Supreme Martial System
240 Only one Lives
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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240 Only one Lives

"Are you going to keep sending your men or are you going to take action on your own?"

Zhihao voice echoes through the wide space of the road, Nandoi's brows furrowed, as his countenance gradually turned ashen. The loftiness in Zhihao's eyes was as though he was looking disdainfully down on an ant he could trample, the gaze of Zhihao pierced right into his heart.

Thinking back to that time he shouts out with extreme arrogance in front of the shop, he had stood there looking down on anyone who owns it, but watching Zhihao's kill his men without any of them noticing, Nandoi felt threatened.

At that time, he thought that they were people from different worlds, he knew that as long as he willed it, he could reap away Zhihao's life anytime. But even so, that young man whom he looked down upon earlier actually killed his men without any effort.

The people had been gathered for quite some time now, and in front of the crowd, he was actually asked, if he'd keep sending his men in!

Although he felt enraged, he's also thinking deeply, if Zhihao can kill 10th stage Empowering Warriors like nothing, he must be a Celestiality Sovereign, a strong one at that.

He himself is a Celestiality Sovereign, but he couldn't even see his power and thought that Zhihao is a mortal.

"I`ll give you ten breathes of time, if you don't come over, I`ll slaughter all of your men to get to you."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Nandoi and his men shivered, if Zhihao had told them this before he killed his men, they would only laugh at it and treat it as a joke, but seeing the three corpses down on the ground, Even the Celestiality Sovereigns that had gone with him are trembling in fear, all of them thought that Zhihao is really a mortal.


"Wait! Wait! We can talk about i-"


"Please have mercy, If I die, my whole Clan, the Beautiful Sky City will surely chase aft-"


"I`m the Crown Prince of the Empire! If you-"


"Stop counting down!"


"Where is six!!!"


Nandoi looked at his subordinates, wanting to see if anyone has a plan, but seeing that all of them are sweating and trembling, clearly, nobody thought of any.


Although right now Nandoi's cultivation base had already broken through to the 4th stage of Celestiality Sovereign level, when facing against Zhihao which is someone that not any of them could see the power of, Nandoi wasn't really confident in confronting him. After all, Zhihao was someone who had killed three powerful men without any of them noticing.


Not him neither does any of the people on his group can actually do something like that, even the King, his Father who's the strongest Sovereign, a 5th stage Celestiality Sovereign in the whole of the Beautiful Continent can't do something like that.

"Please, I beg your mercy."


Hearing Zhihao's countdown had reached the final digit, Nandoi scowled: "RETREAT!"

Immediately, after hearing Nandoi's order, two Celestiality Sovereigns descended to escort him back while the other two stood between him and Zhihao.

"We'll hold him back! Crown Prince! Run!"


After finishing his count, Zhihao moved his feet one by one, closing the gap between them and him.

All of them started to sweat, Nandoi froze on the spot as the two Sovereigns tried to move him.

"Crown Prince! Let's go!"

Nandoi froze not because he's couldn't move, but instead, something bizarre is in front of him.

Zhihao had unleashed all of his killing intent, solely focusing it at Nandoi, making him go in a craze, he became petrified as in front of him, an illusion of a demon God is walking closer and closer to him.

The pressure that Zhihao is releasing and focusing only on him is too heavy for him to handle.

"Kill him!" The two sovereigns on front commanded the empowering warriors, but none of them moved.

Seeing this, the two sovereigns frowned, one of them added: "Even if all of you die, your Families will be well taken care of."

All of them heard it as they gritted their teeth, prepared to charge forward, Zhihao frowned hearing this, he can feel the lies in the words that that person had told, clearly, he plans to eradicate all of their families after this issue is dealt with.

In that sovereigns mind, hesitating only means one thing, and that is 'Death', but he didn't know something, that in Zhihao's mind, he's the first to go.

Zhihao checked each and everyone's reaction, he can identify those that are still good and those that are not.

After a while, Zhihao was astounded, out of the 50 soldiers, 43 of them are good natured.

Continuing his walk, all 50 of the soldiers rushed towards his as they powered up their weapons.


"Swoosh! Swoosh!" A piercing sound echoes continuously as each of them goes down one by one.

And in just a few of time, all of the 10th stage Empowering Warriors fell down to the ground, some with blood gushing out of their bodies, while some were left unconscious.

"Bunch of useless flies!" One of the Celestiality Sovereigns hovered in the sky as he gathered his power, the other one nodded as he also gathered some of his power to assist him.



Two ferocious attacks aimed at Zhihao flew in a terrifying speed.

But to Zhihao's surprise, he felt no such thing as a threat coming from this skills.

With a single wave from his sword, the flames immediately vanished into thin air.


Seeing such a sight, the two Celestiality Sovereigns were shaken, they were proud of himself, as one of the few hundreds of people in the whole world that managed to become one, they took pride in it, but in front of Zhihao, it was like, he's just playing with them.

"RUN!" One of them immediately made a run for it, leaving the Crown Prince behind with the three Sovereigns.

Seeing their two companions leaving, the other two couldn't help but tremble.

Seeing them, Zhihao kept checking their expression and heart.

There are only two evil people that have a nasty black soul.

"Swoosh!" Zhihao threw one of his sword aiming at the sovereign that's escaping, it immediately pierced right through his body as the sovereign fell from the sky.

The three sovereigns seeing this immediately tensed up as they guarded the Crown Prince.

"Why do good people have to die for a stupid Master." Zhihao spoke, he had never stopped walking as he killed his way in, he retrieved his killing intent away from Nandoi.

Nandoi immediately regained his consciousness as the illusion of the Demon God's slaughter vanished, but what replaced it is almost the same, all of his men were down as Zhihao walks towards him.

The three sovereigns started to sweat as Zhihao approached them, every step he took felt like their death is slowly approaching.

Nandoi finally woke up as he exclaimed: "Stall him for me! I`ll get back up as soon as possible!"

Hearing Nandoi's word, the three sovereign's faces darkened, the distance from the capital to here is about 1,000 miles away, before the back up arrives, they will be dead for days already.

All of them had darkened faces as they nodded: "Yes, Crowned Prince!"

Although they felt extremely enraged, they can only swallow their rage, at least their family would have a better life after their death.

After hearing them, Nandoi flew up as he dashed towards the direction of the Empire.

Zhihao sighed, until the very end, Nandoi is still as heartless, leaving the subordinates that protected him just to save himself.


Another sword flew out of Zhihao's hand as it aimed perfectly at Nandoi's heart.

"Crowned Prince!" The three sovereigns yelled.

"Pfft!" Nandoi spurt out a mouthful of blood as the sword pierced through from his back onto his chest, he immediately fell down from the sky lifelessly.

Zhihao looked at the three sovereigns and spoke.

"One of you dies, the other one lives, choose."

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