Supreme Martial System
238 Returning
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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238 Returning

Heaven Sealer, the number one expert in the whole Celestial World is being forced down powerless by two people that are not even a tenth of his age.

"Wait! Wait! Calm down first! the both of you."

Bearing no ill intent, Zhihao retracted his killing intent and waved his hands at Ying Mai to stop.

"Wooo, the both of you sure are some serious fellows, I just wanted to ask, but the both of you immediately intended to kill me, I`m just a curious old man."

Although he's trying to calm the duo, he is just genuinely curious, as someone that roams the Celestial World with absolute strength, he found himself bored of life, and since he has a lot of time to spare, he wishes to find something interesting.

Seeing two people at the power that even he couldn't afford to offend, his interest took him to a higher level.

"I would just like to ask some things..."

"Five questions, not more!"

Ying Mai immediately frowned, with the way Heaven Sealer had been asking them, there definitely would be tons of questions.

Zhihao chuckles as he heard Ying Mai's immediate reply.

"Yes, Yes, of course, five questions."

Heaven Sealer actually has thousands of questions he wanted to ask, but hearing Ying Mai's resolute terms, he needed to narrow all of it down to five.

"The first is... are you from this World or are you from some secret power, if so, where di you come from."

"That's two question, I`ll answer it both..." Ying Mai immediately replied, but before she could continue, Heaven Sealer immediately exclaimed.

"Wait! Wait! Where are the both of you from?! That's my first question!"

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao, he immediately nodded, giving Ying Mai approval to speak.

Heaven Sealer kept looking at the duo, in the way the both of them did things, clearly, Ying Mai is the follower and Zhihao is the Master.

Heaven Sealer seeing this had answered tens of the questions on his mind, clearly, in his eyes, Zhihao is a being more powerful than Ying Mai and he himself.

"We're from the Cultivation Realm, Gailea Continent."

Heaven Sealer nodded and proceeded to the next question: "How many worlds are out there? and please pardon my request, can I add this to the question, how many people are much more stronger than me?"

Ying Mai pondered for a while before answering: "I`m not so sure myself, you can ask my Master."

After speaking, Ying Mai looked at Zhihao. Heaven Sealer did the same, his theory is correct, Zhihao really is the master.

Zhihao looked at the sky before looking at Heaven Sealer and replied: "As many as you can count, both the World and the people that are stronger than you."

Hearing this Heaven Sealer nodded, with the strength, Ying Mai had shown him, he can clearly accept that logic.

"Then, in terms of strength, in what rank are the both of you with the powers outside this World."

Zhihao answered again without hesitation: "We're not even at the tip of the power struggle."

Heaven Sealer is shocked to the extreme, someone as strong as them are not even at the tip?

"Clearly, I've been viewing the sky at the bottom of the well." Heaven Sealer looked at Zhihao and asked once more.

"What is the goal for the both of you?"

Heaven Sealer wants to hear something, as an old man, he really wants to know more, like a child starting to learn some things new, his eyes are sparkling.

"It's to stop chaos from happening, destroying the plan of the Titan Realms in wrecking havoc to the whole universe, aiding the Gods in preventing the chaos that is the plan of the Titans."

Hearing this, Heaven Sealer was shocked furthermore, such a thing will happen? that is really... really... REALLY INTERESTING!!!

Heaven Sealer looked at Zhihao and immediately spoke: "Please let me follow you and aid your cause, I`ll definitely not let you down!"

Zhihao was about to reject, but before he could, a dimensional scar opened and a silhouette flew out, a red bird and immediately spoke.

"You would not be able to leave my World, even if you try your best."

"Riku!" Both Zhihao and Ying Mai exclaimed.

Heaven Sealer looked at the bird, although there are monsters that can speak human languages, all of them are big and scary looking creatures.

Riku transformed into a phoenix shocking Heaven Sealer further.

"This... the divine phoenix Goddess!"

Heaven Sealer couldn't shut his mouth that's wide open, the Phoenix, a tale of old millions of years ago, the being that transcends all living things.

Riku looked at Zhihao and Ying Mai and spoke: "It's time for the both of you to return."

Zhihao and Ying Mai nodded and entered the dimensional scar, Zhihao looked at Heaven Sealer and spoke: "Well, it is nice knowing you."

The both of them vanished without a trace, leaving Riku at Heaven Sealer alone.

Heaven Sealer kneeled as he bowed to the ground.

"Do you want to be part of the chaos that's brewing in the whole of many realms?"

Riku spoke as she stared at Heaven Sealer.

"Out of interest, I want to, but if the Goddess orders me too, I`ll definitely help with all I could."

"Your will for it is not set, you are like a child that's only doing things for fun." After speaking, Riku also dived into the dimensional scar and vanished without waiting for Heaven Sealer to speak.

Heaven Sealer looked at the horizon, without a trace of the three people he had talked with.

"I... The passion I had when I was young, have I lack any will before..." Heaven Sealer sighed as he returns to the way he had gone before.




Zhihao and Ying Mai returned to the shop on the 5th floor.

"I've already succeeded in my plans for the both of you, I`ll continue to teach the people down the first floor, I`ll leave the both of you to your own now."

After Riku spoke, she changed into her human form and wrapped herself full with a black robe and hood.


The two of them awkwardly looked at each other and blushes, a few distances away from one another.

Riku sighed, although Zhihao finally made some progress, he's still like a hermit, not knowing what to do with the opposite gender.

"Ahh... It's great to be young, but I`ll form a contract with Ying Mai before continuing."

After speaking, Riku went to the first floor and closed the shop.

Riku went back to fetch them so that they could proceed with the mood they had, she's mad too, because someone actually ruined the mood and didn't go out of the way.

"That kid, I`ll definitely make it hard for him if he comes here."

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