Supreme Martial System
239 A Sword in Hand, Death on Sigh
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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239 A Sword in Hand, Death on Sigh

Another six days have passed.

Zhihao moved down to the first floor, it is already dark, Blythe's people had been training for about 3 hours.

Walking to the people that are currently practicing what Zhihao had told them.

One of them opened his eyes and looked at Zhihao, he stood up and walks toward him.


Zhihao looked at the man and asked: "What is it?"

"Master, are we really practicing something that can help us grow stronger?"

"Why do you ask that?"

The man looked at the ground and spoke: "Master, we aren't feeling anything of the sort of power that brother Ollie had told us before."

Zhihao looked at the man and spoke: "The king of feeling that Ollie had felt before? what do you mean by that?"

The man pondered for a bit before replying.

"Master, it is a warm feeling the will extend from your arm to your sword, but all of us have not felt anything of the sort."

"So, you think that I am just playing with all of your lives?" Zhihao asked, his tone serious and expression stern.

The man looked at Zhihao, with a serious face too: "Master, we just want to know if you are using us at your own leisure to pass your time."

The man paused for a bit as a smile formed on his lips and continued.

"If that is so, we could do, even more, we owe the Master our current life, you gave us a path to survive, whether it is to climb mountains of blades or seas of flames, we would not hesitate, even the slightest."

Zhihao hearing this was shocking, so they don't want to protest, instead, they just want to return Zhihao something even better, clearly, if everything goes to what the man is saying, that is really a boring thing to do if someone wishes to play with their lives, so they wish to change it and heed his orders for something more drastic, even at the cost of their lives.

Zhihao chuckles as he nodded and spoke: "Everyone stands up."

Everyone stood up immediately, hearing his order with a serious face, ready to accept his orders, even the children too.

For the recent days, they kept changing their weapons, although they didn't think much, they thought that Zhihao only did it for entertainment.

"Lift up your weapon and start gathering the power inside your whole body and direct it to your weapons."

Hearing Zhihao's words, all of them opened their eyes widely, wasn't everything for his entertainment? maybe they thought wrong, immediately, they thought of it and started to gather that unfamiliar feeling inside their body and tried to direct it to their weapons.


Everyone was shocked, their weapons lightened up to a bright crimson red aura, exuding extreme sharpness.

"6th stage of Empowering Warrior!" Ollie exclaimed, unable to believe what's happening in front of his eyes, all of the people that had done it actually became warriors of such quality, and with proper training, all of them could become elites of the elites inside the city.

Ollie then tried it himself, but the one feeling he had is gone, instead of his arms only, his whole body is feeling the warmth.

"8th stage of Empowering Warrior!" Ollie is shocked, he himself had level up to such a degree just by joining their practice.

All of them looked at Zhihao in shock too, they couldn't believe it, such a thing is actually possible?

Zhihao smiled at them and spoke: "Continue with your training."

After speaking, Zhihao walks out of the backyard, clearly with satisfaction.

"Yes!" Everyone replied in excitement, their morale couldn't help but reach the peak.




Zhihao walks towards the shop counter and sighed, he couldn't help but think of the Cultivation World, although it had just been a few months, he already missed the people back there, especially his wives and children.

"Open up!" Out of nowhere, a shout echoes.

Zhihao frowned, just at the moment that his mood is dumped, someone is causing a ruckus.

Ying Mai immediately appeared in front of him: "Master, I`ll handle it."

Zhihao shook his head and spoke: "No, I can't let you do the dirty things, for now, we are going out now, and it would be rude for my lady to do the work for me."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ying Mai blushes and nodded.

Zhihao opened up the door and immediately saw men numbering about 50, a woman is standing beside a handsome man.

"Young Master Aqrano, that's the man that is aiding the Cantar Family's Young Miss."

Zhihao frowned and spoke in a low tone: "Estarosa..."

The Young Master that Estarosa had spoken too seemed to have a much higher status than Estarosa, the Princess of the Bhie Sky City.

"Thank you for reporting it to our Royal City, I`ll personally make a recommendation for your family an increase in nobility."

Estarosa smiled at him and nodded: "Pleasure is all mine, Young Master."

The man frowned as he walks forward, the men immediately gave way.

"I`m Nandoi Aqrano, The Heir to the Beautiful Sky Kingdom of the Beautiful Continent, you can address me as Prince Nandoi."

After speaking to Zhihao, he looks around, like someone who's searching for something, or somebody.

Zhihao frowned, the arrogance this man is showing is beyond belief.

"Zhihao, a merchant from the Perfect Continent."

"Where is Blythe Cantar? I want to see her standing in front of me now." Nandoi spoke, like someone that holds extreme authority over Zhihao, underestimating him, completely ignoring his introduction.

Hearing this, Zhihao felt totally shocked, such arrogance could clearly become one's death.

"I know you have a Celestiality Sovereign with you, but, you are not the only one who has them."

After Nandoi spoke, five people soared into the sky as they glared at Zhihao.

"They are 2nd and 3rd stage Celestiality, the elites amongst the elites of my Country, you are helping a refugee of the Royal Capital, but since you are from the Perfect Continent, I`ll pardon your rudeness." Pausing for a bit, Nandoi glanced at him before continuing.

"Hand over Blythe Cantar and we'll clear the slates between us."

Just right after he spoke, someone run towards the door: "Big Bro! They only want me, please don't get involved."

Blythe walks out of the door with a sad expression, but a smile still forms in her lips, she knew that this day would arrive sooner or later, but with her subordinates having a steady life now, she has no further regret.

Zhihao smiled at her and stopped her from walking forward, he bends his body to pat Blythe's head and spoke: "Let big brother handle it for you."

"But... But..."

Ying Mai walks towards her and pulled her back: "Don't worry, your big brother can handle something so simple."

Nandoi frowned, hearing such words coming out of Zhihao's mouth, a mere mortal wants to challenge his authority even though he had given him a chance, a rope for survival?

Nandoi bought five Celestiality Sovereigns and the rest of his men were part of the most elite soldiers their kingdom has, all 10th stage Empowering Warriors.

Nandoi opened his eyes, but scanning the surrounding, he finally saw Ying Mai's appearance.

"Such beauty."

He smirks as a thought went working inside his brain: 'A beauty wasted on a mortal merchant, I`ll need to give her a better life as a prince of the Beautiful Continent's royal family.'

"Men! Kill that man for me!"


Three men moved forward as they drew their sword, empowering their weapons with powers.

"Big Brother!" Blythe tried to move forward, but as soon as she did, Ying Mai stopped her.

When Nandoi's men reached a meter away from Zhihao, the three of them stopped.

"Sorry for all of you, following such a useless Master." Zhihao spoke in a sympathetic tone, clearly, soldiers only followed their Master's orders.

After Zhihao's words vanished, the three men slumped down to the ground.

Seeing the three top grade soldiers going down without a fight, All of them looked at Zhihao who's now holding a sword that only has a single edge, something like a Katana.

But what's weird is not the sword for them, they never felt any fluctuation of any energy, neither had they seen Zhihao moved an inch.

Zhihao glared at Nandoi and spoke: "Are you going to keep sending your men or are you going to take action on your own?"

A Sword in Hand, Death on Sight

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