Supreme Martial System
233 Especial Price
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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233 Especial Price

"I am... I am his wife!"

Estarosa chuckles as she spoke: "Ahh, such a waste, a beautiful swan planted in a cow dung, you have a better future following me."

Estarosa thought that Zhihao is just an ordinary mortal, being the Continent's most powerful warrior, a Celestiality sovereign at the 2nd stage, clearly, she can still feel Ying Mai's overwhelming power, to seeing Zhihao, she could feel neither power nor aura, just like a normal human.

Her plan is taking Ying Mai away together with the potions and weapons they are selling in this shop, she could also find a lot of people that are as handsome as Zhihao... well, someone that's almost as handsome as he is, and these people are also in the Celestiality level sovereign.

Ying Mai frowned, she looked at Estarosa and spoke: "If you are not buying anything, you can take your leave now."

Clearly, Estarosa has not placed all of her cards down, but hearing this, she knew she had offender Ying Mai.

"I`m just joking with you, I`m trying to recruit the both of you to join our Beaut Sky City, we're the leading force of the Beautiful Continent, I`m extending this invitation to all of your subordinates too."

Zhihao calmly stared at her, earlier, his face became extremely red, but hearing Estarosa's words, he woke up from his daze and got over his thoughts, he thought that Ying Mai is just playing the role he has started earlier.

"Apologies, but we humbly decline your offer." Zhihao spoke to Estarosa, clearly rejecting her proposal without any hesitation and full of resolution.

Estarosa's smile suddenly vanishes, a force started to surround her two hands, she's clearly irritated.

In her thought, there's a lot of things she wanted to say.

'How dare you, a mere mortal, speak your mind between two sovereigns!'

She had not been so offended ever since she was born, even her peers before were extremely respectful towards her, she's the princess of the Bhie Sky City, and a mere mortal spoke to her, not as an equal, but someone that's beneath him!

Estarosa felt extremely offended, but looking at Ying Mai, she gritted her teeth and smiled.

"Well, that's a shame, but if you ever changed your mind, you guys can always go to our Sky City!"

Estarosa smiled as she walked out of Zhihao's shop.

Ying Mai glared at their vanishing figure, afterward, she tried to walk out of the shop but was blocked immediately by a hand.

Sadly, Ying Mai couldn't see it due to her enraged temperament, she was holding back to avoid destroying any part of the shop, but now that they are out, she could burst her power and obliterate them to smithereens.

"Poink~" A soft sound echoes as Zhihao's hands felt something extremely incredible, looking at his side, he saw Ying Mai's cold expression slowly melting as it evolves to a blushing innocent and pure face.

"Sorry..." Zhihao spoke, trying to calm the situation.

Ying Mai looked at him and nodded: "It is of no problem Master..."

The two of them became awkward as the situation lasted for a few more minutes.

Blythe and the others finally came back after eating their dinner, seeing the situation, they slowly returned to the dining hall.




Beautiful Continent.

The merchants tried to seal the pieces of information about the shop selling high tier potions and weapons, but that was still ruined, there are no secrets that are not unscathed.

Warriors told their friends and those friends scattered the information, more and more people kept catching the winds about the shop that's selling tier 4 to tier 6 items, immediately, the whole of the Beautiful continent has already been informed about it in just three days.

People from all over the continent made their way to the Bhie City, bringing with them almost either all of their clans, family, or treasures that they had been stacking for years.

It's like the Bhie City has been the focal point of a storm, gathering all sorts of characters from all over the Continent.

More than 10,000,000 warriors and royalties took the action and headed towards the City.




The 5th day since Zhihao and Ying Mai were brought to Riku's Celestial World.

The shop selling their tier 4 potions, sadly at today, there are only tier 5 and tier 6 potions left, then, out of the 100 tier 6 weapons, there are still 78 pieces left.

In total, there are more than 50,000 Tier 6 potions left, and 25,840 tier 5 potions.

About half of what Zhihao and Ying Mai had made were already sold, sadly, only the tier 4 potions were the bought like hot pancakes.

Antano caught winds of it as he made his way to Zhihao's shop, together with six 6th stage Empowering Warriors.

After arriving, Antano saw a very long line of people, he smiled as he chuckles at them and made his way inside without even waiting for the line.

The people lining in front of the shop frowned, but thinking that these people were friends of the owner, they ignored him.

One of the employees saw Antano coming, she frowned at him before her lips curved upward and spoke.

"You are from the Delima Clan?"

Antano chuckles as he nodded and replied: "Yes, I am."

The employee smiled as she spoke: "Please come in."

Seeing this, the people outside frowned, who on this line has no status? just a mere clan like the Delima Clan actually has the guts to go inside directly?

A lot of people lining up has more prestige and greater position than the Delima Clan, clearly, all of the ones lining up felt offended, but they can't do anything about it, they thought that there's a bond between the owner and the Delima Clan.

As soon as Antano entered, he saw all of the prices of the potion, he trembles at the sight of it but didn't let it show, he might get a discount due to their previous encounter.

Seeing Antano coming into their shop, all of the employees felt enrage slightly, but after just a single breathe, their lips all curves into a smile.

Antano held his head up high, a lot of people knew him, they approach him and greeted.

"Delima Clan Patriarch, how are you."

Antano nodded his head, not bothering to answer.

The one that greeted is also a Patriarch from another clan, although his clan is slightly weaker than the Delima Clan, they almost share the status, such arrogance, he wanted to fight it out with him, but due to the treatment that the employees are treating him, he tried to calm himself down and backed off.

Antano walked to the front as he asked the saleswoman.

"How much for the 6th-grade potion?"

The employee smiled at him as she replied: "Sir, that's 2,000 white phoenix gold."

Antano frowned, he can clearly see the prices tagged at it, he then asked again: "Is there any... you know... a special price that the owner had given for my Delima Clan?"

Antano emphasizes the word "Delime Clan" so that the employee can understand what he is talking about.

Hearing this, the employee pretended to ponder and exclaimed.

"Ah! that's right! I nearly forgot!"

Hearing this, Antano smiled as he nodded his head.

The employee immediately followed up and continued: "Yes, the owner stated that all from the Delima Clan..." the employee slows down, pretending to remember what Zhihao had told her, she then opened her eyes and continued.

"That everyone from the Delima Clan will be sold four times the actual price! and everyone close to the Delima Clan will have the prices doubled!"

Antano nodded, but after a while, he opened his eyes wide open in shock.

"This... are you..."

"Yes! The owner clearly stated that that's the price your Delima Clan will be served with!"

Hearing this, the surrounding people, even the ones outside smirked, there is a single thought on their mind.

'Yes, they have a bond, a bond of enmity.'

All of the low-level clans that are under a partnership with the Delima Clan heard it immediately made plans to part and separate any type of business they have with them.

All of the people outside forming a line chuckles as they started their own discussion.

Clearly, this is a statement, that anyone that's involved with the Delima Clan can go down with the Delima Clan, this is a death sentence only the supreme people that has advantage can do to a minor clan.

'A Clan going to ruins just because of a mistake.'

Some people already heard the fight with the owner of the shop and the Delima Clan, after hearing this story, a lot of people spread the news, like the wind, it traveled so fast, every clan that's buying and selling products from the Delima Clan immediately cut ties with them.


Antano snorted as he made his way outside, all of the people smugly looked at him, like looking at a dead person.

Zhihao on the 5th floor is just mixing more potions and crafting weapons to be sold for the next days together with Ying Mai, not knowing that he had killed and destroyed a Clan unintentionally.

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