Supreme Martial System
231 Attraction
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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231 Attraction

After a while, Pland finally came back to the Clan mansion with his head held high and a smug smile plastered on his face.

Seeing this, the bad expression in Antano vanished and was replaced with satisfaction.

"What has happened?"

Pland nodded has he bowed and reported: "Reporting, Master, they seemed to be afraid of our power, the moment that we came there, the boss has already hidden behind his store, not even daring to show himself in front of us."

Antano chuckles as he nodded: "Well, let us not be brazen about it, maybe we have the same power as his that's why he's taking measures, nothing is lost, we'll just let that be, for now, inform your mistress."

"Yes!" Everyone nodded and separated as they have gone back to their own duties.

Antano went back to his chair as a smug look appeared on his face: "I need to check his background, If he has none, I won't even need to be afraid of him, I have more people in my disposal, I wouldn't believe at a single 8th stage empowering warrior can defeat hundreds of 5th stage and tens of 6th stage empowering warriors."

After speaking, Antano became more elated as he drank himself to self-delusion.




Back to Zhihao's shoop.

It has been almost an hour since they had opened it, but to Zhihao's surprise, nobody is trying to go in, they would just glance at his shop and continue on their walk.

Pondering for a while, Zhihao thought of something as he made his way down from the 5th floor.

"I'd like every one of you to scatter throughout the city, and shout the name of our shop and location, and also tell them of what we are selling, we're selling weapons, and potions, t4 to t6 on both items."

"Yes, Master." Everyone nodded and moved out of the shop to do what Zhihao has instructed.

"East of the Marketplace, Cultimana Shop is selling tier 4 to tier 6 potions and weapons!!"

"East of the Marketplace, Cultimana Shop is selling tier 4 to tier 6 potions and weapons!!"

"East of the Marketplace, Cultimana Shop is selling tier 4 to tier 6 potions and weapons!!"

Everyone shouted, around them, people are smirking left and right, one of them then spoke.

"Don't go and be delusional, only the high tier continents possess those kinds of pills! don't go trying to trick us in believing that you guys are actually in a possession of such rare treasures!"

The woman shouting frowned, but she just ignored it as she's only a normal person, she just continued shouting.

"East of the Marketplace, Cultimana Shop is selling tier 4 to tier 6 potions and weapons!!"

"Hmmmp! Ignore that bitch! crazy people."

"Why are you judging something that you have no proof of?" Out of nowhere, a voice sounded.

The man frowned as he glared at the location where the voice came from, but as soon as he saw the man, he was shocked and immediately bowed.

"Young Master Zen!"

Everyone bowed as they showed their respect towards the man.

The man called Zen waved his hands and spoke: "You may continue with what you are all doing."


Zen approached the woman who's shouting and asked: "Do the shop you are saying really sells high-grade potions and weapons?"

The woman hesitated for a bit before nodded her head: "Yes!"

Zen smiled as he nodded and made his way towards the shop.

Some people saw this and immediately followed, they'd like to see if there are really tier 6 grade potions in the shops, tier 4 grade potions would do too since there are only tier 1 potion in their city, there are tier 2 potions too, but they are really sparse.

The woman seeing that Zen going to their shop followed.

"Young Master Zen, you`ll go to our shop?"

Zen smiled at the woman as he replied: "I am, I might take one or two bottles with me."

The woman smiled as she nodded and added: "Our employer is really magnanimous, he's giving us a salary that's really generous, one white phoenix gold a day!"

Hearing that, Zen's countenance changed. 'One white phoenix gold a day?! that's the salary of our clan's elite! what is that guy's background...'

And just like the woman is hearing his question spoke: "Our mistress said that he's from the Perfect Continent, he's a really handsome and strong man!"

Hearing this, Zen stopped for a bit as he looked at the woman and asked: "Perfect continent?"

The woman nodded as she continued walking.

"Interesting." After speaking, Zen followed, he wants to see who this 'Man' that came from such a mighty continent look like.

After a while, the both of them reached the shop, seeing looked around and was astounded.

"This is the old property of the Cantar's... the mistress she's talking about must be..." Zen didn't continue with his words, he then entered the shop, but as soon as he entered, his eyes widened in shock.

Weapons exuding profound powers, aura floating around it, pills that have actual auras coming out of it like smokes from a freshly cooked hot soup, these type of auras can only be seen by people of above 4th stage of Empowering warrior.

Zen's lips couldn't help but curved upward, witnessing such a sight, the difference between the outside and inside of the shop is like heaven and earth!

Walking closer, Zen asked the woman: "How much does that potion costs?"

Zen pointed at the "6th-grade Large Health Potion" although he wanted to ask about the other two that's besides its shelve, the potions besides the Health potion is the other 6th grade potions, the 6th-grade Large Empowering Potion, 6th Grade Taming potion.

Zen can clearly see the black smoke oozing out of the taming potion and empowering potion that has almost double of the Health Potion's aura, the denseness of the aura clearly means that it has a greater effect, which also means that amongst the 6th-grade potions, those two are clearly expensive.

Trying to avoid any embarrassing moment from happening for himself, he ignored the other two and pointed at the red potion that's less domineering.

The woman smiled as she replied: "Young Master, that potion costs 2,000 white phoenix gold."

The woman is slightly hesitant about telling him the price, but their Master strictly said that it will costs for that much, nothing more, nothing less.

"This!!!" Zen couldn't help but exclaim, the woman felt shaken as she thought that the man in front of her would clearly become enraged.

The woman thought that Zen would go on a rampage, but after the next sentence, she was shocked.

"The price is extremely cheap! A tier 2 potion already costs 500 white phoenix gold! hahaha, I`ll buy two pieces for now."

After speaking, Zen handed 4,000 white phoenix gold to the woman as he wants to buy them and take the potions back to his clan, clearly, he wants to be the one to buy all of this.

In Zen's thought, the owner of this place really came from the perfect continent, which power from their world could produce these kinds of potions other than the Perfect Continent, the Sacred Palace Continent, and the Treasured Continent, only these three powerhouse continents has great resources to mix potions of the 6th-grade!

Why would there even be a person that can create such potion such the name of others, in Zen's thought, it is clearly a valid statement, that the owner of this shop is from the Perfect Continent, no doubt.

The woman woke up from her daze as she accepted the white phoenix gold and tremblingly handed the 6th-grade potions, two of them.

"Thank you for buying from us!" The woman bowed as she thanked Zen.

Zen smiled at her and replied: "No, thanks for selling me this great stuff, I`ll be going now!"

After Zen has bought the potion, he immediately made his way out of the shop and headed back to his clan.

Seeing the smile on Zen's lips after rushing out of the shop, the ones that had followed him to the shop only had one thought on their minds.

'It's real!'

Everyone parted as smiles are plastered on their faces, they couldn't wait but to talk about this news to the people, friends, and family.

Really, no matter which world it is, there is no short of supply of gossipers, clearly, this world has them too.

After just a few hours, the news of a shop selling Tier 4 to Tier 6 items has already been spread to the whole Bhie City, Merchants that's about to depart hearing immediately rushed towards the shop.

While Merchants and warriors that has just arrived inside the Bhie City rushed as they headed towards the said shop.

In just a few hours, the once deserted shop is having a line of people waiting outside, The shop can only accommodate 300 people, but Zhihao has instructed them that only 50 people can enter to provide great customer service and for space to not be too cramped.

A silhouette on the 5th floor saw this as he couldn't believe his eyes: "Well... that escalated too much..."

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