you passed my test, you can now choose."

"One is to leave now and go back to your home, two is to go back to your Empire, and three, to pledge your allegiance to me."

Hearing Zhihao's words, their eyes gleamed, but just as fast as it goes it darkened, to be under a powerful person is a grace worth an Empire itself! but thinking about the families they have left behind, they couldn't make any rash decision.

Seeing the looks in their eyes, Zhihao couldn't help but sigh, he's not that ruthless to make people choose between him and their families.

"Make your choice, and I can promise one thing, whatever you choose, there is no such thing as a repercussion."

Hearing Zhihao's words, all of their eyes shined expectantly, does that mean that their families will be safe?!

"Master, please accept us under your wings!"

The three kowtowed, Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Return to your Empire, fetch your Clan or Families back to this place."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were quite shocked, they will just march there and get their clan? how is that possible? If they came back with their previous useless and shitty master dead, they'll definitely be branded as traitors.

Zhihao sighed, he looked at Ying Mai and spoke: "Ying Ma... Dear, would you mind escorting them back?"

Hearing Zhihao's word, Ying Mai blushes and nodded her head: "Yes dear..."

After shyly speaking, she summoned her Celestial General's arc.

The people surrounding them, even the Sovereigns were shocked, they can even summon a sky city?! how great are their power?!

Ying Mai flew to the sky as she spoke: "Follow me to my Arc, and lead me to your families and clans, if they wish to join you, they are free to come, if not, they are free to reject."

The three people nodded their head and replied: "Yes, Mistress!"

Hearing the word Mistress, Ying Mai blushes as she nodded: "Good, I`m starting to like you three!"

That word made her feel extremely happy, the feeling of being called Zhihao's wife is really great for her, especially after she waited years for it, she even fought for that 'Title', hence, she immediately accepted the three people that had first called her that.

All of them froze on the spot, you call something that big only as an Arc?! that's almost as big as the Beautiful Continent's Empire!

Once the three of them boarded Ying Mai's arc, she immediately asked.

"Which direction?"

"Mistress, once we move forward from that direction, there will be a floating empi... An arc that has the same size as Mistress's Arc." One of the sovereigns spoke as he pointed in the direction.

Ying Mai smiled as she nodded and patted his head: "Good boy, let's go."

A sovereign, getting patted in the head would result in rage, or some even became shamed, but being patted on the head by such a beauty, he felt extremely blessed.

"Anything for the Mistress."

Ying Mai nodded as she nodded, seeing this, the Sovereign thought of something.


Ying Mai nodded as she smiled in a blooming manner: "What is it?"

"Ahh, Mistress, we might have a few problems after arriving."

Ying Mai smiled as she replied: "Don't worry about that."


Ying Mai nodded as she smiled in a blooming manner yet again and asked: "What is it? ask away."

"Both of you and Master are a match made in heaven! something that we thought the heaven itself made!"

Hearing this, Ying Mai blushes as she nodded repeatedly, not bothering to answer, but extremely satisfied.

A flood of 'praise' kept being said as they flew higher on the sky.

Ying Mai opened her eyes fully inspired as she spoke: "Okay now, let us go."

"Eh? weren't we moving fast? what do you mean Mistress?"

Ying Mai looked at them and spoke: "That... we're moving extremely slow, well, I`ll start now, hold on to something."

'Hold on to something?' The three of them asked on their mind, but as soon as those thoughts were asked, Ying Mai flicks her finger.


The Arc increased its phase as an incredible gust of winds kept assaulting the three sovereigns.

In just about three minutes, they arrived at their destination.

A floating land is floating in front of them, almost the has the same size of Ying Mai's arc!

"This..." The three sovereign spoke, they couldn't move right now, due to the pressure, they slammed into one of the towers in Ying Mai's Arc and embedded themselves there.

Ying Mai looked at them and spoke: "Go and talk to your Family, I`ll wait for a day's time, go on."

"Yes, Mistress! Thank you for giving us a huge amount of time!"

The three sovereigns kneeled as they flew up from the arc as they separated and went to their respective families.

After just a while, a few silhouettes appeared,

"Who goes there? might we know which power you came from?" The one leading them that looked like he's in his 80s is hovering a few hundred meters away from Ying Mai's arc.

Ying Mai looked at him and glared: "You are not entitled to ask for any question!"

After Ying Mai exclaimed, a powerful aura descended from the heavens itself, pressuring these few silhouettes, threatening to make them fall.

"Tha... That..." All of them felt extremely powerless, in front of absolute power, even them, the Elites of the elites of the Sovereign in the Beautiful Sky Empire felt like an ant being glared at by a Goddess.

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