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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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234 Gues

9th Day on the Bloody Divine Celestial World.

Zhihao announced in front of his shop that there are only 6th tier weapons and potions left.

With that news, a lot of people made their way back to their respective residence and kingdoms.

The day is not as busy as before, Zhihao has earned a lot of money, but after that, he has no further ideas of what to do.

In the end, Zhihao has decided to gift each of them some money, for the adults, Zhihao gave them a bonus of 10,000 white phoenix golds, for the children, Zhihao gave them money ranging from 100 to 500 white phoenix golds, depending on their age.

Zhihao after a while gathered them, he needs to do something if he'll be doing something for Riku.

"I would like to ask if all of you want to train? enhance your power?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, they looked at each other, they are already at the age between 30 to 50, it would really be hard for people their age to start training, the prime age for people to train is at the age between 14 to 25, after that, they'll start to slow down on the progress, unless that person reaches Celestiality, their lifespan would increase from a mortal's age of until 100 and will increase by 10,000, such a huge leap of lifespan can clearly help people to train themselves.

All of them shook their head and rejected the idea.

Zhihao would like to start helping Riku in reconstructing her World through Blythe's subordinate and her, so he added.

"I can help you all to become stronger, much stronger than you can imagine."

Hearing what Zhihao has said, they were shocked even more, even at their age, they could still become stronger?

One of them approached and asked: "Master, can we really become stronger?"

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "Yes, although it will be a little hard, all of you will become stronger."

The sound of Zhihao's words continues to echo inside their head, they looked at Zhihao and answered simultaneously.

"Master, please help us!" After speaking, all of them kneeled to the ground with their head knocking on the soil.

Zhihao nodded and replied: "I will, you all may stand up now."


Zhihao looked at Riku and asked through their minds: "How will they train?"

Riku nodded and replied: "Well, the very first level of empowering training is bonding with your weapon, familiarizing yourself with the aura that it exuding, that is the most basics of everything, but sadly, that teaching has been forgotten through the passage of time."

Zhihao nodded, but Riku added another thing.

"The first thing they'll need to do is own a sword of at least a tier 1, the maximum would be a tier 3, but possessing a sword at the same level as they are in the most suitable.

They need to feel their energy traveling to the sword and back to them."

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "All of you will start after the shop closes."

"Yes!" Everyone nodded and made their way back to the shop to open it for the business hour.

Zhihao made his way back to the top floor, he'd need to make a couple of tier 1 weapons to have them train for it.

Ying Mai didn't follow this time, she stayed on the first floor and took a rest there.

The business is not as hard as before, there are just people coming and going, only a few people from the whole of the Beautiful Continent that can actually afford a 6th-grade potion and weapon inside the shop.

So, other than casually looking around, people would just pass by, waiting for any 4th or 5th-grade items to appear again.




"Patriarch! The Widen Clan has pulled out all of their trades with us!"

"Patriarch! The Hrazan Clan has cut all ties with us!"

"Patriarch! The Red Capslin has removed their investment towards our armory!"

"Patriarch! The Franlan Clan is annulling the wedding engagement between Young Master and their Young Miss's!"



Continued report of Clans breaking their ties with their Clan, the man they are calling patriarch is none other than Antano.

Antano frowned, clearly, witnessing the products inside that shop and the news that they had issued, he already figured that this will happen.

'I`m not going down here... I need to leave this clan... I have no more future here...' Antano looked at the sky as he spoke in a low tone.

"I, Antano Trillatuko, will not fall, not in this useless Clan!"

After making up his mind, he wrote a letter and left it at the patriarch's throne before sneakily flee from the Delima Clan.

After a few minutes, a person approaches the chair and saw the note, she opened up the note and after a few breathes, she clenched it tightly and burnt it to ashes.

"Antano! You spineless coward! All you know is throw alibi and excuses! I`ll definitely kill you... I`ll definitely bring you down together with me even if it's the last thing I`ll ever do!"

That woman is Lila Delima, Antano's husband... wife... she looked at the wide area outside the Grand Hall and spoke.

"Bring some men and follow me! We'll hunt down that trash!"

Immediately, four people appeared and replied: "Yes!"

After replying, all of them scattered to all of the direction.

Lila with rage surging from her heart, she marched with a heavy step and cursed.

"I`ll bury your Trillatuko Clan together with my Clan! you won't escape me even after I die!"




With the lack of customers, Zhihao had decided to close the shop earlier.

He gathered everyone on the 2nd floor of the building.

"We will start your training now."

"Yes!" Everyone replied expectantly, both children and adults together, even Ollie and Blythe are here, they wouldn't want to miss the teaching of someone from the Perfect Continent.

Zhihao nodded as he withdrew weapons after weapons, a total of 400 tier 1 weapons.

"Choose any weapon that you all feel that you`d like to have."

"Yes!" After replying, all of them stood up, looking at any weapon that they'd like to wield.

After a while, all of them came back with weapons in their hand.

Zhihao nodded as he continued: "Try to feel your weapon, let your energy flow inside your weapon, and try to retrieve the energy inside the weapon and circulate it inside your body simultaneously, continuously repeat this circulation and train on it until it has gone to midnight, if you guys couldn't do it, all of you can stop on thinking of training again."

"YES!" All of them resolutely replied as they started to train and do as Zhihao instructed.

Zhihao stood up and walked towards the top floor as Ying Mai followed with Riku on top of her shoulder.

Arriving on the 5th floor, Zhihao looked at Riku and asked.

"Is that good? they will be training like that for 9 hours without stopping."

Riku nodded as she replied: "Yes, in my time, mortals are doing it weeks using normal weapons, some are even using normal woods and rocks, but if they couldn't do something like that, it will only mean that they lack the willpower to continue."

Zhihao nodded as he looked at the sky and spoke.

"I just wish... that they can go through it without any problems..."

Then, after just a few breaths of time, the three of them heard a noise.

"Come out here! I need to talk to you!"

Zhihao looked at below and saw someone he had not seen before.

"I`m from the Perfect Continent!"

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