Supreme Martial System
230 Opening the Shop
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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230 Opening the Shop

Garde felt regret at what's currently happening.

"We've messed with the wrong men. "Garde uttered between gritted teeth as he shivered.

Zhihao is looking at them still smiling.

'He... he might be a powerful man in the 8th empowering level! and our young master has to mess with his wife!' Garde seeing Zhihao's face which is still full of innocent smiles shuddered, although to the people not involved it would seem a gentle smile, but for them, it seems like a smile from the death gods.

Zhihao finally calmed himself slightly as he looked at the men that's together with Garde and spoke.

"All of you can go, bring men to help and fix the damage that was caused here, and as a compensation, give the injured employee of my shop 100 white phoenix gold, tell that to your master."

"YES!" All of them replied as they walked out, one of them assisted Garde in standing up.

"Where are you going? Leave that man behind." A voice sounded, to Garde, it was like a death sentence from the god of death!

The one assisting Garde let him go and immediately departed, Garde looked at Zhihao as he kneeled on the ground with his head smashed on the floor.

"Please spare me, Lord, I was just an underling, ordered to do a job!"

Zhihao looked at him indifferently and spoke: "So... you calling my wife a 'Plaything' is also ordered by your Master to say too?"

Hearing Zhihao's question, Garde's sweating body sweated further as he couldn't rebuke.

"Lord! Please spare me!" Garde lifted up his head full of tears and snot as he looked at Zhihao and begged, but what he saw made the color on his skin pale in an instant.

Zhihao summoned one of the swords inside his interspatial ring and held it tight.

"LORD! PLEASE HAVE MERCY!" Garde seeing the giant sword became scared to his limits.

Ying Mai has been blushing ever since Zhihao called her his wife but seeing this scene, she immediately calmed down and approached him.

"Master, I`ll do the rest." Ying Mai as the celestial general of Zhihao, she is supposed to do the dirty works unless she couldn't handle it, why does Zhihao, her Master needs to do it.

Surprisingly, Zhihao didn't even look at her as Zhihao threw the sword up in the air.

"I`ll only give you this one chance to live!"

After speaking, the blade finally descended as Zhihao punched it, but instead of flying, the sword broke into tiny pieces as the shards flew straight at Garde.

"GAAAAA!" A loud screech is hurt as those sharps pierced Garde's body, hundreds of holes were made in just a single second.

Baring the pain, Garde kowtowed again, like some magic, only the vital part in both of his hands were hit, he then looked at Zhihao and spoke: "Thank you for the mercy, Lord!"

"Go now, before I change my mind!" Zhihao is in a really bad mood right now, but he doesn't want to be labeled as a murdering shop owner, it might also be detrimental to the opening of his shop.

"YES!" Garde immediately crawled out of his location like a worm.

When his minions had seen this, one of them returned to help him up, but before he did, he looked at the place where Zhihao is, when he noticed that Zhihao only looked at him and left, that minion immediately picked up Garde and assisted him.

When they came back to the Delima Clan's estate, Antano received them as he smiled with expectation, but those smiles immediately vanished and are replaced by a frown.

"What happened? who did this to you, Garde?"

Garde is one of the clan's top warriors, a warrior at the 6th stage of Empowering, but seeing this situation, he couldn't help but question.

Garde shoves his underling to the side using his shoulder and kneeled: "Master, I was defeated."

Antano frowned further, there is only a handful of people that could defeat Antano, as one of the best warriors of his clan, inside the City, there are only seven people outside his clan that could do so.

"Which clan is so brazen to do that to you?"

Garde shook his head and replied: "Master, not them... but the husband of the woman."

Antano was shocked: "How powerful is he?"

Garde pondered for a bit, although he couldn't see it, he deduced that Zhihao is a knuckle type empowering warrior, he looked at his master and replied.

"Master, I think that he would at least be at the 7th stage of empowering warrior, the worst is he's at the 8th stage."

Antano frowned, where could such a character suddenly appear out of nowhere, he looked at Garde and asked: "Did he say anything?"

Garde bowed as he replied: "Yes Master, he said that he'll need some compensation, some man power to help him rebuild the damages that we have done, and..."


"And 100 white phoenix gold for each of his men that were injured." Garde also thought that that's a big sum just for some injuries.

"How many did you injure?" Antano asked, if it's just a little, they could compromise, their clan only earns 15,000 white phoenix golds per month, reducing the amount that they feed the clan and salaries, they only get 5,000 white phoenix golds.

"20 Men." Garde replied without any hesitation, although he didn't count, that's at least the number that was hurt.

"2,000 white phoenix gold..." Antano frowned, that's almost half of their clan's earning in a month, after thinking for a while, Antano nodded and continued.

"Let's pay them first, bring some men, we will gauge their power first."


Everyone replied immediately and got a few men to head back.

After a while, Antano made his men go back to the store, this time, there are three of his best warriors at the 6th stage of empowering warrior.

When the time that they have arrived, they saw that the building has been fully repaired, the one leading them, Pland walked forward and entered: "I`d like to see your master, I`m from the Delima clan."

Pland frowned, everything is neat, there are not even any injured men inside.

A moment after he spoke, someone approached him.

"My Master said that you don't need to fix anything, just hand us double the price." The one that spoke is the person that cooked the soup when Zhihao had first come to Blythe's courtyard.

Pland further and spoke: "Wait for a bit, I`ll need to send someone back and get the money."

"Un! I will wait, just call me when he's back."

Pland ordered one of his men to return and speak to the master of what has happened, after a while, that person returned and spoke.

"Master said that his patience is running out."

Pland nodded as he spoke: "I need to talk to somebody."

The one that approached them earlier returned and spoke: "Do you have it? double the price?"

Pland frowned as he sighed, he is one of the most prestigious people inside their clan, but the only one that's actually speaking to him is a slave of the shop, this clearly had offended him.

"No, we can't pay-" But before Pland can reply, the woman spoke.

"Oh! Okay, you don't need to pay anything then, our Master would also not take any revenge! have a nice day." After replying, the woman went back into cooking.

Pland was shocked at first, but a smile formed on his lips as he went back together with his men.

"Hmmp! once he saw there's a lot of powerful men, he got so scared that he couldn't receive the payment, coward."

All of the men together with him chuckles as they returned.

Zhihao is looked at them from the 5th floor as he smiled and nodded, he then went his way down and ordered: "I`d like all of you, to organize everything and place it on the back of the front desk, when it's full, make sure to put the rest on the storage."

After speaking, Zhihao took out a lot of potions class by class. everything is assorted with prices on it.

6th-grade Large Health Potion = 2,000 white phoenix gold

6th-grade Large Empowering Potion = 7,500 white phoenix gold

6th Grade Taming potion = 12,999 white phoenix gold

4th-grade Calming potion = 499 white phoenix gold

4th-grade Mending potion =280 white phoenix gold

5th-grade Medium Health potion = 790 white phoenix gold



10 types of potion ranging from 4th-grade potions to 6th grade.

"Yes!" Everyone has no idea of what these potions are, they are just maids and servants of Blythe, since birth, they were kept by Blythe's father and was treated great, that's why they decided to stick to Blythe and take care of her.

The only people that knew about such a thing is Blythe, and Ollie, but the two of them are currently sleeping on the 3rd floor.

After everything has been done, Zhihao saw that everything is on the place and spoke.

"Let's open the shop!"

"YES!" Everyone excitedly replied as they headed out and opened the closed door.

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