Supreme Martial System
236 Frustration
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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236 Frustration

Inside the Shop.

Ying Mai didn't bother to return to the 5th floor and headed to the 4th floor to sleep, with what Riku had told her, it would be impossible for her to actually face Zhihao.

Zhihao, on the other hand, is drinking himself drunk with the wines he had purchased before.


"Will it really be the same as I had with my dreams?


Will I really become powerless?


Unable to change anything?"

Drinking another cup of wine, Zhihao looked at the sky as he solemnly let time pass by.

Riku saw this as she sighs, she was about to go to Zhihao's side and tease him a little, but seeing his dejected mood, she had decided to let it be today.

Riku descended to the 3rd floor and rested there.

Midnight came, the Cantar's subordinates finally finished their training as they stood up and stretched out their stiff bodies and made their way to rest.

Due to their wills and persistence, they finished the training, even the children had done it.




Fast, Morning came, everyone made preparation for opening the shop and breakfast.

Zhihao didn't sleep, he went down to the 4th floor and knocked on the door where Ying Mai is resting.

"Mai, we'll go for a stroll."

After a while, there was no response, but when Zhihao thought that she's still asleep and was about to walk away, the door suddenly opened.

"Master!" Ying Mai is panting, fully dressed, although her dress is slightly chaotic, she's still in a decent form, she was only wearing her undergarments as she sleeps and hearing Zhihao's knocking, she immediately dressed.

Zhihao chuckles as he spoke: "Fix your dress first, we'll be going out in a while."

Ying Mai blushes as she nodded and replied: "Yes, Master."

After a few minutes, Ying Mai finished fixing her dress and made her way out to Zhihao.

"Master, I`m ready."

Zhihao nodded as he looked at Ying Mai, and just as he looked at Ying Mai, he was astounded.

Ying Mai blushes and spoke: "This is a dress that Riku has given me."

Ying Mai is wearing a red phoenix outfit, although her shoulders are sealed, her stomach and back is showing, her most delicate curves are showing out, snow white skin as smooth as baby's skin and soft as a feather, Zhihao was stunned, seeing her not so revealing clothes, he became flustered.

"Riku said that it's a battle dress, although, it is not as strong as the one Master is wearing, it can at least hold its own like half of your set's quality."

Ying Mai explained, hearing her words, Zhihao woke up from his daze and nodded his head as he replied.

"That's great, it suits you perfectly, let's go."

After speaking, Zhihao smiled at her as he headed down the stairs.

Ying Mai nodded as she followed Zhihao to the first floor.

Reaching the first floor, Zhihao looked at Blythe and spoke.

"We'll be going out for a while, you can take over and handle the shop."

"Yes, Big Brother!" After replying, she looked at Ying Mai and ran towards her as she whispers.

"Big Sis! good luck! you should treasure honeymoon like this sweetly!"

Ying Mai blushes slightly and nodded, although she didn't like Blythe that much, but after her 'reminder', she took an extreme liking towards Blythe.

Patting Blythe's head she spoke: "We'll be going now."

Blythe nodded as she replied: "See you later! Big Brother! Big Sister!"

Zhihao nodded as both of them made their way out.

"Where would you like to go?"

"Master, anywhere with you is what I only wish." Ying Mai spoke without any hesitation, making Zhihao stunned for a few moments before nodding his head.

"Riku, we'd like to go to a place with a lot of monsters."

Ying Mai was shocked, she couldn't even feel Riku's presence, but her Master just spoke like he's there, Ying Mai is bewildered, based on Riku's statement, Zhihao's powers are currently sealed.

"Hmmmp! I only want to watch a great show! why would you even spoil that!"

Out of nowhere, a dimensional scar appears as a red bird flew out of it.

Zhihao looked at Riku and asked: "Riku, when I was burnt yesterday, what burnt me is not phoenix flame, what flame is that?"

Riku looked at Zhihao and summoned a dimension scar: "That's my elder's sister's power, The Vermilion Bird, but you wouldn't see her, she's with the creator, our father."

Pausing for a bit, Riku looked sad, she then looked at Zhihao and spoke: "Go on in now, I`ll protect the shop while you two are out."

Zhihao and Ying Mai nodded as they entered the dimensional scar, leaving Riku behind.

Riku looked at the sky as she spoke in a low tone: "Father... Sisters, Brothers... I miss the time that there were only nine of us..."

After speaking, Riku flew from her location and went back to the shop.




Arriving at their destination, Zhihao and Ying Mai looked left and right.

Seeing tall trees, mountains reaching the heavens, and monsters as big as houses, some are even as big as a building.

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao and asked: "Master, what will we do here?"

"We'll train."

After replying, Zhihao dashed forward as he wielded two of his weapons.

Zhihao moved from monsters to monsters, killing them with purely his brute strength.

Ying Mai looked at the scene as she couldn't help but wept tears of sadness.

This is no training, Zhihao is killing monsters, like slaughtering chickens, the poor souls became the stress reliever for Zhihao's frustration.

After an hour, Zhihao panted as he already killed almost thousands of monsters, their levels consist of different levels between 3rd stage monsters to 6th stage ones.

If someone sees him, they might think that it's a devil that has descended from hell, cover with blood from head to toe, walking with his two swords still dripping wet from the massacre, he just did.

Zhihao only used normal weapons, well, the 6th tier ones, but after the slaughter, the edges of each sword seemed sharper than before.

A man flying in the sky saw this scene, he stopped and watch Zhihao's movements, killing the monsters one by one.


The man smiled as he nodded in approval: "He must've had a bad experience."

The man then looked at Zhihao full of interest, checking every movements of his, like someone trying to check on its prey, his eyes widely opened and exclaimed.

"He's a normal human?! But how can he possess such strength!"

He watched Zhihao's berserk until the end, and the moment he did, he looked back and walked to somewhere, covered with blood.

In the direction where Zhihao is going, a silhouette of a beautiful woman is looking at Zhihao with eyes full of tears, but as soon as Zhihao is close to her, her tears vanishes as it evaporated out of sight.

The man smiled yet again as he spoke: "Hahaha, a Mortal and Celestial couple, such a tragic scene, maybe that's the reason for his rampage..."

Pausing for a bit, he looked at Zhihao and added: "Maybe... just maybe... that's what he's trying to prove, to prove that even he, as a mortal can accomplish something."

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    《Supreme Martial System》