Supreme Martial System
235 Whisper with Wings
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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235 Whisper with Wings

"I`m from the Perfect Continent!"

Hearing this, both Ying Mai and Zhihao's expression didn't change, they then looked at Riku waiting for her answer.

Riku shook her head and spoke.

"There are no brands in his blood, every citizen of each continent has a brand on their blood, I personally made it, if he came from the Perfect Continent, there will be a brand in their blood, I`ve already seen his blood brand, and it comes from the Beautiful Continent's."

Zhihao and Ying Mai nodded in understanding, Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and spoke.

"Greet the guest for me."

Ying Mai nodded as she vanishes in front of Zhihao and appears on the first floor, Riku also followed, Zhihao had sent her there in case something untoward happens to Ying Mai, Ying Mai arriving on the first floor immediately opened the door, she looked at the man who's shouting in front of their store, he is at the 1st stage of Celestiality, there are also about ten men standing behind him, all at the 9th level

The man immediately smiled as he spoke: "Hello, I`m from the Perfect Continent, recently I had heard some rumors circulating that someone from the Beautiful Continent is using our prestigious nam-"

He didn't have a chance to finish his word as Ying Mai spoke: "Pretenders from the Beautiful continent, I`ll give you this warning and this warning only, once you use the name Perfect Continent again, I`ll directly march my way and sink your Sky City down to the ground."

After speaking, Ying Mai closes the door as she walks back to return to the 5th floor, the words she had spoken left a deep impression in those men.

All of them including the Celestiality sovereign couldn't but shudder, hearing her reply, he immediately departed and made their way back.

One of the men behind him spoke: "They must be from the Perfect Continent, that confidence..."

"I know, you don't need to tell me that." The one leading them frowned, he could still clearly remember the glare that Ying Mai looked at them with.

"Let's go! we need to report it to Young Miss!"


The man leading them is glad, they still have the chance to take back their life with them after trying to impersonate someone from the Perfect Continent in front of someone that lives there, clearly, they've narrowly escaped death's grasp.




Ying Mai is currently on the 4th floor going up to the 5th floor, but something unexpected happened.

"GRAAAA!" A loud shout of excruciating pain and agony was heard where they left Zhihao.

"Master!" Ying Mai immediately rushes, after arriving, Ying Mai couldn't believe what she saw, she went to Zhihao's side.

Zhihao's arms, the both of them are void of any skin, a hot smoke is coming out of it as the sword in his hands turns into specks of dust, his muscles are still being burnt to crisps.

Even with Zhihao's superior regenerative ability, the flames are still overpowering it, and without the aid of his power, the flames are simply unstoppable.

"Master! What's happening!" Ying Mai asked she kept touching his arms, trying to dissolve the flames but to no avail.

"Move Mai, I`ll handle it!" The voice came from Riku, seeing her, Ying Mai moved aside.

"Woooosh!" Riku flapped her wings as she sucked out the flames from Zhihao's arms and directly absorbs it.

After the flames vanished, Zhihao's arms recover in an extremely fast phase, he slumps into the floor as he looked at Riku.

"Thanks, Riku..."

"Idiot! I already told you that you can't! you wouldn't be able to train the power inside my Celestial World! My World is separated from any other realms, you wouldn't have any chance of training it!"

Riku exclaimed, she has already warned him before, but looking at the sight of him, she clearly knew that Zhihao had tried comprehending the power of her world, thus, the outcome is clear.

Three minutes earlier.

Seeing that Riku and Ying Mai had gone out, a smile forms in Zhihao's lips as he picked up a tier 1 sword.

He did what Riku has instructed, but after just his first try, the system immediately echoed continuously.


=Warning, you can't learn the power of Celestiality!


=Celestial Energy is enraged, the power is going to devour you!


=Vermillion Bird's Eternal Flame has started to eat your hands.


=The eternal flame is devouring your arms!

Zhihao's arms started to be wrapped in red colored flames, melting his skin and burning his muscles.

"Break for me!" Zhihao tried to summon his power but to no avail, he tried to cover it up with his robe, but the flame became ethereal, completely ignoring the robe as it continued on devouring his arms.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he tried everything, even scraping the meat that's getting burnt by the eternal flames.

The pain is not that much, but with the continuous, he felt that it will only take a few minutes for the flame to devour him completely.

"If vanquishing you won't do, I`ll try to absorb you instead!"

After speaking, Zhihao tried to absorb the flames like how he gathers Spiritual Energy, but as soon as he did, the eternal flames seethe inside his bone, a very heart aching pain is felt as soon as it entered, his vein started to convulse, he tried to fight it but it soon reached his internal organs.






Zhihao looked at Riku apologetically,

Riku snorted as she spoke: "See the price you have to pay once you've violated the rules of my Celestial World?"

Zhihao nodded, he looked at Riku again and spoke: "I need to become stronger! I've seen a dream..."

"A dream?" Riku asked in wonder.

"A dream, where... where, I was with everyone, I made a path of blood with Titans behind me, but after all that, I couldn't move anymore, I was struck by so many weapons and became disabled, my loved ones and comrades fought the war for me... but in the end... we still lost, without even the chance to flee, I don't want that to happen in the future!"

Zhihao explained, if that dream will really to happen, Riku can already guess that Zhihao really needs some strength to back up her Young Master's plan, Arthariaz's plan to destroy the plot of his younger brother and the Titans.

Riku sighed, she knew that the Titans are just around the corner, especially with Akasha's appearance, it became clearer and clearer.

Zhihao is nowhere near a match to any of the Titans, even simple underlings could kill him with his current state, what more for the elites.

Riku sighs and spoke: "You need to grow stronger, that doesn't mean that you should recklessly die."

After speaking, Riku flew out of the room and called: "Ying Mai! Follow me!"

Ying Mai hesitated, she looked at Zhihao for an order.

Zhihao nodded his head, he needs to contemplate for it too.

"Master, I`ll be going for now." Ying Mai spoke before leaving with Riku.




Arriving at the 3rd floor, Riku enters a room before she transforms into her human form and spoke.

"Ying Mai... I'm treating you like my own daughter, even though the both of us had only met days, since you are the very first person that I like, I`m helping you out of my own good will."

Ying Mai stood in front of her and nodded.

"Well, would you like to help your Master?"

Ying Mai didn't reply, instead, she looked at Riku full of resolution and nodded.

"Well, since you are my, Riku's celestial daughter, I can make it so that you can help him."

"Please tell me how." Ying Mai asked.

Riku nodded her head and continued: "Well, I`m going to form a contract with you, and after your blood will start to change into a Celestial's blood, don't worry, you won't evolve into someone like a beast, you`ll stay as a human with at least, more than half of my power through the time you`ll train,"

Ying Mai nodded, Riku looked at her and smiled.

"Well, after that, you`ll most likely be someone of the Celestial World's inhabitant, clearly you can practice the power inside my World."

Riku looked at Ying Mai and continued: "My daughter, come here and I`ll tell you how you`ll help him."

Ying Mai nodded as she went forward.

Riku's charming lips parted as she whispered something in Ying Mai's ears.

After a while, Ying Mai parted with Riku, her face is extremely red as she kept trembling.

Riku chuckles as she transforms back to her bird form and added.

"Well, it is all up to you... my Celestial Daughter. Fufufufu."

After speaking, Riku flew out of the room and soared the sky, leaving the stunned Ying Mai there alone with her body completely red.

Ying Mai woke up from her daze as she sat on the floor with both of her hands on her face.

"I... I can't do that!"

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