Supreme Martial System
232 I Am...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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232 I Am...

Cultimana Shop.

The attention of all the people inside the Bhie City is currently focused on the Cultimana shop, run by people from the Slum's before, now these people are respected by the sectless warriors, even the merchants of high-grade trades are showing respect to them, fearing for offending the person that has hired them.

"Thank you! please come back again!"

"Thanks! I will."

"Thank you! You've made a really great deal!"

"Hahaha, I know! thanks to you too."

Consistent sounds of thankings kept echoing inside the store, clearly, the satisfaction rate has gone to a 100%

Zhihao and Ying Maid made their way down from the top floor, immediately all of the customers saw the countenance the both of them are showing.

Zhihao, although he's walking like he usually does, due to the experiences that have accumulated and is imprinted deeply inside his bone, he's walking like a king and has an aura of a supreme being.

Ying Mai, on the other hand, is showing the elegance of that of a goddess that's descending from the heavens, grace, beauty, and although with her beautiful face, there's a fierce light glowing in her eyes.

Clearly, all of the people inside know that the two of them is the owner of this shop.

All of them bowed their head, although they didn't speak, it clearly showed their respect.

Zhihao instinctively waved his hand and moved on, stating that they could go back to whatever they are doing.

Everyone smiled at him, they tried to check Zhihao's and Ying Mai's aura, but they clearly couldn't see anything, which means their power is extremely too high, in their thought, the two of them, Ying Mai and Zhihao should at least be on the 9th stage of Empowering warrior or higher.

One of Blythe's subordinates approached Zhihao and spoke: "Master, we're running out of Tier 4 Potions!"

Zhihao nodded as he went to the back of the cashier, behind the front desk area, Zhihao withdrew thousands of pills, he looked at the man and spoke.

"Set it up by the cabinet."

"Yes, Master!" After pausing, that man looked at a few vacant friends of his and continued.

"Hey, I need a little help here!"

Five people nodded as they went their way and assisted.

Zhihao then looked at the area and pondered, he looked at the sides and noticed that the weapons are not selling like he had expected, he called one out and asked.

"Why are the weapons not selling?"

The lady bows her head and replied: "Master, I have no idea."

Hearing this, Zhihao almost stumbled to the floor.

One of the customers, an old man, someone between the age of 70 to 80 walked slowly with respect towards Zhihao and spoke.

"Ah, I might know the answer Lord."

Zhihao looked at the old man and asked: "Ah, may I know the name of this honored customer?"

The old man chuckles as he replied: "Ah, it is my honor, my lord, My name is Zhen Drutre."

Zhihao nodded and asked: "Can I ask what's the problem? is there something wrong between the weapons that I am selling?"

The old man chuckles as he answered: "Well, my Lord, the price of a tier two sword is already astronomical, the lowest quality costs 10,000 white phoenix gold, once we saw the weapons display on your shop, it would at least cost 10 to 20 black phoenix gold, and that's us thinking that those weapons are the 5th grade, once it goes to the 6th grade, that would definitely be something that even the whole of the Country of Bhie, won't be able to afford, so for people like us, we'd like to avoid getting embarrassed and having an awkward situation."

Hearing this, Zhihao nodded, he then looked at the bird that's flying towards Ying Mai.

A smile formed on Zhihao's face as he enhances his vocals and spoke: "All of the weapons in my shop, a total of 100 weapons only costs 2 Black Phoenix Gold each!"

The old man hearing this removed all pretense as he immediately jumped towards the swords that he had been eyeing for the past 2 hours, hugging two of them tightly on his body and approaching the clerk.

"I`d like to purchase these two!"

The old man that seemed to be elegant and honorable became as willful as a kid as he jumped through to other customers, grabbing the swords and placed it in his embrace, making the rest of the customers shocked, although the prices have dwindled so much, only a few can actually still buy it.

After a while, the old man returns in front of Zhihao and spoke.

"Ahem, well, our clan needs a lot of great things, especially for the younger generation, so I`m buying it for them."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded: "I understand."

"I`ll take my leave now, thank you Lord for providing us such a great chance, if you have time, you can come to the Drutre Clan, we will welcome you with open arms."

The Zhen Drutre smiled as he bid Zhihao farewell.

Zhihao nodded, seeing that the line of people outside is decreasing, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After a few more hours, night has already descended and there are only about five people that are currently left inside.

Three females and two males.

The three females seemed to be checking on which to buy, while the men is standing on guard, checking everything from left to right.

Zhihao glanced at these group of people before going up.


One of the females shouted, seemingly the leader of the party, wearing a red dress and red gloves reaching to her elbow.

"Young Miss!"

All of the ones that are following her tried to stop her, but she's too agile and eventually passed the four of them.

Zhihao stopped, he looked back and saw an approaching woman and jumped at him with open arms as her lips are puckered, aiming at Zhihao's lips.

Immediately, a silhouette appeared between them, a gust of wind pushed the woman back a few meters away as the two men caught her.

The silhouette belongs to nobody else but Ying Mai's, she looked at the woman full of enrage, but she still suppressed her gently.

The woman looked at Ying Mai as a smile formed on her lips and spoke: "Well, well, my intuition really isn't wrong, you are a celestiality!"

Ying Mai didn't answer, she just kept glaring at her madly.

The woman chuckles as she continued: "No, no, don't get angry, my name is Estarosa Contence, I`m the princess of the Beaut Sky City, nice knowing you."

After speaking, Estarosa unleashes her power out, displaying the might of a Celestiality.

"I forget to add, I`m the strongest warrior of the Beaut Sky City."

A smile formed on her lips after the introduction.

Ying Mai glared at her and spoke: "Ying Mai, Celes..."

Pausing for a bit, she looked at the ground in sadness.

Riku chuckles as she spoke through her in her mind.

"Would you like to stay at his Celestial General forever?"

Hearing this, Ying Mai's eyes became full of resoluteness and looked at Estarosa before continuing.

"I`m Ying Mai, I am... I am his wife!"

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