Supreme Martial System
237 Old Man Heaven Sealer
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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237 Old Man Heaven Sealer

The man flying in the sky, carrying the pride of a sovereign as he flies like he's the heaven itself.

Looking at Zhihao, the man couldn't help but ponder.

"How can a mortal possess such great strength? or is he someone stronger than me?"

Pausing for a bit, the man looked at Zhihao and tried to scan him with his celestial energy.

Zhihao is currently depressed as he walks towards Ying Mai, then out of nowhere.


=Someone is prying to your body, distance is 800 meters west of the host flying in the sky.

Zhihao stopped as he looked at the area where the System had spoken to, there, he saw a man flying above the sky.

The man opened his eyes widely in shock: "He can detect me? is he a hidden power? or is it instinct?"

With Zhihao's action, the man immediately had hundreds of questions, just after a few breathes, the man sighed, he then descended from the sky onto the ground, flicking his fingers, his outfit changes into a tattered robe immediately.

"Hello, children." The man spoke, not in an over-bearing tone, but a calm and amicable phase.

Zhihao only looked at the man, there are no killing intents nor maliciousness on his eyes, Zhihao calms himself and spoke.

"What is it?"

"Hoo oh, quite a temper for a kid your age." The man spoke as he chuckles to the both of them.

Ying Mai flew to the side of Zhihao prepared to fight.

Seeing Ying Mai, the man tried to probe, shock took over his confidence, he could barely see her power, a mysterious power is flowing inside her, if not a match for him, it could also be more powerful than himself.

"Young King, where are you from? wait, are you really a child?"

Ying Mai frowned before answering: "I`m already old, I`m 134 years of age, don't call me a child."

Hearing the word coming out of Ying Mai's mouth, the man is yet again shocked.

"The time you entered Celestiality, is the age below 20? you look the same as a teenager, where did the both of you come from? I haven't heard of a place that has a Celestiality Sovereign at your age, no, not even any Celestiality Sovereign anywhere."

Ying Mai sighed, this man has a lot of question.

"We are from nowhere, for someone that hasn't introduced himself, you ask a lot of questions."

Zhihao spoke in a stern expression, although he didn't want to be rude, with his current mood, there really is no way for him to be welcoming, especially to a probing man.

The man opened his eyes, he laughs and replied: "Pardon my rudeness, My name... My name I already have forgotten through the times of passing, but many people call me Old Man Heaven Sealer, I`m the strongest Celestiality Sovereign of the Perfect Continent, my age... more than 100,000 years old."

Zhihao was shocked after hearing the age, but remembering what Riku had told the both of them, Ying Mai and him accepted the facts.

The old man chuckles as he continued.

"Sorry to probe into your private affairs, but are the two of you on the run? lovers, that want to be together but are forbidden by the lady's family? because of your inability to become a Celestiality Sovereign but with your fighting spirit, you breached the wall of mortals and became a really strong warrior?"

Hearing this, Zhihao was shocked, what kind of mind does this old man have?

Ying Mai, on the other hand, likes the sound of it, she blushed and chuckles.

"It's a one-sided love for me..."

Ying Mai was shocked at her own words, the mood that the old man is carrying actually made Ying Mai open up, after speaking, Ying Mai's face immediately became unhappy, as the middle of her brows moved upward and the edges down with a sad smile on her face.

Hearing this, Zhihao opened his eyes widely, looking at the ground and thought.

'This is not just about me... I need the people around me too... why have I changed so much... do I really need to shoulder everything on my own?'

Zhihao paused his thought and looked at Ying Mai, seeing the sad expression on her face, Zhihao couldn't help but smile, immediately, Zhihao held Ying Mai's hands and spoke.

"It's not really a one-sided love, it's a mutual for us."

Zhihao finally understood his own heart, he's rejecting all of the feelings of those that love him dearly, to him, the thought of losing the ones you love is extremely hard, but now, his thinking immediately changed, he just needs to grow stronger so that those that he loves doesn't have to suffer or be lost.

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ying Mai didn't lift her head, tears flowed down from her eyes down to her cheeks, tears of joy could be seen as she looks at the ground with satisfaction.

"Ahem, I hate to ruin your mood, but I`m still here." The old man chuckles as he spoke.

Zhihao and Ying Mai both blush as they parted, Zhihao's mood lifted up after finding his resolution, he looked at the man and asked.

"What does senior need? the both of us need to go back."

Heaven Sealer looked at Zhihao in bewilderment, Ying Mai, someone that can be termed as powerful as him, or might also be stronger is chasing after Zhihao, the fact that he, Heaven Sealer had been roaming all the continent trying to find anything of interest made it known to him that he's the strongest in the whole World, but who would have thought that a casual walk here can make him discover two outstanding people.

"I'd like to know... to which continent or rather, which World had the both of you come from?"

Hearing him spoke, Zhihao and Ying Mai's aura surged forth without warning, Zhihao's killing intent shackled Heaven Sealer's powers, combined with Ying Mai's murderous intent, he couldn't even move.

Ying Mai's spiritual energy showed up as an illusion of a phoenix appeared behind her back.


For the first time after so many thousands of years, Heaven Sealer, the strongest man in the Celestial World felt threatened, not just a simple threat, but something that could take his life away.

Never in his wildest imagination that such a question can kill him someday.

Curiosity Killed the cat is the saying that perfectly fits his current standing.

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